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Welcome to Her Packing List- your ultimate resource for female travel, gear, and packing advice. Whether you’re looking for the best travel gear for your trip, pre-made packing lists, or just tips on packing more organized, you’ve come to the right place! Topped off with female travel stories and trip planning basics, we are literally your one-stop-shop.

You will find 4 main categories on Her Packing List: Travel Gear, Packing Lists, Packing Tips, and Female Travel.

We’ve worked hard at curating the following list so that you can more easily find what you’re looking for without ticking through 700+ articles on our site. Enjoy!

What do I pack for my trip?

After running this site for 8+ years, and dozens of trips myself, I can say in 99% of cases the answer is a resounding:  less than you think. Whether you’ve come to this conclusion yet or not, Her Packing List will probably lead you down that road eventually. Our content is peppered with reminders and inspiration for traveling with less.

How you pack for a trip depends on the destination, the time of year, your activity level and so on. We’ve spent a lot of time acquiring the ultimate packing lists for popular (and not so popular) destinations and activities across the globe. See the master list right here.

How to Pack Your Bags

Our packing tips section covers the basics of packing with an emphasis on packing light and organized. We even explore some of our packing mistakes to provide more insight on what not to do. Check out this post on common mistakes of first-time backpackers for a quick lesson!

Best Packing Tips Posts

How to Choose Your Luggage

The luggage you choose for your trip really sets the tone for what (and how) you pack, how much you pack, and even how you get around from point A to B. If you’re wanting to pack smarter, I can almost guarantee that the biggest game changer is going to start with choosing the right luggage – which is why we set this section apart from the rest of the travel gear. It’s important.

So take your time when choosing your backpack or suitcase. Be sure to read through our many backpack and suitcase reviews on the site, and also try before you buy – if at all possible.

Best Luggage Advice Posts

How to Choose the Right Travel Gear

When you’re wanting to pack smarter/smaller/lighter, each item you pick for your packing list becomes more important. That can make the packing process feel daunting. Luckily, we have prepared numerous articles discussing the best travel gear – everything from the best travel clothing to electronics.

Best Travel Gear Posts

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How to Plan Your Trip and Travel Well

We delve into a number of female travel topics, everything from traveling solo, staying in hostels or using AirBnb, and just plain telling your family that you want to travel the world. These tips and insights will have you feeling inspired, planning with ease, and traveling more confidently.

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