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30 Ways to Travel with Jewelry and Keep It All Organized

how to travel with jewlery

Traveling with jewelry is a nice way to stay stylish while traveling and accessorize your look without bringing dozens of outfits. But how do you keep it all organized without opening your bag to find a big, tangled mess?

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best hacks for traveling with jewelry and some offbeat ways to travel with necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Best of all, most of these don’t require you to buy anything, as a number can be found around your house.

Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Organized in Luggage

Mint tins for rings and earrings
Add a couple of cotton balls and an old mint tin is perfect for storing jewelry while you travel.

1. Mint tin: Save those Altoids or Tic Tacs containers after you are done with them! They make for a great container for jewelry, especially when you add a cotton ball to protect them.

2. Hard sided jewelry cases: While they take up more room, cases like Caracaise, which looks like a briefcase with foam cushioning, and smaller versions with compartments for earrings, fully protect your items. Something like this on Amazon would work.

3. Drawstring jewelry cases: Another type of jewelry case is the pouch, which you can buy or make yourself. This allows you to place all of your items on a circular piece of fabric that has strings that pull it into a pouch. It’s better suited for everything but necklaces.

4. O-Rings: Metal ring clips that are used for crafts and school projects can also be used for rings, bracelets and necklaces. Simply open it, slip them on, and pack! See these on Amazon.

Use straws to keep your necklaces from tangling.
Use straws to keep your necklaces from tangling.

5. Drinking straws: Prevent your necklaces from getting tangled. Simply thread one side of the chain through a plastic straw and attach at the other end. It keeps one side rigid and tangle-free.

6. Pill containers: Do you have a days of the week pill organizer? Use it to separate rings and earrings on-the-go. You can use one you have at home or purchase from your local pharmacy for around $5.

7. Travel toiletry containers: Use those extra GoTubbs, snack cups and other travel containers to store small jewelry items. They’re ideal for rings and earrings that won’t be affected by tangling.

8. Cling Wrap: Ideal for necklaces, you can prevent tangling by lying the items out on one piece of the “Press N Seal” style and pressing them together, making sure to give space between them. You should be able to find it easily at the grocery store, but standard cling wrap will also work if you roll it.

travel jewelry roll
A travel jewelry roll keeps jewelry organized and safe in your luggage. The Etsy Shop where this jewelry roll can be found.

9. Jewelry rolls: Organize your items through zippered compartments and a large panel that folds over and ties to keep from getting tangled. Buy online or make your own using these instructions. They also take up little room since they lie flat.

10. Ziploc bags: If you have plenty of bags, place one item in each bag with end of the necklace zipped in the top. Rings and earrings can be placed into bags together.

11. Washcloth and rubber bands: I love this idea from Pinterest about how to make your own jewelry roll without buying or sewing anything. Simply place your necklaces apart on a washcloth, roll them lengthwise and fold in half, adding rubber bands to each end to keep them secure.

12. Erasers: Keep the backs to your stud earrings from getting lost in transit by sticking them in a simple eraser leftover from your school days.

bead organizers for jewelry
Craft organizers and bead containers work perfectly!

13. Craft store bead organizer or fishing tackle container: These are basically the same but are marketed differently. Either way, seek out a clear plastic container with removable compartments. That way, you can change them out for your specific items.

14. Travel soap dish: Store bracelets, earrings, and rings in a travel soap dish that you can pick up at just about any store. It can protect everything and keep it in one place.

15. Contacts case: These work for almost everything, specifically small earrings. Use a container you no longer have a use for.

16. Styrofoam plate: Simply stick your earrings through the plate, which is best for studs and dangling earrings. Then you can throw it in your suitcase, surrounded by other things.

carabiners work well for rings
Carabiners work well for rings.

17. Carabiners: You really can use them for everything! These cheap items can be used for bracelets or even necklaces by simply clipping them on.

18. Toilet paper roll: Once you’ve used it all, loop your bracelets around it and then strand your necklaces through the tube itself. Place on top of your suitcase for the best results.

19. Baseball card holders: Remember those plastic divider pages you’d use to protect baseball cards or other collectibles? They also are great for separating your jewelry. Place each item in its own pocket.

20. Glasses case: Once you’ve grown out of a pair of glasses, use your glasses or sunglasses case for bracelets, earrings, and smaller items.

Old buttons are small and easy to pack with earrings.
Old buttons are small and easy to pack with earrings.

21. Buttons: Keep those earring backs safe by threading them through those extra buttons you’ve been saving from every shirt.

22. Safety pins: Loop your hoops or dainty necklaces through a safety pin like you would with the carabiner.

23. Zippered pouches: You can buy these in satin varieties in Asia or at stores like the Container Store in the US. Small pouches of any variety will do for bracelets and earrings.

24. Socks: A member of our HPLWorld community recommended using socks for rings. You can place items inside since you’ll already be packing them.

empty lip balm tubes hold jewelry
Empty lip balm tubes for small bracelets and earrings. Who would have thought?

25. Empty lip balm container: This one is specific to the Eos brand, but once you’ve used all the lip balm, they make a great earring container. Pop them in your purse for safekeeping!

26. Hanging jewelry cases: Like jewelry rolls, these toiletry and cosmetic cases can also be used for jewelry. It allows you to keep organized while being able to see everything. Check this one out on Amazon.

27. Cupcake liners: Another recommended placing earrings in cupcake liners, either paper or foil, and then wrapping in foil or another item to keep everything in place.

28. Index cards: Push backs of earrings through or loop bracelets and necklaces around them.

Use business or playing cards to keep jewelry organized.
Use business or playing cards to keep jewelry organized.

29. Business or playing cards: Like with index cards, you can organize necklaces by placing two small cuts in cards to wrap around tightly and keep secure.

30. Wine corks: Similar to erasers, use wine corks for earring backs.

Extra Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

We’ve mentioned it briefly in the intro, but choosing the right jewelry can be an easy way to take your outfit from day to night. Here are some extra tips to consider:

1) Pack a statement necklace. Something bold will take the attention off the clothing underneath, and it will trick you into feeling like you’re wearing a completely new outfit. Plus statement necklaces can dress up the most simple ensembles! (See our professional packing list for more tips.)

2) Pack cheap jewelry. It goes without saying that you should never pack any jewelry that you’d be upset with losing or having stolen.

How to travel with jewelry

Do you have any other tips for traveling with jewelry? Share in the comments!

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    I save the tiny zip lock plastic bags from the extra buttons.that are usually attached inside a new garment. They work great for necklaces and most earrings..Then I enclose the individual bags in a larger more secure bag or pouch.. .


    When on vacation I either get very relaxed about my outfit or do not take time to change jewelry. I have decided to start tieing a jewelry (costume) bag to my nice outfits hanger, so I did not have to dig thru jewelry to find what I want for this outfit.

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