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Ultimate Female Packing List for Prague in Winter

female packing list for Prague

Winter looks ravishing on Prague.

The Czech capital is a looker in any season, but when its roofs are covered with a sparkling coat of fresh snow and people gather at the Christmas Markets for a chat and a hot meal, the city’s no less than mesmerizing. And without the masses of tourists that battle each other with selfie‐sticks for the best views during summer’s high season, you feel like you’ve got the city all to yourself … and the charming Czechs.

So put on your warm hat and head out to wrap your mittens around a steaming cup of mulled wine.

Editor’s note: This female packing list for Prague is for a weekend in Prague, but the light packer will be fine with this amount of clothing for a week or more. If that’s not to your taste, add a couple extra articles of clothing.


  • Scarf, hat and gloves: Prague gets chilly in winter. Nothing too dramatic, but expect temperatures around 0 °C or 32 °F in December with chances of snow and light rain. Whether wool, fleece, hitech‐tactile gloves or fluffy mittens ‐ you’ll be happy to wear something warm to hide your face and hands into when you get caught in an icy gust of wind.
  • Winter coat: You won’t exactly be facing Arctic weather circumstances, but since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside checking out Prague’s romantic scenery (and drinking mulled wine at the Christmas Markets) a warm winter coat is mandatory. Quilted down jackets are warm, lightweight and easily stacked away in a suitcase or backpack if you’re traveling from afar.

Foot wear

  • Rainproof walking shoes or flat leather boots: While Prague has an excellent public transport system that connects both sides of the river Vltava through a network of metros, trams and buses, the city’s charm is best captured on foot. Take a pair of sturdy walking shoes that can handle a bit of rain and snow. As you’re walking down the winding, narrow streets admiring Prague’s beautiful gothic architecture, the last thing you want is to get distracted by wet feet and frozen toes!
  • Flipflops: If you’re staying in one of Prague’s plentiful hostels, a pair of flipflops will make your showers and nightly bathroom visits that much more comfortable ‐ and hygienic.


  • 4 pairs of warm socks
  • 2 bras
  • Daily panties plus 1 extra: Your breasts will thank you for wearing padded bras, but other than that there’s no immediate need to take fancy thermo underwear with you.
  • A pair of thin leggings: Some simple cotton/nylon blend leggings or tights are great travel companions in Prague’s Winter Wonderland. They’re lightweight, roll up easily into small bundles and come in a variety of colours. Stick to 30 – 40 Den for maximum comfort. Wear them underneath your pants to layer up on a particularly chilly day or combine them with a dressy skirt or frock when you’re off to night out at the Opera House.

Prague in Winter
Prague in Winter


  • 2 long‐sleeved shirts
  • 2 t‐shirts
  • 2 light sweaters
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • Dress or dressy skirt/shirt combo: A trip to Prague isn’t complete with a visit to one of the famous opera houses, but make sure to dress appropriately. The Czech take the opera seriously and you won’t see them enjoying an evening of Dvorak or Mozart wearing jeans and sneakers. Pack a simple dress or skirt to wear over your tights or leggings, combine with some flat boots and you’re good to go.

>>Remember to pack in layers for your winter getaways.



  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Chargers, USB‐cord, batteries

>>Don’t forget a plug adapter if you’re coming from outside of Europe!

female packing list for Prague

Good to bring

  • “The Metamorphosis” or other literature by Franz Kafka: “Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws”. The famous author Franz Kafka’s was born in Prague and spend a large part of his life living and working in the Jewish Quarter. Although he never explicitly referred to the city in his works, it is said his stories were strongly influenced by the bureaucracy in 1920s Prague. Check out the Kafka Museum for the full “kafkaesque” experience!
  • Umbrella: On the “warmer” winter days in Prague, for instance during November or February, expect showers instead of snow. It’s not heavy enough to bring out the full rain gear, but it’s a good idea to pack a small, portable umbrella. And you know how it works: as soon as you take one with you, angels start singing, the sky clears up and warm, blissful rays of sun grace your face. So take one!

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About the author: Irene Broer is Dutch freelance journalist and travel writer currently living in Hamburg, Germany. She has a passion for Eastern and Central Europe and digital activism. For her latest work, she analyzed how young Ukrainian migrants used digital media for protesting during the Ukrainian conflict. Right now she’s helping to set up Hamburg’s first English language print magazine GUTE LEUTE. Check out her portfolio here. You can also follower on Twitter.

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  1. Kristina says

    Although during winter could be quite cold outside(sometimes even colder than 0 F) don’t worry. Our houses are made of thick solid material., also we have very good heating system, hot water in a bathroom all day and thick bed sheets.
    I would definitely recommend to pack a thick sweater, coat and a longer underwear tank top you can stick into your pants to cover your kidney area from cold.

    • Susan Robertson says

      Thank you Kristina. That is very helpful, as my cousin and I are visiting Prague next Christmas. What do you recommend for suitable footwear. I am used to winters that get down to 0C and feel the cold badly, so imagine it will be even colder than that.

  2. Krisitn says

    Im studying abroad in Prague and I was wondering how long the list above is expecting you to be in Prague and how I should adjust for a three month visit from January to April?

  3. Laurie Roth says

    Can you give me an idea about taking a charger for curling iron , hair dryer and also to use foe cell phone and iPad. My friends and I will be in that area in March. Have been told that an adapter not always works? t

    • Brooke says

      First off, you may want to reconsider packing a curling iron and hair dryer. Check with your accommodation in advance as they may have hair dryers there. If you need to bring a curling iron, you could invest in one that’s designed for travel so you know it will stand up better around the world.

      Usually you’ll just need an adapter plug for items like phone and ipad. I usually bring one universal plug adapter and a charger with USB port and use that for all my extras (phone, ipad, etc.). Electrical outlets in Prague are usually between 220 and 240 volts AC. If you’re device is compatible with multiple voltages, then an adapter is all you need (check your plugs and chargers for info). Does that make sense?

  4. natasha colburn says

    Can anybody help. My friend and i are going to Prague at the end of the month (November) and staying in a Botel. Are these Botels cold at night. Will i need to take my hot water bottle and bed socks?? Where are the best places to eat reasonably ??

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