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A Fashionista’s Packing List for 4 Months Backpacking Europe

fashionista's packing list
We at Her Packing List consider ourselves to be minimalists to the core when it comes to packing, but we understand that not everyone has the same goals. And, hey, if you’re a total fashion lover traveling across the most fashionable cities in Europe for months on end, and you want to fit in and feel awesome in the process, you might want to have all bases covered. While the following list is heavy on clothes, closer inspection shows that Molly Schikosky put a lot of thought into layering and mixing while also keeping her sense of style.


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I have always dreamed of backpacking across Europe. The ancient cities, the cultures, the food, the architecture, and all its old world charm. That dream finally became a reality for me! I spent four glorious, wonderful months traveling from one end of the continent to the other. Me and my cousin packed up our bags (very strategically I might add!) and headed out!

We prepared ourselves for weather ranging from a bit of sunshine, to fall, to quite chilly. We started our journey the beginning of September, and ended it at the end of December. As two girls from Canada, we knew how to pack reasonably due to the fact we have experienced all kinds of hot and all kinds of colds! I do have to put it out there though, that I do love fashion. I always have, and going to Europe, with some of the most fashionable cities, there’s no way I wanted to be walking around in sweatpants.

Although when you have to pack your entire life into one bag, that does come with some difficulty. No, you’re not going to be able to pack your favorite sequin dress that needs to be hand washed and hung to dry. That just isn’t going to happen. You have to be practical. My biggest advice for choosing which clothing to take with you is to choose items that can be layered!

It’s a dream come true when you’re in Paris in December, and can wear a t-shirt, denim shirt, plaid and coat, and yes — still look fashionable and still be warm!

Molly in Paris
Molly in Paris

Also, make sure to take with you lots of solid colors, because mixing and matching is key! I will hopefully be able to help YOU: the stylish gal who wants to feel good in what she’s wearing, but also pack very reasonably and practically!

Where we traveled:

September UK, Scotland, Ireland
November – Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Italy, France
DecemberSpain, France, Belgium, UK

We got sunshine, fall weather, snow, and rain. If you are wanting to travel during these off seasons (which despite what anyone says, is really great! You don’t have to deal with crazy tourists everywhere taking away from your experience, lots of things are cheaper, and less crowds to me is just a huge plus!)

One more thing:

I cannot stress how important it is to have the perfect backpack for your trip. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend $800 on some fancy-shmancy bag. It just means it needs to fit you and your body. When you have your backpack on and you’re walking around a city looking for a hostel, or standing when you would rather be sitting… you’ll never be more thankful for a great bag!

I personally really like MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) brand (the bag I took) as well as Deuter backpacks. Whatever the type, just make sure it’s comfortable, the right size for your body, the correct weight and has LOTS of compartments!

>> Check out our guide to choosing a backpack.


Something that will save you time and insanity when living out of a backpack is a little something called stuff sacks! Do yourself a favor and purchase a couple of these babies and organize your clothing into them. I had five with me, the biggest one for tops, one for pants, one for shorts and dresses, one for underwear, tights and socks, and another one along for those extra items or if you choose to buy any more articles of clothing.

2 pairs of jeans – one denim blue pair, and one black pair. (I’m a high waisted pants fan, so I made sure to bring a pair along.)

1 pair of black leggings (I also bought a pair of fun print leggings while in Europe, that I wore very often!)

1 pair of jean shorts (can be worn alone when weather is warm, or layered with tights underneath when it starts getting chilly)

2 black skirts (one short and one maxi)

1 pair of black tights (I wore my tights so much that I ended up going through about 3 pairs on the trip! But don’t worry, you can buy them for cheap all over!)

1 button down denim shirt (great for layering, and staying fashionable!)

2 tank tops (one white, one black)

2 V-neck t-shirts (one white, one black)

1 plaid shirt (also great for layering and staying fashionable!)

2 sweaters (one black, one colored) Hint: pick ones that you already love so you know you will wear lots, and that are a bit looser so you will be able to do lots of layering with them.

1 graphic tank or crop tops

2 going out/fancier shirts

1 striped shirt (stripes will forever be in style and you can wear them with anything!)

1 jean jacket, or 1 leather jacket

1 warmer coat (but keep it light as to not bulk up your entire bag)

2 bras (one black, one nude)/1 sports bra (for sleeping or long travel days)

7 pairs of underwear

socks (I took about 3 pairs of black ankle socks, one pair of black knee highs, then 2 pairs of wool socks which are not only warm, but look great with boots!)

1 cardigan (I went with black, and didn’t regret it once)

2 dresses (one black, one colored or print)

1 pair of pajama bottoms, and 1 pajama top

1 scarf (Also ended up buying cheap ones at vintage shops.)

2 purses (one smaller across-body purse, one bigger day bag. I would go with black or solid colors, to ensure you always match your outfits)

Molly in Europe


Comfortable shoes can still be stylish! Don’t fret! My best friend for my feet during the trip were my insoles! If you have some, bring them along. Make sure to pick your favorite shoes that you know will work with every outfit, and last you the entire duration!

1 pair of boots (I would choose either short combat boots, or knee high leather boots which can be rolled while in your backpack)

1 pair of sneakersConverse/Chucks are cute and comfy. (Or try the Reebok Skyscape Runaround shoes on for size.)

1 pair of black flats or loafers

1 pair of flip flops (Promise me you will wear them in ALL hostel showers!)


It’s nice to have most of these items pre-bought before you leave, but don’t worry if you run out of something or misplace it (because you will!), there are stores everywhere that will supply these things!

>> Pack some of the best toiletries for carry-on travel.
>> Learn how to pack your liquid toiletries when traveling.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Soap/Body Wash

Face wash

Lotion (Body and Face)


Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Hair Brush

Travel Straightener

Ponytails and Bobby pins

Travel sized hairspray

Wet Wipes

Travel sized laundry detergent

Basic Medical Supplies (Bandaids, Tylenol, tensor bandage; Tums, Pepto Bismol, Gravol; prescriptions)

Makeup (I also found it handy to have along makeup remover wipes for those nights you’re just too lazy to go wash your face, but don’t want to sleep with junk on your skin.)


Travel Towel


Dry Shampoo


>> Want to smell as pretty as you look? Try packing some solid perfumes.

fashionista's packing list for backpacking in Europe - molly schikosky


Camera (This is quite obvious! I would recommend taking a good quality camera (SLR if you have one), a vintage/polaroid camera if you have one, and of course if you bring an iPhone, that’s always a great quick option for taking pictures!)

Memory Cards (make sure you have more than one just in case you run out of space)

iPod/iPhone (music, camera, apps, internet, etc.)

Chargers and Adapter

Laptop or iPad (not essential, but lots of people choose to bring them along)


This is all those random extra things that don’t quite fit into the above categories, but are very essential and just as important!

Bag Lock

Umbrella (unless you have a very compact travel one, just buy one once you are there)

Flashlight or Headlamp

Books (I took my Europe travel book, and then 2 leisure books. Some people get great use out of Kindles. Also remember that most hostels have “book exchanges” which is essentially dropping your book off in exchange for taking a new one to read during your travels.)

Water Bottle (I would recommend a stainless steel one, and if possible get one with a hook attached so it’s easier to transport around.)

Eye Mask and Earplugs (you will value sleep immensely)

Inflatable neck pillow (very handy to have while on long train rides, overnight buses or flights)

Money Belt (I never used mine except for when sleeping in airports or in more dangerous countries, but when and where you use it is completely up to you!)

1 pair of Sunglasses

Jewelry (accessorizing makes even the simplest black outfit seem stylish and it increases your outfit options as well!)

A few Clothespins (nice to have when you are needing to hang something to dry)

Bottle Opener

Deck of Cards

Journal and Pen (I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is to document your adventure!)

Small sleeping mat/yoga mat (If you have the space on the outside of your backpack to wrap up a small mat, it comes in handy when sleeping on airport floors, or staying at peoples homes that don’t have many extra beds.)

Passport, Visa, Debit Card, Travel Insurance, Health Card, ID

I hope this list will help make preparing for your journey a little bit easier. Just remember to bring:

  • things you can layer
  • your favorite pieces you know you will get wear out of
  • colors and patterns that mix and layer easily
  • comfortable and functional footwear

And don’t cram your bag absolutely full to the brim because if you didn’t already know: Europe has some of the best shopping and vintage/thrift stores in the entire world.

Remember at the end of the day, it isn’t what you are wearing or what you look like. It’s about squeezing every last drop out of your experience. This list will hopefully just take the weight of stressing over what to bring off your shoulders and help you enjoy your trip to the absolute fullest! I wish you all love and luck!

What do you think of Molly’s fashionista packing list for hitting the fashion capital of Europe?

* * * * *
About the Author: Molly is a 19 year old gal who is crazy about life and all things in it! You can catch her enjoying her favorite hobbies which include; getting her Yoga on, reading, writing, drinking coffee, eating pizza, stealing fuzzy cats, being addicted to Pinterest, making art, still continuing to drink only European beers, purchasing too many dresses than necessary, cooking, laughing up a storm and loving everyone she meets. Oh, and of course traveling! If interested in reading her blog and taking a peek into her adventures throughout Europe it can be reached at: b-and-m-ineurope.blogspot.com

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Reader Interactions


  1. melissa says

    a great list!

    I’m printing this out, and amending it a bit (I wear a lot of grey and red), so I have a go-to list for all future trips of any length!

  2. Morgan says

    Needed this!! It is absolutely what I needed! Stressing a teeny bit about the backpack choices and trying to find comfy flats that also won’t wear out with tons of walking!
    Also, did you guys bring a cute backpack to use instead of a purse? like those cute target backpacks? or are they too easy to pick-pocket?

    • Molly says

      Glad I could help! As for flats, I had a black pair that I got on sale from Urban Outfitters a while back. Another option if you’re leaning more on the comfort side is a pair of TOMS.
      I know which backpacks you are talking about, they’re super cute and really functional. In my opinion, they are a bit easier for someone to get their hands into.. But as long as you feel it’s secure go for it.

  3. Sarah says

    I like this article, because this something I want to do traveling wise, but I’m not a fashionista or party girl. I want to go for the sites & experiences. Could you look for someone to do an article who travelled Europe for a few months for adventure/experience? Maybe even with religious intent? That would be so cool!!

  4. Jessica says

    Great to hear from a fellow Canadian 🙂

    I’m currently planning a month-long Europe trip — footwear has been the biggest packing stress so far, do you have any thoughts on waterproof shoes for rain days? (rain boots really don’t seem like an option).

    Thanks for the article!

    • Kaycee says

      I wore my classic black leather Doc Martens almost every day during my yearlong study abroad in France. They’re waterproof, snow proof, ice proof, and basically just fantastic. They’re a bit heavy, so I’d recommend wearing them on the plane rather than packing them in your suitcase, but definitely worth it.

  5. Joanne says

    Jessica, depending on the season you may not have to worry about that too much but if so I would bring a good pair of ankle boots. They’ll keep your feet warm and won’t take up a ton of room. My word of advice, don’t skimp on the shoe price! Good support and lasting quality are so important on long trips!

  6. Pip says

    Hi! Great list! I’m planning on travelling Europe over the same time of the year for 3 months next year so this will be great for reference! I know its not related to the packing but since you seen like you would be seeing the same sites as myself, could I possibly ask how much you budgeted for your trip? A rough estimate would be so helpful! Thanks!

  7. Molly says

    Great list – I’m hoping to travel to Europe soon! Just a quick question- did you pack a blow dryer at all? or did most of the places you stayed have one? Thanks.

    • Niki says

      Molly, getting ready for Europe as well and my mom (super well-traveled) was just telling me not to pack my flat iron or anything with a heating element because, even with the converter plug thing, she blew out her really nice iron in Italy last year. Not sure if that would apply to the blow dryer too. Might be better off to buy one there…?Not sure.

    • Kaycee says

      Just saying-I spent a year in France and never used a blowdryer. I did buy a cheap straightener while I was there, and used it a few times, but I found that washing my hair at night/air drying was easy enough to do and cut down on bulk. I worried before I left that I would really need it, but I did fine without it!
      btw, I had about boob-length hair at the time, very thick and wavy, so it didn’t need much styling.

  8. Vic says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My bf and I are planning a backpacking trip in February and I’ve been freaking out about what to because I don’t want to look like a tourist! Haha Thanks again love your blog! <3

  9. Nicole says

    Molly, this is amazing! My best friend and I are going to Europe for three months and really appreciate this helpful list! I haven’t been able to find any like it. Thank you 🙂

  10. Kira says

    Great list with some awesome tips! I just got back from 5 months in Europe and a lot of this packing list I found to be very true…I would add that while it’s good to have your favorite clothes with you, be aware that many of your things will get extremely worn out (especially shoes!!) so make sure it’s nothing you won’t be heartbroken if you have to throw away. I needed to throw out some of my things like my favorite black boots because they were so trashed by the end due to so much traveling! It was also a good way to make room for new things I bought. For more tips on traveling across Europe on a budget, check out my travel blog at theonewithallthetravel.blogspot.com

  11. Natalia says

    Hey!! Thanks for this <3
    Did you feel weird not wearing heels to the bar? I want to bring my black wedges so bad they go with any dress… 🙁 but I dont know if i should bring them!

    • Kira says

      I never felt weird wearing boots or sandals (when it was warmer) or even flats to the bar, because there is so much cobblestone in Europe it’s so hard to wear heels! Wedges would definitely be better than heels, so if you think you have room and it won’t weigh down your suitcase, definitely bring them! It’s good to have shoes you know will go with everything and especially ones that are comfortable. I say go for it!

    • Niki says

      I’ve been researching this a lot getting ready for my trip and I’ve found that girls in Paris basically don’t wear heels. Ever. If you want to take them for you, go for it. But you’ll fit in just fine without them. 🙂

    • Niki says

      On the other hand, in England, they’re all heels all the time. Depends on where you’re spending more time.

  12. Laura says

    Really interesting list! Especially important are the ear plugs, eye mask and travel pillow! I see so many people without them on buses struggling to sleep!

  13. Caitlin says

    As part Macedonian, I have to comment on your spelling of ‘Masadonia’ – for future references please spell it Macedonia, Thanks 🙂
    By the way, what did you think of Macedonia?

  14. Teresa Lynn says

    What a great list for backpacking!!! Thank you for writing all of this down. I have done some traveling in the past but have always had someone else to help with the packing list. I read a few other lists that were nice, but this list was perfectly spot on. I love the commentary that went along with the list. Any suggestions for the Euro pass? I will be over there for 3 months. Am I really going to have to spend $900 on the train?

  15. Emma says

    Great list! I went Interrailing around Europe last year and it was so much fun. Next month I’m backpacking round Croatia so this list really came in handy – no matter how organised you are there’s always little things you forget!

  16. misa says

    Wow, did we just become best friends? Your profile exactly explained myself, including age, fashion obsession, and even more, travel obsessed, and guess what, I’m traveling Europe for 4 months starting 3 weeks ago! Love the list, always good to have more pointers.

  17. Meagan says

    im planning on doing a 5 month journey starting in thailand and doing europe for the last 4 months of my trip. How did you budget and if you dont mind me asking how much was your trip in total?

    • Brooke says

      Molly took an 80L backpack. This is not something we generally recommend at HPL, but we wanted to show that each traveler travels in their own way 🙂

  18. Kaity says

    Crazy… but me and my cousin are doing the same thing.. do you have any other blogs for tips for anything? was there something you wished you would have brought with you but didn’t?

    • Teresa says

      I have been couch surfing the entire time I have been here it’s the best. Add in some hostle for fun. I would definitely recommend getting a Pass travel is expensive with out it. Also I started with an 80 bag and ended up exchanging for a 45. Good luck have so much fun.

  19. Travel Girl says

    It is a great list but leave out the denim. Denim is heavy, bulky and takes forever to dry when you wash it. There are better alternatives made of lightweight fabrics.

    Also if you are traveling in a catholic country, consider bringing a loose fitting t-shirt dress. You will be turned away from many sacred sights if you are dressed in a skimpy outfit. Simply pull on the t-shirt dress over your cloths and you will be allowed in.

  20. Sara says

    AWESOME article! I will definitely be printing this out before I start packing for my 2 month Europe adventure in March. I would really like to bring a pair of boots – what brand(s) do you like and would recommend? I see that Doc’s have been mentioned. Thanks!

  21. Amber says

    For the backpack I’m going to get the one you used but had a question on the length. Did you use regular, short, or long? Is it based off height? I’m 5.4 and and petite so wondering if I should get the short or regular?

  22. Julie says

    I think this list could be amended quite a bit. I spent two months back packing Costa Rica after college and I found myself throwing out items as I traveled. For instance, jeans are heavy & bulky. I would only bring one pair. The bottle opener (provided by most hostels), deck of cards (unless you already love to play you won’t start now), books you can pick up on your journey except for the travel guide you will need that.

  23. Sally says

    Best packing list I have ever read! I am the type of person who needs it spelled out, otherwise I will pack my whole closet. All other sites are too vague. Thank you so much! You just made packing so much easier!

  24. Justina says

    Hi! I’m about to pack for a 3 month trip to Spain and this is JUST what I needed. I want to travel light, yet stay “reasonably” fashionable! Thanks for all the great tips!

  25. Helena says

    Are hiking shoe really necessary? I’ll be in Europe for 3-4 months starting at the end of February through May and maybe June, I know it will definitely be raining in the beginning but I’d rather find a good pair of flats from Merrell or Keen to walk around the cities in. And on this list you didn’t bring any so I’m just curious if you regretted it or if you were fine walking through the streets with just regular sneakers or boots?

  26. Katy says

    Hi Molly,

    I’m only going travelling Europe for a month in May but I’m already super excited and this has been really helpful!

    Thanks a lot 🙂
    Katy x

  27. Nara says

    I’ve traveled for 3 months in Asia and Australia and am now headed to Europe for another three. As much as I may have learned on the first trip, this list literally made me run upstairs and repack my Europe bag. Molly broke it down so simply that I finally managed to see what I didn’t need. Everyone has their personalized version of this list, but it’s a FANTASTIC guideline.

  28. Jani says

    Nice list but did I miss a PDF printable link? If you don’t have it would be nice! I just printed 28 pages, most not the checklist! Ugh

  29. Madeleine says

    I will be traveling abroad to Ecuador & Peru next semester, and can only bring a back pack (3 months). You mentioned MEC, but when I went to look at the back pack it looks very large. I’m a pretty small person, and will need to carry the back pack for extended periods of time and even hike with it on occasion. Does the MEC back pack you used provide good weight distribution? Or is it pretty heavy and hard on the your back?

    • Nossi Adriana says

      Madeleine, I’m only 5’1 110lbs and that was my biggest concern as well. I went into the REI store which is equivalent to the MEC in Canada, they were so helpful! They measured me and fitted the backpack to me with the most weight it can carry. Once on I couldn’t feel it! It distributes the weight awesomely haha. And keeps the weight off your shoulders. I bought the women’s Osprey Ariel 65 Liter pack. 🙂

  30. Lindsey says

    Thank you for this! I am so excited about this! My sister and I are traveling for six months around Europe and some western Asia. We both dress fashionably and we don’t want to give that up in some of the most amazing places in the world! so thank you!

  31. Jessica Weinberg says

    Absolutely love your backpacking advice! I leave for a backpacking trip to Europe in three days and I’m still packing/unpacking/packing again to make sure I haven’t left anything out. This really helped me and reminded me to just stop stressing over what I’m going to look like and enjoy the moments.

  32. Brittany says

    Hi! Curious, how many liters was the backpack you brought? I am going on a trip to Europe for 3 months, so I will need a similar sized one. Thanks for this list!

  33. Sierra says

    Thank you so much for this blog!! Im traveling from italy to the uk and this made my packing life so much simpler!!! i have half a year of waiting but after that i can put this to use and have amazing adventures, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  34. Mikayla says

    This is so helpful! I’m planning quite an adventure next summer. I definitely want to pack light and add to my bags as I move throughout places. Thank you so much!

  35. Jo says

    Thanks for this – what a good list. I’m off on my first sort-of backpacking trip from Osaka – Tokyo next month, and even though I spent five years working for an outdoor/travel clothing company, I still have trouble working out what clothes to pack, especially when I don’t want full on walking gear due to city trips! I’ll be printing this out as a crib sheet and modifying as necessary – thanks!

  36. Jennifer Bradley says

    My first overseas trip was just me, wandering across south east asia then hitting Europe in winter. Loved your list – I took even less, but I bought the most beautiful sheepskin coat in Istanbul and wore it on all travels – customs never once searched my bags, although they had a passion for backpacks.

    One thing you don’t mention, which I’ve found essential in keeping lightish for winter is thermal underwear. I usually have two or three tops and long johns – which turn chilly jeans into warm trousers.

  37. Nossi Adriana says

    Hi Molly! Thank you so much for the advice. It has been so helpful! 🙂 I have to sacrifice so many clothing options! haha. I am starting out in Norway this month (August) and traveling through Europe ending in Spain the beginning of January. My boyfriend and I will be staying in houses half the time, the other half, camping. Eeeek! I am looking for the perfect coat (not too big). I saw yours in an above picture. Would you recommend it? And if so, where can I purchase it? Thanks again!

  38. Alejandra says

    Hey! how did you do with your hair straightener and the difference in voltage in europe? Did you just buy a converter and it worked? somebody told me it will be damaged it done that way.
    Amazing list!

  39. Brittany M says

    Hi! I am going backpacking in Europe this Feb/March and this list is a lifesaver but I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a heavier winter coat to keep warm? Thx!

  40. Jane says

    Great list! From my 30+ years of travel experience, I have these thoughts: no denim (heavy, bulky, takes too long to dry); black bathing suit for the beach, with a long skirt for a night out, or to wear with a sarong while waiting for laundry); sarong ( towel, blanket, privacy for napping in public or changing clothes, modesty cover for temples, shawl for chilly evenings, picnic seating, big carry all for bundling clothes for the laundry/shopping or?). Sneakers usually scream, “American tourist”. Europeans wear them for sports. Period. I have a very thin sleep sack that is wonderful when conditions are less than sanitary. It stuffs into a ball a bit bigger than my fist. Take a list of your medications. If you have serious allergies, get a health bracelet in case you are unconscious. Open a cloud based photo site and bring a cable to connect your camera for downloading periodically…if everything is stolen you will still have your photos. You will enjoy kindness from strangers on your trip. Consider bringing very small tokens of appreciation from your home state (I bring piñon incense from New Mexico).

  41. elizabeth says

    I am now in my 80s – when I was 43 I travelled across Europe solo. I took two sets of washable pants and jackets – two tee shirts – 2 vests – 3 prs of underpants – 3 pairs of socks – one pair of hushpuppies that I wore every day. I backpacked – used hostels – and a 3 month eurail pass. I also took a bottle of dishwashing liquid – and had one third vinegar – one third water and one third dishwashing liquid. I would wear one set – check in to a hostel – sightsee for three days – then stand under a shower with my suit on – and wash the clothes as I stood under the shower. Then hang on clothes hook and start wearing the other one. When they were dry I would take off to the next town, city. and start the cycle over again. I also washed my hair with the same mix. I travelled a total of six months and never had a problem. Just be sure everything is washable. I also had my winter down coat – one over the shoulder handbag and that was it.

    • In rome says

      I am in Rome right now with 2 knee length tunics and 2 leggings, 2 bras, 3 panties. I brought a skirt and 2 blouses I haven’t even worn yet. I alternate new balance shoes and Naot Mary Janes. I have some feet trouble and I was worried I would stand out. I hear Spain is a little more “formal” but I havent been there yet. If it can’t dry quickly forget it.
      This lady’slist is huge.
      In Rome, women are wearing athletic shoes like crazy. Converse classics are everywhere. And adidas, new balance. They have red satin, neons, floral, gold and silver, lace, everything you can think of.

  42. Tinka says

    Hi Molly!

    Thankyou so much for your great list!!
    I live in Europe myself (the Netherlands) and I will travel around Europe very soon! Amazing that you posted this! It’s very helpful!!! Have a good trip for the next! Xxx

  43. Clariza says

    Merrell as some have mentioned have the best shoes in my opinion. For trips, I have taken their waterproof, suede, ankle boots in dark grey and on a different trip their black suede slip-ons during the winter and they looked great and felt great, especially on cobble stones. The ankle boots make me feel right at home in Paris in the winter, and my feet stay dry and warm. In all my trips, regardless of season, I bring a pair of their black ballet flats. They are structured so you get support with a classic ballet flat look in a thick black velvet upper. Again, a comfy shoe with style!

    I’ve been a long time Merrell fan (I don’t work for them) and only in the last 5 years have explored their line beyond their great hiking boots. The biggest reason I love their shoes is they feel broken in with the first wearing!

    As an aside, does anyone know if Laundromats are available in Spain? When I went there, I went to 5 cities and was unable to find one on the web at least and did not walk by one while out and about. I went to Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Salamanca and Segovia.

  44. Angela says

    Want to avoid carrying so many toiletries??
    II make a coconut oil/shea butter mixture and use that ALL over my body. It’s great for my hair, as an eye makeup remover and body~ face moisturizer.. When I add brown sugar and honey to it I have a GREAT exfoliator for my hands, feet, knees and elbows. If you decide to make this, you may also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

    Happee Travels

  45. Sam says

    Such a comprehensive list!! I consider myself a seasoned traveler and backpacker but I STILL forget things when packing and don’t know where to start. So nice to have found a nice and adaptable list for all seasons! Thanks!

  46. Nara Monteiro says

    I’ve been coming to this list for my travels for over five years now. It got me through a three month school program travelling five European countries, and is still a go-to for one/two week trips!


  1. […] With my degree waiting at the finish line, and the end in sight, I decided that I deserved a big treat for myself, so my roommate and I booked a spring break trip for ourselves. We didn’t have our sights set on Lake Havasu or Cabo like most of the other college party-going counterparts. We traded our swimsuits in for raincoats and booked a 10-day, three country European adventure. […]

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