Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves: Secret Storage That’s Fashionable

speakeasy hidden pocket travel scarf

Forget those sweaty money belts and awkward bra stashes. There’s a new hidden storage solution on the markets, and it’s something that looks so good, you won’t have to hide it!

Our friends over at Speakeasy Supply Co. (founded by fellow travel blogger Bethany Salvon of Beers and Beans), have designed a special infinity scarf- a one little thing you already don’t want to travel without- that also has a hidden pocket so you can stash your extra cash, cards, chapstick, keys, passport or even an Aroamas solid perfume stick without anyone knowing it’s there!

speakeasy hidden pocket scarf lightweight
Secret Storage You’ll Want to Show Off

Fast Facts on Speakeasy Travel Scarves

  • Style: Infinity Scarf
  • Design: Several available
  • Fabric: Multiple weights and fabrics, from summer light rayon to bamboo and heavy weight flannel for winter.
  • Pocket Size: 8″ x 8″ – big enough for passport, a small guidebook, or a flask!
  • Pocket Closure: Hidden zipper
  • Handmade: With love, by Bethany Salvon
  • Price: $39.99 to $64.99 USD
speakeasy hidden pocket travel storage
The secret pocket is big enough for passports, phones, credit cards, or even a flask.

My Experience with a Speakeasy Travel Scarf

I was originally gifted one of these awesome travel scarves back in the summer of 2014. I’ve worn this scarf heavily in many different situations (and it still looks great in 2018!) to see how it works for someone in both travel and normal life (and because I like it). This Speakeasy travel scarf is lightweight, made of rayon, giving it a soft, cool feel- and making it wearable in the summer.

In the immediate months following, the scarf traveled with me in America (through Boston and New York), attended the Problogger Conference in the Gold Coast, and accompanied me in daily life in Sydney when the weather wasn’t blazingly hot. It even helped me go purse-free to a concert. Yay for hands-free living!

speakeasy travel scarf heavyweight
Wearing a winter edition of the Speakeasy travel scarf.

Most of my stashes included lip balm, an Aroamas perfume stick, cash, ID, house key and an extra hair tie, but it is very possible to stash larger items like a passport and phone.

The best part of the scarf, besides the convenience of hidden pockets, is that it just plain looks fashionable whether you need the extra functionality or not!

I’ve recently acquired a newer Speakeasy travel scarf in it’s heavier weight, winter ready fabric. I absolutely adore the double sided fabric pattern, and the construction is very robust. With the heavier weight models, I definitely feel more comfortable stashing heavier items, like my iPhone.

speakeasy travel scarf deer print
Fashionable scarves with added function.

Choose Your Weight

With the lighter weight scarves, heavier items can cause it to get off-center and sag in awkward ways. If you’re wearing a jacket at the same time, it becomes a little less obvious as it can help to support the scarf in place, but I would recommend getting a heavier weight scarf if you plan to carry heavier, bulky items.

Where to Get a Speakeasy Travel Scarf

You can purchase a scarf on the Speakeasy Travel Supply shop. Don’t forget to drop Bethany a message to see all the swatches on offer because they’re not all listed on the shop.

What do you think of Speakeasy Travel Scarves? Do you think they would be useful on your travels?


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speakeasy travel scarf secret storage

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Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm producing episodes of The UnPacking List or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Jessica says

    I was literally looking at these yesterday (I haven’t even closed the shop’s tab yet), and lo and behold the review shows up here! I’m not sure if I will get this brand or one of their Etsy competitors, but I hope to buy a scarf like this before (hopefully) heading to Europe next year. Wearing my passport holder under my shirt just looks weird!

    I do have one question about it- does stashing heavy items, such as a phone or wallet, put a lot of strain on the back of the neck, or does the scarf somehow evenly distribute the weight?

    • Brooke says

      Hi Jessica – I guess I would compare it to wearing a camera strap around your neck – a much softer and more comfortable one. I can only speak on behalf of the lightweight scarf though, as that’s the one I have. And I probably wouldn’t put an entire wallet into it unless you have one of those minimalist flat ones. I just take out what I need (ID, bus pass, cash and wrap a rubber band around them before putting in). Even if it’s just a place where you put EXTRA cash and passport, it can be helpful if you were to have your purse stolen, etc.

    • Julie says

      I wore one of these every day on a 2 week trip with my passport in it and I didn’t really notice the weight at all unless i was thinking about it.

  2. Jessica Lippe says

    Thanks for the info, Brooke and Julie. As you’ll notice on my blog’s posts, I’m really into saving money without sacrificing the value of travel. A couple days ago, I found a runner’s shirt (on clearance and with a coupon and gift certificate!) that has a hidden pocket in the side seam. Since that’s large enough to fit a cell phone or most wallets, I think that will be my pocket for the heavier things. I would still like to get a scarf like this for things like my passport and extra money, but I think I’ll need to debate with myself for awhile if it’s worth the cost!

  3. Sammi Wanderlustin' says

    I’ve got one! And it’s not a lightweight one, it’s not a thick one, either, it’s thick enough that it’ll keep me warm, and thin enough that I’ll be able to use it year round! I’ve just received it, but Bethany was great when I e-mailed her back and forth for a bit before choosing my design. I’d bookmarked the site for ages, and it is in fact a Christmas present from my Mum, but because I’m away this winter I’ve got it now! It’s gorgeous, the fabric is stunning, and I love it already 🙂

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