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Ditch the Paper Checklists: The Best Packing List Apps for Travelers in 2020

best packing list apps

Packing for a trip, whether it’s an overnight business trip, a weekend away, or a long-term backpacking adventure can be a big chore. Add in very restricting weight limits imposed by airlines, it’s suddenly a challenge.

Even with several years of flights and road trips under your belt, you can still slip up and forget something vital at home. 

Best packing list apps for every kind of traveler
What are the essentials that go in your bag when you travel?

Her Packing List offers our own packing list template that you can customize and print to use for your trips. 

However, if you want to go paperless and fully digital, here are some great packing list apps that you can check out!

  • Looking for our pre-made packing checklists to destinations across the globe? Gain access to the Packing Checklist Download Library by clicking here.

One Bag

One Bag packing list app
One Bag packing list app

OneBag speaks our language: pack light and keep it all in one bag as much as possible. 

The app allows you to create custom packing lists for the type of trip that you are taking. You can add in items to your personal inventory so that it is easy to build your packing list trip after trip.

The best part of this app is that it lets you input the weight of each item that you are putting in your list, and it will automatically add up everything so you know if you’re already past your airline’s weight limit.

Your items are categorized, so you can even see which section of your packing list can be trimmed down in weight so that you can stay within the baggage limit.

  • The OneBag App is only available on Google Play. It is free to download, though a Pro version with premium features is also available.


Pack Teo packing list app
Pack Teo packing list app

If you feel like premade templates don’t really suit your packing style, then the PackTeo app is for you. 

It does have premade lists that are customized based on the kind of trip you are taking, but its manual packing list creation is one of the more robust features of this app.

You can add single items, a list of items, items from a template, catalogue, or from the list generator.

The app’s list generator makes lists based on your destination, the people in the trip, mode of transport, accommodation, weather, location, and activities.


Packr packing list app
Packr packing list app

Packr is a weather-driven packing list. Once you input your destination and date of travel, it will get the 8-day weather forecast and generate a packing list based on the conditions when you are traveling.

It allows you to create packing lists for multi-destination trips, so you are sure to be ready for any kind of weather and climate.

It is available on iPhone and iPad and can seamlessly sync your account. No matter where you are accessing the app from, you get the updated version of your list. 

If you use TripIt to organize your trips, you can also connect it to Packr, and it will make sure that your trip details are taken into consideration when creating your packing list.

  • Packr is available on the Apple App Store for free or $2.99 for the premium version.


Pack Point packing list app
Pack Point packing list app

PackPoint also generates a packing list based on your destination, weather, and activities.

What’s really great about this app though, is that it’s available in both Android and iOS, so you can easily share your curated list with the people you are traveling with, regardless of the device that they are using

The premium version of the app can also connect to TripIt and Evernote.


PackingPro packing list app
PackingPro packing list app

If you’re traveling as a family or a large group, PackingPro is for you. This app allows you to create a comprehensive packing list for everyone, including your pets.

It features a catalog with an extensive list of items that you can add to your list. It also features an assistant that can create the list for you, based on the number of people joining you on the trip.

The list can be exported into Excel or Google Docs, which you can then print out.

  • PackingPro is available only on the Apple App Store for $2.99.

Easy Pack

Easy Pack packing list app
Easy Pack packing list app

Easy Pack is exactly what it says it is: it’s an app that is intuitive and lets you easily create your packing list.

It has a smart assistant that will start you off by creating a list based on your activities and plans for the trip. You can also customize each list based on the bag that you will be bringing.

One of our favorite features of this app is the to-do list where you can list down the things you need to accomplish or buy before or during the trip.


TrekPack packing list app
TrekPack packing list app

If outdoor and adventure is your style of travel, then TrekPack is the app for you!

This specialized app features items that are essentials for treks and hikes that may not be as detailed in other packing apps.

The app can generate a checklist for your trip based on your destination, terrain, accommodation, cooking arrangements, and weight of your pack.

You can create several lists for a destination so you can compare and finetune for next time. You are also able to share checklists with friends so they can easily create their own checklist based on what you have created.

Which one is for you?

These are seven of our picks over the hundreds of packing apps available online. Did we miss your app of choice? Share them in the comments below, we’re always on the lookout for great apps!

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