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Welcome to Her Packing List, your ultimate resource for packing lighter, traveling more independently, and living with unshakable confidence!

Her Packing List FAQs

  • What’s Her Packing List? Her Packing List (HPL) is a trusted companion for women who seek to simplify their packing style and embrace the joys of traveling with less luggage.
  • Who runs HPL? HPL was founded in 2010 by Brooke Schoenman and has been contributed to by female travelers from around the world.
  • Who’s HPL for? HPL caters to all women who desire to downsize their bags or enhance their packing skills. We recognize that women often have unique needs when it comes to travel preparations, and we proudly offer insights tailored specifically to address those differences.
  • How can HPL help me? Our blog is filled with inspiring stories, practical advice in the form of packing lists, and expert packing light tips from seasoned travelers around the world. Additionally, our exclusive HPL Packing Method (HPM), also known as Handbag Packing Masterclass, takes the guesswork out of packing efficiently and empowers you to embark on your adventures worry-free.
  • I already pack carry-on only, what benefit is there to going personal-item only? Cheaper flights, fewer backaches, and more freedom to spend time traveling instead of finding a place to store your luggage!

HPL helps women of all ages from all walks of life pack smarter, lighter, and more confidently.

HPL has helped anxious packers to travel more confidently and overpackers to travel more freely. HPL has helped business travelers pack light for work and fun and moms with kids travel with less stress.

>> If you’ve ever been made fun of for how much you pack, then HPL is for you.

>> If you’ve ever wished you could take a quick side trip on your layover, but your luggage held you back, then HPL is for you.

>> If you’ve ever spent your trip worrying if your luggage was safe at the hotel, then HPL is for you.

>> If you want the freedom of knowing that you have everything you need and nothing to weigh you down, then HPL is for you.

>> If you are a woman who wants to travel lighter and smarter, then HPL is for you!

Hey, I’m Brooke!

I once packed nothing but a 12L handbag and proceeded to travel for an entire 3 weeks. Yep… you read that right – a messenger style handbag. For 3 weeks!

I’m a big promoter of packing light, and it’s for more than simply saving money on baggage fees.

Once upon a time, I was a solo traveler in small-town Poland wearing too much luggage – the old heavy backpack on the back combined with the daypack on the front. The daypack was stuffed full of my most expensive and important gear.

I was tired, weighed down, and weary… and it showed.

When one unbelievably kind and helpful Polish guy decided to unburden me of my daypack and personally escort me to my impossible-to-find tram, I was the opposite of relieved. He could have easily run off with my most important possessions and left me in the dust.

He didn’t, thankfully. But I vowed to never again be put in a position where I not only felt burdened by my luggage, but also looked it.

And thus sparked my interest in packing smarter and helping other women to do the same.

Her Packing List was born in late 2010.

HPL quickly grew to become the premier site for female travel gear and packing advice. 

Over the years, we’ve empowered thousands of women to pack that smaller bag and live the travel life of their dreams.

If you’d like to take the first step towards feeling more confident – and less frazzled – when preparing for your next trip, Her Packing List can help:

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And make packing an easier process on every future trip!

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handbag packing masterclass

Learn to pack so confidently light, you could travel for a week in a handbag.

Meet Our Team

brooke schoenman, founder of HPL

Brooke Schoenman // Founder

I’m a Midwest gal living the Sydney lifestyle. My travels have taken me across the globe and to some truly interesting locations. I’ve taught English in Ukraine, studied Russian in Kyrgyzstan, and have called Australia home for the past 12 years.

While travel is my long-standing passion, I’m sometimes distracted by my love for indoor house bunnies and everything Halloween. If I’m not out on a trip, I enjoy spending time at home binging on Netflix horror movies with my rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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