The One Little Thing: My Brown Pencil

This is a post in an ongoing feature on Her Packing List called “The One Little Thing“. Each week or two, I’ll be interviewing a traveling lady to find out the one little thing she just can’t travel without. This one is brought to you by Genevieve Atkinson:

Gen drinking wine in Paris

Gen drinking wine in Paris

I’m Genevieve from Fossick; I was a backpacker, ski instructor, travel blogger and addicted to Lonely Planet guides. With 2 kids in tow, I don’t get out so much now and have turned my travel focus to highlighting the best of travelling in your own backyard. In my case, that’s New Zealand.

What one little thing can you not travel without?

A little red Maybeline pencil, I believe it’s an eye-liner, but to me: It’s a lipstick, eyebrow pencil, rouge, eye-liner and general travel sprucer.

Why has this one item been so important to you?

It’s hard to look your best when you went to bed at 2pm, sneaking out of dorms in the early hours to make a flight or having just spent 12hrs on a flight. This magic little pencil fits discreetly in pockets (or even bra’s) and just adds that spruce up of colour when makeup never happened.

How packable is it? Does it take up much room? Is it heavy?

Extremely packable. I had several of them and I’m still finding small pencils in pockets of jackets or the side of a old backpack.

Why would you recommend this to your travel friends?

With all the rules and regulations about liquids and clear plastic bags through airport security, this one little make-up item, didn’t need to be declared or separated and meant I could ditch all the other stuff to my suitcase (well maybe not the deodorant).

Can you name one incident or situation where you were so happy to have this item with you?

In Vermont, when I was a ski instructor, I’d been out skiing all day and the family of the one of the kids I was teaching invited us out to dinner with them, to a rather nice place. I thankfully had a change of clothes, but no make-up bag, but one quick trip to the bathroom and I had some lippy and eye-liner and a dash a rouge. Feeling good again.

How did you hear about this item?

I think the first one I owned was probably stolen from my older sisters make-up bag.

What sort of traveler is this item perfect for?

For a girl that’s on the go, but still likes to look her best. It’s small, practical and has multiple uses. Make-up version of an iPhone.

Genevieve is a 30-something mum, whose travelled the world and is now the writer behind the travel blog, Travel in your own backyard, by Fossick. Connect with her on twitter or facebook.


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