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The Best Luggage Scales for 2023

best travel luggage scales

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Want to travel light and save yourself from costly overage fees when traveling? Our list of the best luggage scales is just for you. 

Airlines are getting more and more strict with their luggage policies each year. Unfortunately, not sticking to the weight limits can be quite costly for travelers.

While many of us have scales in our home bathrooms we can use to check our luggage weight before taking off, there isn’t always that convenience when you travel. That’s where having a luggage scale comes in handy.

All About Luggage Scales

A luggage scale is a small and inexpensive piece of travel gear that can easily save you hundreds of dollars in baggage fees. With this little device, your hand luggage will never have to be checked, and your checked bag will never surprise you with an overage fee.

The best part? They’re affordable, cost anywhere from $11-$20 on Amazon and are super packable! They’re a great little gift for the traveler in your life as well.

Luggage scales are:

  • Super packable – the best luggage scales often fit into the palm of your hand and weigh next to nothing. Adding one to your packing list shouldn’t cause any drama.
  • Low cost – A quick search on Amazon will display dozens of options ranging from $7-40. The one I use costs about $10 on Ebay and still works years later.
  • Extremely helpful – There’s nothing like the dreaded repack at the check-in counter, or the surprise bill for excess luggage weight. Know what to expect before getting to the airport. Also know if you have space for those extra purchases before you purchase them!

Mel from Suitcase and Heels mentioned that a luggage scale is the one little thing she can’t travel without:

“The scale saves me money by letting me know exactly what my luggage weighs so that I’m not surprised at the check-in counter. Can I buy that pair of shoes or will it put me over? Don’t get caught unaware at check-in. It could cost you anywhere from $40 to $450 (if you’re taking a really heavy bag to Japan or China with American!).”

How to Use a Luggage Scale

If it’s your first time using a luggage scale, don’t worry because they’re very easy to use. 

how to use a luggage scale

Most luggage scales come with either a hook or a strap attached to the handle. Simply attach said hook or strap to the handle of your luggage, lift the bag, and read the weight on the scale. Depending on the type of luggage scale you buy, you can get an instant reading of the check in baggage weight. 

Make sure the bag is lifted fully off the ground for a proper reading. If it is difficult to lift the bag off the ground from a standing position, you may need to get on a stool or stair and lift from above. 

How Much Can Luggage Weigh? 

Of course, the most important question you need to know is how much can your luggage weigh when you’re traveling.

The limit often depends on airline policies and weight limits are also different for a carry-on or a check in baggage – so do your research before heading to the airport. Below are some of the most common airlines and their allowed limits for checked-in baggage weight according to Upgraded Points.

American Airlines and Air Canada

  • Economy – 50lbs (22kg)
  • Business – 70lbs (32kg)

British Airways

  • Economy – 51lbs (23kg)
  • Business – 70lbs (32kg)


  • Within or to America/Europe – 50lbs (22kg)
  • Outside America – 55lbs (25kg) to 77lbs (35kg)


  • Economy – 50lbs (22kg) to 70lbs (32kg)
  • Premium Economy and Business – 70lbs (32kg) to 88lbs (40kg)
  • First Class – 70lbs (32kg) to 110lbs (50kg)

To avoid expensive overage fees, it’s best to check your airlines and their respective policies when it comes to luggage weight and dimensions to make sure that you follow the allowed bag size and weight limit.

There are different styles of luggage scales for every traveler out there.

Best Luggage Scales for 2023

Name brand luggage scales may cost in the $20 range. However, it’s very possible to get a decent working luggage scale under the $10 mark. The no-name luggage scale I purchased on Ebay years ago for $10 still works to this day.

When it comes down to it, the features that make one luggage scale better than another would probably come down to design/shape, the weight limit, and additional perks, such as an integrated battery pack to recharge your devices.
Note: We’ve updated our list from 2019 and added a few more choices into our top picks. 

1 – Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale – $12

Why buy it: user-friendly design and built-in temperature sensor

With 4.7/5 star reviews from over 50,000+ buyers, Etekcity is our top choice for the best luggage scales in the market. This little device can handle weight up to 110lbs (50kg), has a user-friendly design, and provides accurate weight measurement to check in baggage weight.

The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale can handle up to 110lbs (50kg), has a user-friendly design, and provides accurate weight measurement.

Aside from being one of the cheapest it also comes with a built-in temperature sensor, which comes in handy when you need to keep track of the right temperature for your luggage. 

For its price and its features, this luggage scale is a total steal.

2 – FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale – $13

Why buy it: energy-saving smart settings and anti-scratch illuminated LCD display

The FREETOO digital luggage scale comes at a close second with 4.6/5 star ratings from thousands of travellers. Similar with Etekcity, this tool can check the weight of carry on luggage up to 110lbs (50kg) and comes with plenty of convenient travel bonuses.

The FREETOO Portable Digital Luggage Scale has smart settings that saves energy and automatically turns off when on low battery or overloaded.

It has smart settings that saves energy and automatically turns off the scale in 60 seconds when on low battery or overloaded. It’s also designed with a larger, anti-scratch illuminated LCD display that works even in the dark.

3 – Amazon Basics Digital Luggage Scale – $11

Why buy it: ergonomic, push-button controls and tare function

One of the best features of the Amazon Basics luggage scale is its push-button controls which allows you to switch between units of measurement (lb or kg). It’s also ergonomic as a bigger scale making it easier to hold.

The Amazon Basic luggage scale is ergonomic with push-button controls to switch between units of measurement (lb or kg).

The flexible strap with its metal connection also means less swing for better reading of how much can luggage weigh. The tare function also resets the scale instantly to zero.

4 – EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale – $20

Why buy it: instant accurate readings and special handles for larger bags

The notable feature on this luggage scale is the special handle for two-handed grip. This makes it easier to lift and weigh heavier/larger bags. The scale has a maximum reading up to 110lbs (50kg) and provides instant accurate readings.

The EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale has a special handle for two-handed grip to weigh heavier/larger bags.

5 – Nutri Fit Digital Luggage Scale – $8

Why buy it: built-in rechargeable battery pack

This luggage scale comes with the additional feature of having a built-in 2500 mAh rechargeable battery pack. After you check the weight of carry on luggage, you can use it to charge your phone while hanging around in the airport.

The Nutri Fit Digital Luggage Scale comes with a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to also charge your phone on the go.

Want to never need a luggage scale again?

Join the HPL Packing Method and save yourself the worry of weighing your luggage by learning how to pack super light. 

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  1. Nethwen says

    This is great to know about! I always wanted a pack scale, but only knew about the large, heavy kinds used to weigh baggage before putting it on pack animals (mules, etc.). Those kinds take two people if you want to an accurate reading, but what you show looks digital.

    • Melissa @ Suitcase and Heels says

      Yes, this is a digital scale. You just turn it on, loop the bag onto the hook and lift. Once it settles on the weight, it beeps and locks it in. So as long as you can lift your bag you can weigh it. It will give you the weight in either lbs or kgs. Love this thing.


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