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Ultimate Female Travel Packing List to Costa Rica (in summer)

packing list for costa rica in summer

The following is a guest packing list by Samantha Alvis. See all packing list posts here.

You’re going to Costa Rica? You’re going to love it… I’ve been twice and reluctantly left both times. The most important thing to remember? Pura vida… just enjoy a pure life!

Costa Rica is a small country, roughly the size of West Virginia or Denmark, so take advantage of its small size to explore all this wonderful country has to offer-beaches, mountains and rainforest!

One thing to keep in mind is that it can be pretty humid, especially in the rainforest (duh), so while I always aim to pack light, I’d recommend taking a couple more pieces than normal, as clothing doesn’t dry out quite as fast as it may in more arid conditions or invest in some dry-quick options.

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Assuming your visit to Costa Rica is 1-2 weeks and that you’ll experience multiple microclimates in your time there, here is my ultimate Costa Rica packing list:


1-2 dresses — Nothing fancy, just a nice sundress or two for low key days or dinners. Make sure to bring one that can double as a swimsuit cover up.

1 skirt — A life saver at the beach resort, where you can’t go in the restaurant in your swimsuit. Just throw on a skirt and tank top and voila, you’re presentable.

1 pair under dress/skirt shorts — Ok, I’m just going to be honest here. I’m a big girl and the powers that be did not bless me with thighs that do not touch. If I’m wearing a dress or skirt, you’d better believe that I have a pair of little shorts underneath them. I’ve been wanting to try these out, but haven’t been able to internally justify the investment: Thigh Society. Have you tried them? Are they worth it?

2 bras — I try to pack in one color scheme, which for me is usually a dark one, so I get by with packing 2 black bras, but if you are more colorful, pack one light and one dark.

6-7 pairs of underwear — Ok, so I know that this might seem like a lot, but I don’t like to be unprepared when it comes to my chonies. I pack enough for the first week of my trip, assuming that I’ll either have access to affordable laundry service/laundromat or will be performing some sink laundry action. And if I check my bag, I always pack a spare pare of undies in my carry-on, a lesson learned after I arrived in Scotland and my bag did not.

1-2 pairs of shorts — I couldn’t fathom wearing denim in the humidity, so leave your jeans behind and instead pack a pair or two of shorts that are made for outdoor activities like hiking and zip lining.

1 pair of yoga pants — I was thankful that I had these the day we went repelling. Some of my travel companions had on short athletic shorts and let’s just say, it wasn’t always a pretty sight. Bonus, they can double as PJ bottoms!

4-6 tank tops or T-shirts — Nothing fancy… they’re going to get sweaty and dirty. My trick? I take shirts that I don’t mind leaving behind to help free up space in the suitcase on the way home.

2 swimsuits — Adopt the wear one, dry one policy

Raincoat/poncho — Costa Rica has a rainy season, and even outside of the rainy season, you can expect an afternoon or night time shower, so consider packing a light raincoat or one of those cheap, disposable ponchos if you don’t want to get wet.

female packing list Costa Rica - Samantha repelling in Costa Rica rainforest
Samantha repelling in Costa Rica rainforest.


Waterfriendly hikers — I lived in my Keens. Great for rappelling & hiking through wet and muddy conditions — just spray them off at the end of the day. (See the exact pair Samantha uses on Amazon.)

Flip-flops — For more casual outings, days at the beach and hostel showers.

I think that you should be able to get by with the above two pairs, but if you’re thinking about a third, consider your activities. Athletic/Tennis shoes for you people who run and exercise might be a must, for others, a comfy pair of flats might round out your list.


Shampoo/Conditioner, Deodorant, Body Wash/Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razor, Face wash, Moisturizer

>>Take a look at the best toiletries for carry-on travel.

Makeup — Only plan on the basics. For me, it was mascara, an eyebrow pencil and an eyeshadow. (See our low key traveler’s beauty kit.)

Allergy medication — My allergies went haywire while I was in Costa Rica, so throw in your allergy medicine of choice (mine is Claritin).

Hair thingumajigs — Pony tail holders, bobby pins, you’ll want something to hold your hair back as you rappel over a waterfall or zip line over the canapy. I love my Buff for trips like this. (Headbands are also nice.)

Baby powder — See above reference to my thighs.

Birth Control/Prescriptions — Don’t leave them at home!

First Aid Kit — I make my own for each trip, but it always includes: ibuprofen, anti diarrheal medicine, Band-Aids, Benadryl, moleskin, nail clippers, triple antibiotic ointment, a mini sewing kit, tweezers and tums.

Motion sickness medication — If you’re sensitive to long car rides with lots of twists and turns, you may want to pack your Dramamine. I didn’t need it, but better to be safe than sorry.

female packing list Costa Rica - beautiful beaches of Costa Rica
Beautiful beaches of Costa Rica

Protect Yourself:

Lip BalmOne with sunscreen will come in handy at the beach.

Sunscreen — Reapply often, I’m speaking from experience.

Bug Spray — I like the kind that comes in stick, usually found in the camping section. Helps save on liquids.

HatWide brim, protect that face!

Aftersun/aloe vera — Just in case you forget to reapply that sunscreen, like I did.

Tech Gear:

Unless you have to grade papers (like I did) or do some hard-core work, you shouldn’t need a laptop (ditch it if you can).

E-reader/Tablet — Catch up on your reads at the beach. Wifi was available, at least in the common areas, of hotels I stayed at, allowing for checking email and Facebook.

iPod/iPhone & Headphones — Sometimes it’s nice to listen to some tunes. Personally, I turn off voice and data on my phone, put it in airplane mode and use it for music and photo taking.

Camera — You will definitely want a camera. I utilized both my iphone and Canon Rebel (with two lenses). To help protect them, I use a Skooba Wrap (Amazon link) and a koozie for my extra lens. It may be overkill, but I also carry two extra batteries for my camera with me.

>>Read through our travel photography packing list here.

Chargers — None of the above do you any good if the battery dies.

female packing list Costa Rica - Samantha at Costa Rica coffee plantations
Samantha at Costa Rica coffee plantations.


Febreeze — Did I mention it’s humid and that you’ll probably be sweating? I packed a small travel size bottle, and I think my roommate appreciated the effort.

Water bottle — Stay hydrated on your flight and while in Costa Rica.

Jewelry — You may want to pack a few pairs of inexpensive, I-don’t-care-if-I-lose-them earrings and maybe a necklace, just to jazz up your outfits at night, especially if you splurge and stay at one of the many all-inclusive beach resorts.

Towel — If you’re staying in hostels, instead of hotels, be sure to pack one for the beach!

That’s it! By using a combo of space bags and rolling instead of folding my clothes, I fit all of this (plus two textbooks and a laptop) in a backpack and carry-on size suitcase. And don’t forget — Pura Vida!

What do you think of this female packing list to Costa Rica? Add your thoughts and addendums in the comments section below.

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About the Author: Samantha Alvis is currently finishing a Ph.D. in international agricultural development and trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. She’s happiest when she has a trip to plan, and so she tries to do that often. You can follow her adventures on her blog, Wanderlust & Lollygagging, Facebook or Twitter.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Samantha says

    Hi Cerys-Great suggestion. I had packed a small pack of laundry detergent as well, but had the opportunity to do laundry once along the way for a pretty affordable price, so I left it out on this list.

    • Lisa says

      Oh Samantha!! I love you! I went to Costa Rica last summer and I SO did not pack well!! I am a heavier girl and what bothered me the most was clothing! We are headed back in a few weeks and your list made my day! Thank you so very much!!!

  2. Cerys @ Nature and Play says

    I lived in Costa Rica for 3 years and would add to the list a small bottle of travel clothes wash – spending more than 1 day in the rainforest your clothes will begin to smell of the rain forest so quickly rinsing in the sink and drying can make them a little fresher (although if you are short on space using shampoo works as well)

  3. TammyOnTheMove says

    Excellent list Samantha. If you are going in the jungle a lot I would also invest in some bug clothes spray. Sometimes mossies even sting through clothes, plus it is an additional layer of repellent.

  4. Samantha says

    Hi Michelle-the wear one, dry one policy just means to pack two suits. In super humid climates, like Costa Rica, your suit probably won’t completely dry overnight.

  5. Laura says

    Thanks Samantha this list is so helpful!! I’m going traveling for the first time to Nicaragua and had no idea what to bring, I assume the list would probably be pretty much the same. Anybody been to Nicaragua that can suggest anything else for me? Thanks again 🙂

  6. Samantha says

    Hi Laura-I’m so glad you found this helpful. I’ve never been to Nicaragua, but like you said, I would imagine it to be very similar to Costa Rica. I do have a friend who lived in Nicaragua for a few months, I’ll see if I can get her to take a look at this list and see if she has any suggestions.

  7. Jayme says

    I was in Guatemala and I found hydrocortisone cream to be helpful! I was bitten on my foot by ants it didn’t hurt a ton but the swelling didn’t go down until I bought some in the village pharmacy. It was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anybody! There are lots of opportunities to volunteer there and it will change your perspective on life!

    • Tia says

      Hi Jayme! I plan to fly out to Costa Rica this Saturday to take classes and explore. I’m recent college still trying to “figure things out”, so why not do it in Costa Rica! 🙂 Ultimately I am looking to volunteer while I’m visiting, but I haven’t been able to connect with an organization. I’d love to offer my time and services in exchange for housing. Is this a possibility?

      • Theresa B says

        Hi Tia and everyone. You mentioned finding a volunteer organization that provides housing. I am going to Costa Rica to volunteer at a hostel for 6 weeks in August. I found my host through The site requires a paid membership fee (one time) but it is so worth it. I highly recommend you or anyone interested in traveling cheap to check it out.

  8. Melissa says

    Since most of the showers in Costa Rica/Nicaragua/Panama are cold, I brought along a cheap little electric razor for shaving my legs cause shaving with goosebumps is painful!

    Also, I brought along a package of baby wipes which are great for taking off make up, freshening up after the beach and for when you can’t wash your hands.

  9. Kaitlin says

    I spent four months in Nicargua and Costa Rica…all the girls in my program decided to stop shaving because of the cok water…and most women there don’t shave. Baby wipes- absolutely! In remote areas they have latrines and no sinks or toilet paper- have hand sanitizer, baby wipes, or travel size tissues! Forget packing a towel- bring a sarong. This is a trick my well traveled and low maintence sister taught me. You can lay on it on the beach, dry yourself off after a shower, use it as a dress, blanket or scarf! It also takes up about 1/4 the room in your luggage. Sarong is my number one travel item for any trip!

  10. Shealean says

    Thanks for all the great tips! I will be traveling by yacht to the British Virgin Islands so this list gave me a good idea of what to bring!

    I would like to share a great product I just became aware of.. Anti-chaffing gel. It’s a silicone based gel-powder that prevents friction! It’s awesome. The one I’ve found is made by monistat and I know that other companies make it too.

    So leave your little shorts at home and give it a try!

  11. Gemma says

    Good suggestions, but a bit too much for me.
    I’m going to CR next week and I much prefer to pack minimally. From past experiences of 2 months in Thailand, 3 in the UK, and 4 backpacking the US, I find people generally overpack.
    The rule of thumb is pack…then take 50% out.
    You can buy anything you need, much cheaper, when you get there anyway (e.g. sunscreen, bug spray, any meds if you need em, extra tank top, etc…). Plus if you shop the local markets, you inevitably find jewellery, clothes, and accesseries you want anyway, so why not leave as much pack space as possible for your returen? Especially in hot countries, lugging around a heavy pack *sucks*!
    Personally, my list for CR is:
    -one lightweight jersey knee-length black dress (travel, dinner, and beach cover-up in one),
    -black jersey leggings
    -black jersey mini (goes over leggings for any active/need-pants type activities)
    -grey cardi for cooler weather
    -green maxi skirt
    -one tee shirt
    -one tank top
    -bathing suite
    -7-10 undies
    -one bra
    -one pair flip flops
    -one pair sunglasses
    I expect I’ll buy some sunscreen and other toiletries, maybe some “throw away” items I might end up needing — like cheap sneakers, a rain jacket or hat-but I’ll donate it all before I leave.
    So much nicer and easier to travel light 🙂

    • Melissa says

      You really only pack 2 shirts for two weeks of travel? And wearing a damp swimsuit sucks so I’ll definitely be packing two. And I’ll be wearing my hikers when I travel – can’t count on finding my shoe size and wouldn’t want to waste time searching for them.

      I agree people tend to overpack though.

  12. Cherie says

    I live in Costa Rica and used to live in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua most bathrooms don’t have toilet paper so I always had travel sized kleenex with me for those times when you need it. For the person that suggested not bringing sun screen, bug spray, etc. You will pay double for all of those things in Costa Rica. I have people that come visit us bring them to us from the states. I thought your list was very helpful and will suggest it to those that come to visit our children’s home here. One thing on the make-up, make sure it is water proof and even at that my eye make-up ends up dripping down my face most of the time so I don’t wear make-up very often. If you want to fit in with the nationals, they do dress up when they go out and they wear heals a lot. This is a tourist friendly place so they don’t care if you don’t dress up like they do. This is an amazing place to live/visit. I hope all of those reading this are able to visit. Pura Vida!

    • Kristen says

      Can you give us some cool spots to check out since you are a local now? I’m heading there in October! Thanks!

  13. Maddy says

    I was in Costa Rica for spring break this year. I would add a surf shirt/rash guard. I went surfing twice and paddle boarding once and the only part of me that wasn’t painfully burnt after the first day of surfing was that shirt! When you are in Costa Rica make sure to take a Palo Verde boat tour. Highlight of the trip!

  14. Betsy says

    Thanks so much for this list! We are going to CR for the first time in less than 3 weeks and I am scrambling trying to figure out what to take. This helps SO much! And I ordered a pair of the Thigh Society shorts – those sounds like a great idea for under skirts and well as shorts if I am going to be sweating like everyone says. Will let you know how they are!

    • Misty Nichols says

      I like to get a pair of tights, you know the thick panyhose, and cut them above the knee. I’m a size 16 and these work just as well and are more comfortable and cheaper than spanks. I wear them all the time under pretty much every piece of clothing I own. They are lightweight, breatheable, and keep my thighs from chaffing!

      • Lauren says

        What a great list! I’m doing 3 weeks in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama…so I’ll modify this only slightly. I’m nervous to bring such a small amount since I’ve never done that and I’ll be moving around a lot so I’m not sure how much laundry I’ll be able to do!

        In terms of shorts — I find that when I cut tights they tend to roll up, which defeats the purpose. In Target, I get the Self Expressions by Maiden Form. They are inexpensive, stay in place, and are comfortable! They’re much thinner than Spanx, but have enough control top-ness that I feel like it smooths out the tummy area as well 🙂

  15. Megan says

    That’s Perfect Samantha, Thank you. We’ve been travelling a lot but for Costa Rica (we’re going in November) we have a 12.5kg weight limit due to a boat we are catching in the country, so the above list seems to be spot on!

    What size (litre) bags did people use as I have a 65L rucksack but I’m not sure if it will be big enough.

    Thank you.

  16. Jenny K says

    I’m wondering if I need a pair of hiking boots for my trip to CR. I was going to bring a pair of Keen sandals anyway. Will the Keens do? I plan on going on a few hikes in Arenal, Monteverde and on the Pacific coast.

  17. Samantha says

    Jenny, unless you’re doing super, hardcore trekking, I would just go with the Keens. We did a lot hiking and they were sufficient every time. A plus on the Keens is that they are easy to rinse off if you’re hiking in mud/water and they dry quickly. Some of the others on the trip had tennis shoes or hiking boots and they were often wearing damp/wet shoes.

  18. Stephanie says

    Thank you! Just bought those Keens. I knew I needed them but without reading this I probably would have tried to get away with tennis shoes or something.

  19. Mark says

    Nice list Brooke and looks like you had a great time! I’ve lived here 14 years and the one thing people never bring that surprises them is a fleece sweater. If you KNOW you will only be at the beach it’s not necessary but if you are traveling all over you will find that in the evenings at higher elevations you can have temps down to 50F/10C Even a dinner on a patio restaurant in the Capital city of San Jose can be quite chilly on a December evening with a breeze and you will wish you had a light sweater. The other thing is calamine lotion for the bug bites, but you can purchase it once you get to CostaRica at any pharmacy and not worry about the Air Travel rules… Hope this helps 🙂

  20. Sophie says

    Isn’t 7 pairs of underwear not enough? It seems like for a week that isn’t enough??? Am I crazy? I would think at least 12-15 pairs.

    • Brooke says

      A lot of travelers bring a week’s worth of clothes and wash as they go. Laundromats, hostels and hotels all have washing services. Others handwash clothes in the sink and let dry overnight.

  21. Bridget says

    The packing list was very helpful. I would add that one pair of zip off hiking pants come in useful, especially in a buggy place with high humidity and mosquitos, such that one might find on a night hike in the forest. Also, 4 bras are more reasonable. I found lightweight items needed 1 1/2 days to dry in the high-humidity climate of Costa Rica and that I wanted to put on a clean bra for the evening after showering, following daytime activities.

  22. Pamela says

    Thank you so much for your list. I am going to Costa Rica in 3 weeks. I have enjoyed reading your lists and others. We are going hiking and zip lining. I am taking my camera and lens, I was looking at travelon bags to carry every day. On the wanderlustandlollygagging site you mentioned no camera on the zip, do they store it for you? Also hiking did you need a pair of shoes that were not sandals, too. I do not want to have to stop to get things out of my shoes, slowing down the group. Thank you.

    • Samantha says

      Hi Pamela,

      The ziplining location did have lockers where you could store items, but that wasn’t the case with repelling. The repelling company did have their own photographer and the price for the CD at the end was very reasonable, so if you have a secure location where you could leave the camera, hotel or car, don’t feel like you would miss out on getting pics of your experience.

      For me, and most of the group I was with, we were fine in our Keens/hiking sandals. Not that I’m a hard core hiker, but I do enjoy getting out in nature and I’ve pretty much completely replaced tennis/hiking shoes with my Keens. I know others people are equally in love with their Chacos. I think it’s all a matter of how comfortable the shoes are for you…and the plus for me with the Keens from my Costa Rican hiking was that you could spray off all of the mud at the end of the day and they would be dry for the next day.

      • Betsy says

        Hi ladies,
        I have only been to CR once (last summer) but I wanted to say that the zipline outfit we went with did allow me to take my camera. It is a small point & shoot waterproof Olympus. I asked if I could keep it zipped in my pocket, but they suggested I loop the strap through my helmet strap. That is what I did and it worked great, the strap was long enough that I did not have to remove it from my helmet strap. I got lots of great pics! I would never take an expensive/large camera tho, and it drizzled on us during the adventure so I was so glad my camera was waterproof.

        Samantha – THANKS so much for this list. I used it for my trip and everything was spot on.

        Happy travels!

      • Pamela says

        Well got an email last night, they said, pants and jacket. What I have are cropped, a couple of thin pants, none have pockets. And a friend told me on a boat ride if he had not had on a gortex slicker he and his camera would have got soaked. I am leaving in the morning. I did get the keens. Do I need to pack a medium weight sweater or a heavy weight sweater? I am taking t shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of cropped pants. Still got to figure out how to carry my lens, no pockets this time.
        On a side note. When I went to Peru, I took lw sweaters and my cape, pants. Perfect except for the day in Lima, I needed one t-shirt, hot there. Thank you

      • Pamela says

        The keeps were great! I posted what I took on down the page. I enjoyed Costa Rica, and I packed great, thank you so much

  23. Jenny says

    Great list! I’ll be heading to CR the last week in March. I read the last post about not taking a large camera. I love photography and was really hoping to bring my SLR. Do they “not” allow you to bring it on the zip line? I have a sling/backpack camera case I was going to use. Bad idea? I was really hoping to get some great shots.

    • Pamela says

      They can hook a camera to the line, but it needs to be light. Really you cannot shoot because your hands have to be in a certain place so you do not spin or stop. Two people that went with us had go pro cameras they wore on their heads.

  24. Amanda says

    Question: for two weeks, how many pairs of socks would you suggest? I’m going to Costa Rica this summer, and your list has been a great help.

    • Pamela says

      I went the end of March with 2 pairs of the Keen whispers and I only wore socks one time. I had packed 4 pairs. I am glad I took 2 pairs of keens, it took 2 days for one to dry out after kayaking.

  25. Alex says

    This is a great list! I studied abroad in CR a few years ago and 1) overpacked plus 2) packed incorrectly. I’m going back this summer and definitely using this as a jumping off point. Thanks!

  26. Karen says

    Regarding choosing bras to bring: last time in Costa Rica, I found that a bra I had brought, but had not even taken out of my suitcase, had absorbed a lot of water from the air into the foam part of it. I won’t bring one with foan in it again!

  27. Alexandra says

    Absolutely great list. I’m going to CR in a few days and by the looks of it I am VERY over packed. So thank you for putting this into perspective for me.
    Also, a good trick for the thigh rubbing issues us curvey girls have is deodorant. Just use a long lasting clear one and it works wonders.
    Thanks again for the list!!

  28. Pamela says

    Went to Costa Rica the last of March. I took the Keen whispers that were suggested and they were perfect. I took 1 bathing suit, 2 pairs of shorts, 2pairs of light weight pants(1pair wore on the plane, going and coming), and 4 shirts (one going and coming back), socks, undies. This site was the perfect help. I did take 1 pair of thinsulates which I did wear the second night in Monte Verde. I wore shorts for the zip line which half way up I was very glad I did. I did take 2pairs of keens. It took 2 days for one pair to dry after kayaking. My suitcase which was the large only weighed 25 lbs., which was probably snacks. One camera with 2 lenses. I did not take too much or too little. The pants for the plane went also for the dinner. Also took a sweater, which was great for the night of the dinner in San Juan.

  29. Rachel says

    What type of luggage would you suggest bringing? I’m going in November for 10 days and was thinking about bringing 1 backpack and 1 small carry-on bag with wheels. Thoughts?

  30. Diane says

    Doesn’t anyone remember pettipants? It’s like a half slip with legs and comes in different lengths and colors. I wear them all the time with dresses and skirts and they’re looser on the legs than bike shorts. I still get mine at Kohls.

  31. Pia says

    Hi Samantha, I’ll be traveling to CR next month and your blog was very helpful for the trip I’ll be going for. Just one thing though, we were advised to use bagpacks rather than luggage – what bagpack and size would you recommend? I pack light and our packing list is almost the same, do you think I should get a 65L bagpack? or something smaller/bigger?

    Help 🙁

  32. Rachel says

    Thanks Samantha. Having never been anywhere particularly exotic its caught me by surprise how worried I’ve been about what to wear. Especially as I’m going to be leaving England in a very cold and damp spring time and its hard to imagine sunshine!

    Your list and people’s comments are exactly what I needed.

  33. Amy says

    Leaving in 3 weeks, this packing list and the wonderful comments are my bible! Thank you SO much for taking the time!!!!

  34. Kevina says


    I am going to Costa Rica in August and was thinking about packing a bunch of exercise leggings and biking shorts will this suffice?

    • Ana says

      I’ll be in Costa Rica in August too. I found from my last trip (rains a lot in August) clothes that are not 100% cotton is best. Dries super fast. I used cargo pants. They don’t stick to you when wet and they dry super fast. Also lots of pockets. I used Ziplocks to place my camera (put silica packets with it) and my money. It keeps it dry.

  35. Nick says

    Hi! I’m going to Costa Rica in a few days and have a question about sport sandals like Keen’s. For something like a rain forest hike, socks or no socks? And thank you so much for the packing suggestions!

  36. Kellie Peach says

    Awesome list! I sent it to my Mama who is coming with me to Costa Rica. It’s her first time out of the states, and especially to any rain forest type of situation 🙂

  37. Maisha says

    I don’t know if I missed it but for a female packing list you would need something for that time of the month…pads, tampons, midol, etc. Also, copies of your passport for emergencies etc.

  38. Jaymie Woods says

    I am heading to CR in 2 days. Usually an over packer I have managed to fit everything in one normal sized backpack but am still working on simplifying! I plan to wear my swimming suit instead of bra/panties for some of the tours. I travel trick I have that helps with the undies issue is tampons. I don’t have a period (IUD) but wear tampons when I travel in order to stay fresh, especially if bathrooms are not readily available. In a pinch if no clean panties the tampon can be worn solo.

  39. Eileen Williams says

    Just returned from my trip to Costa Rica and used this packing list as a guide. It was spot on and was a great help. The best advice was the Keen’s sandals which I ordered online that arrived two nights before my departure. Thanks, Samantha, it really helped make my trip that much more enjoyable.

  40. Rita Mora says

    I found your list a big help for packing. I will be there for 2 months. I will be meeting my significant other. Firdt time together. I want to look nice but he said pack what makes me feel comfortable. I have shorts, cool dresses & flip flops. I want to fit in and not overpack either. So stretch pants seem to be good with tunic tops. I leave May & returned july. Was told I could not stay longer than 90 days.


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