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Ultimate Female Travel Packing Lists

The Ultimate Female Travel Packing List to everywhere

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For me, packing is one of the fun parts of travel, but it can also provide stress depending on the trip. It’s easy to agonize over every little piece of clothing and every bit of toiletry that goes on my packing list. Sometimes a bit of advice goes a long way.

Here you will find links to all the packing list posts for all the countries around the world. Be patient… this is a work in progress! Be sure to also check out the one little thing that you can’t travel without and the Ultimate Female Guide to Picking a Backpack.

Ultralight Packing Lists

RTW Packing Lists

Europe Packing Lists

Oceania Packing Lists

North America Packing Lists

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Central America Packing Lists

South America Packing Lists

Asia Packing Lists

Africa Packing Lists

Middle East Packing Lists

Polar Regions Packing Lists

Study Abroad Packing Lists

Working Abroad Packing Lists

Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Cycling Packing Lists

Water-Based Travel Packing Lists

Plane, Train and Automobile Packing Lists

Festival and Event Packing Lists

More Fun Packing Lists

Learn From Our Mistakes

Do you consider yourself an expert in a country not on this list? Please read about how you can contribute an ultimate female travel packing list of your own!

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The Ultimate Female Packing List to Anywheremaster packing list post

Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm planning adventures or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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Reader Interactions


    • Brooke says

      Thank you for stopping by! Happy to have you around 🙂 We’re always after guest posts, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s something you’d like to share.

    • Brooke says

      Hi Liz, we’re working on Africa right now. Just received an East Africa post, and will be getting an over landing Africa post in the near future 🙂

      • Amanda Nour says

        I would love advice on packing for North Africa too. Speficially Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia area. Thanks!

  1. Ella says

    Hi! What about packing for a cruise in the Caribbean? Is there a packing list already posted that I could use because it is similar enough? Thanks!

  2. kate says

    What about a packing list for Costa Rica? I’m going there this summer with 50 other students and 8 chaperons and I’m at a loss for the best gear for hiking and staying organized! Thanks!

    • kayci says

      hello, i just found your site from pinterest! i was wondering if you have travel tips for theme parks, spefically florida in the february-march time frame. i was curious if you had tips on the types of things to bring with you while in theme parks, and how to carry personal items but still be able to go on the rides with your purse or small bag.

      thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide!

      • Brooke says

        Good questions! I am a theme park junkie, but I usually bring just about nothing with me into the park. I’ll check with the community to see if someone can help you 🙂

        • Ashley says

          What about a packing list for a month in Australia during the winter months? I saw the packing essentials list, but I was hoping to gain insight into what I should bring for an Aussie winter.

          • Brooke says

            Hi Ashley – where will you be traveling during winter in Australia? The country has parts that get cool and others that stay hot year round.

  3. Ashley says

    Brooke- I am planning to visit Sydney, Canberra, Great Barrier Reef (for scuba diving). I’m also considering Melbourne and hopeful to make it to Uluru within my 30 day trip. I’ve somewhat decided to travel on the Eastern side of Australia, with the exception of Uluru (if I make it there). Any packing advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

    • Jane says

      Brook, LOVE your site. I’ve created a “one size fits everywhere” on my site, but yours is so comprehensive. Ashley, Melbourne can be bitterly cold in their winter (June, July, and August). Because I’m so keen on packing light, if you are beginning your trip in Melbourne or Sydney, stash your heavy winter clothes with a friend when you head north, and pick them up on the way back. With that said, even the northern areas aren’t terribly hot during that time (maybe Darwin). Just a note: the youth hostels there are simply amazing. You’re going to love the Australians. This will be a trip of a lifetime for you. Have a wonderful trip.

  4. CorynnRae says

    I love this website; it really helps me when I’m panicking about what to pack.
    One small thing; I’m going to Florida this summer for two weeks end of August/September, and I have no idea what I should and shouldn’t take. Will you be doing a Fl tips, or is there one already up that is easily adapted for Orlando?

    • Ashlee says

      Having grown up in FL, I second Omi! August/September is really hot and extremely humid, with thunderstorms most afternoon. And without sunscreen, you can burn in under 30 minutes. So, my packing advice: sunscreen(with zinc oxide), shorts/skirts, and short sleeve shirts and tank tops, and a hat if you’ll be outside a lot. I usually pack one pair of jeans too, for “dressing up”for dinner if I’m going out, or if I’m going to the movies (see next sentence). Also, one light weight sweater or jacket, for when you go indoors…there’s usually at least a 20° drop in temp when you go in a store or restaurant. Honestly, despite the storms, I don’t really recommend an umbrella, since the storms have lightening. If you have a rain jacket, it would be more helpful. And perhaps the most important things to pack for a Florida trip: at least 2 swim suits and a pair of flip flips or sandals to match every outfit!
      One last thing about sunscreen…don’t forget the part in your hair, your ears, the backs of your knees (and your legs in general) and the tops of your feet. People tend to remember the standard spots like face, arms and torso, but those other spots will burn fast, and are very painful!
      Now, hair: lots of hair ties. You can try your normal styling products, but if you aren’t used to high humidity, styling your hair is going to be very different no matter what hair type you have.
      Makeup (if you wear it): if you are outside for more then 5 minutes, you will be sweating. Either skip the makeup or find a good setting spray (and water proof mascara).
      That’s all I can think of right now that’s specific to Florida.

  5. adrianna says

    Hi there,
    Is there anyone with advice for what to pack while on a 3 month WWOOF-ing excursion in France (May-July).

    • Lia says

      I have been planning a one week hike in the Grand Canyon for over a year now, and I have just decided to postpone it until next year because I don’t think I’m ready yet. Do you guys have any suggestions for what to pack for a week of hiking, camping, climbing, rafting/kayaking AND photographing in the Arizona part of the Grand Canyon? Thanks so much.

  6. Ashley J says

    I’m not sure if maybe I overlooked it, but is there a post for hiking trips? I’m planning on doing separate treks through the Appalachian Trail this year and need help! 🙂

    Love love love this blog, by the way!

  7. Jana says

    Hi there! I am going to Micronesia and Palau for the Peace Corps for 27months to teach English to students. Would you happen to expand your packing list to possibly fit my travels? Incredible site

  8. Laura M says

    Would love to see a Packing List for a 3 week honeymoon to Europe! We’re heading to the UK & Holland for 16 days and are trying to pack light…but it IS my honeymoon so obviously would like to look cute too! 🙂

  9. Marie says

    What about motorcycle trips? One for overnight or weekend. Another for a week long ride.There is only room for one bag to fit in each of the side trunks. Neither of us can wear a backpack because I am riding behind him and there is a back trunk. Thanks!

  10. Rachel Kay says

    wow at 16, I am already a super effecient packer- without help! I double checked just in case by looking at this site and I’m set for 2 weeks in Paris!

  11. Kyla says

    I am just getting ready to head off to college and would love a packing list for that if possible? I know I am not the only girl who is feeling lost in the abyss of lacking for college. Thanks!

  12. Brooke says

    Hi! Love some of these lists! I was wondering if you could give some direction for an Aruba trip, or somewhere similar. We’re leaving for Aruba the end of June for a week. Thank you!

  13. Erin says

    My husband and I are considering becoming RV’ers for a year and traveling around the US. Any advice for how to make an RV feel like home while on the road?

  14. Chickie says

    I discovered this site a couple of months ago and it has become my favourite travel site. I am a horrible packer and always end up brining more then I need and stuff i never use. Thanks to you guys I am a bit better. I still bring way to many shoes though.

  15. Hachiko says

    Hey! I’m headed to Japan in a week. I’m kind of combining a few of the summer packing lists and the Japan in winter list to kinda make something for the weather I’ll be facing over there. Any suggestions or tips you could give me?

  16. Sara says

    Hi! Any suggestions on traveling to Sweden in Winter? We will most likely be in mid and southern Sweden, as well as Denmark and Germany on a Roadtrip. My concern is the Winter thing. My understanding is it gets rather cold and dark there during the winter months. Do you have an article about that region that I may have missed, or would the UK article apply? Thanks a bunch for this amazing site!

  17. Megan says

    Is there a packing list for a trip to Belize? I am doing a project over spring break, and we will be traveling there for a week, doing some manual labor type thing, and also some sightseeing; and I think I need help deciding what to wear. I love this website!

  18. Lorena says

    Sorry I was just ckecking the list and thought i didnt see a packing list for New York, in winter and summer please! if i’m blind please let me know! 😮 lol 😀 thanks!

  19. Marie says

    Any thoughts or insights on what to pack for a year of teaching abroad in South Korea?
    I will be in Daegu, and feel that I have definetely over packed. In fact, I’ve repacked twice.

    The only things I own right now are clothes, shoes, and accessories. Even the things I have are very minimal compared to what I had before I decided to sell everything and more to the other side of the world; I currently live in North Dakota.


  20. Katina says

    I’m travelling to Canada in late September for one week. I’ll be visiting Montreal and Quebec City. Any packing advice/list for these locations?

    • Kelli says

      I live in Canada, and layers are probably going to help out a lot! Grab a scarf if needed. Always check the weather for what it will be each week. I’m going there for the spring so its harder to know the weather, but again layers! Scarves, mitts. No heels, maybe more short boots if you are planning on spending a night out. Runners are a must.

  21. Dawnie says

    Hi there, I’d love a packing list for Los Angeles! I’m planning a RTW trip next year and am finishing up in LA in the August probably 🙂

  22. Jess says

    HI, these packing lists are fabulous!
    I wonder could you or anyone do a packing list for when you’re moving from one country to another?

  23. Charlie says

    Hi, my husband and I are travelling to cancun, Mexico next week with 2 kids 8 and 6 any paking advice? we are staying at an eco resort all inclusive for 2 weeks. Anything to pack in particular or be wary of? Many thanks.

  24. Eva Marie Renninger says

    Four of us women, all over 60, are planning to go on the Grand Eurpoean Tour from Budapest to Amsterdam during mid September 2015. Is there a packing list for a 19 day trip including 2 extra days in Amsterdam. Is there a packing list for this sort of trip at that time of year?

  25. Miranda says

    Any thoughts on what to bring/not bring if studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea? I’ll be dealing with the brunt of winter, spring, and the start of summer.

  26. Becky says

    Love this website! We are going on a 12 day road trip through Sedona, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce, Zion and Las Vegas. Would have loved to seen a packing list for Summer in the Southwest USA.

  27. Tovah says

    I have become addicted to this site. The UK list is spot on and I wish I had seen it before I went for my friend’s wedding – I mean I lived there, you’d think I would know what to pack for ten days! I would love a West Highland Way (Scotland) hiking/camping list, as I’m planning a trip to do it soon.


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