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99 Gifts for Women Who Travel Under $99

99 travel gifts for women

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… until you have to think about gifts. For some people, it’s downright difficult to shop for presents. Trust me, I know!

But luckily, shopping for the travel lover no longer has to be. I’ve put together this fairly comprehensive list of 99 gifts for women who travel (under $99)- just for you!

And if that’s not enough, check out past gift guides, including stocking stuffers and even one for carry-on only travelers.

*Please note this post contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our site.

Travel Gifts Up to $10

reusable twist ties for luggage organization
Reusable Twist Ties

$2.98 on Amazon

adult coloring books
Adult Coloring Books

$7.26 on Amazon

Gaiam Yoga Gloves
Gaiam Yoga Gloves

$7.99 on Amazon

RFID blocking sleeves
RFID Blocking Sleeves

$7.99 on Amazon

world map laptop decal
World Map MacBook Decal

$8.75 on Etsy

map pillowcase
Map Pillowcase

$8.99 on Amazon

Gaiam Yoga Socks
Gaiam Yoga Socks

$9.98 on Amazon

badger sleep balm
Badger Sleep Balm

$9.99 on Badger

vapur water bottles
Vapur Water Bottle

$9.99 on Amazon

lush gift card
$10 Lush Gift Card

$10 on Lush

1. Reusable Twist Ties – $2.98 (Amazon) – For cable organization in your luggage.

2. Adult Coloring Books – $7.26 (Amazon) – For passing time, being creative, and relieving anxiety.

3. Gaiam Yoga Gloves – $7.99 (Amazon) – So you can travel without a yoga mat.

4. RFID Blocking Sleeves – $7.99 (Amazon) – Extra protection for digital information in passports and credit cards, without buying special wallets and bags with this feature built-in.

5. World Map MacBook Decal – $8.75 (Etsy) – A cool added touch for the laptop.

6. Map pillowcase – $8.99 (Amazon) – Because travelers love maps, everywhere!

7. Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks – $9.98 (Amazon) – Again, so you can travel without a yoga mat.

8. Badger Sleep Balm – $9.99 – (Badger) – For extra relaxation so you can sleep anywhere (on planes, in hostel dorms, etc.).

9. Vapur water bottle $9.99 (Amazon) – Lightweight and packs down small.

10. $10 Lush Gift Card – $10 (Lush) – Let your loved one choose their own solid toiletries.

$10.01 to $20

travalo perfume atomizer
Travalo Perfume Atomizer

$10.29 on Amazon

Baggu standard reusable shopping bag
Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag

$12 on Amazon

language playing cards
Language Playing Cards

$12 on UncommonGoods

parabo press softcover book
Parabo Press Softcover Book

$12 on Parabo

lulu organics dry shampoo
Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo

$12.85 on Amazon

hydrapak stow collapsible water bottle
Hydrapak Stow Collapsible Water Bottle

$14 on Amazon

travel stub diary
Travel Stub Diary

$14.95 on Amazon

mighty wallet LA ocean
Mighty Wallet – LA Ocean

$14.95 on Amazon

state coffee mugs
State Coffee Mug

$15 on Amazon

pocket utensil set
Pocket Utensil Set

$16 on UncommonGoods

burts bees lip shimmer 3 pack
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer 3 Pack

$17.45 on Amazon

nalgene toiletry kit
Nalgene Toiletry Kit

$17.95 on Amazon

just go world map tshirt
Just Go World Map T-shirt

$18.99 on Amazon

momentum jewelry
Momentum Motivational Jewelry

$18.99 on Momentum

wall map decal
Wall Map Decal

$19.95 on Amazon

cocoon grid-it
Cocoon Grid-It

$19.99 on Amazon

travel jewelry roll
Travel Jewelry Roll

$20 on UncommonGoods

sarongs for travel

$10-20 on Amazon gift card
$20 Gift Card

$20 on

11. Travalo Perfume Atomizer – $10.29 (Amazon) – Take your favorite perfume with you in a pocket-friendly, packable container.

12. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag – $12.00 (Amazon) – Awesome for shopping and beach days.

13. Language Playing Cards – $12.00 (Uncommon Goods) – Learn key phrases in French, Spanish or Italian while playing cards!

14. Parabo Press Softcover Book – $12.00 (Parabo Press) – Get 32 memories printed into a 5” book – perfect for travel images and Instagram shots.

15. Lulu Organics Dry Shampoo – $12.85 (Amazon) – Takes away the oil so you can require less liquid shampoo.

16. Hydrapak Stow Collapsible Water Bottle – $14.00 (Amazon) – An alternative to a Vapur water bottle.

17. Travel Stub Diary – $14.95 (Amazon) – For all the tickets that otherwise get lost in the bottom of suitcases and backpacks.

18. Mighty Wallet – LA Ocean – $14.95 (Amazon) – A lightweight wallet made of durable material!

19. State Coffee Mugs – $15.00 (Etsy) – Because who doesn’t love a good mug.

20. Pocket Utensil Set – $16.00 (Uncommon Goods) – For the traveling foodie.

21. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer 3 Pack – $17.45 (Amazon) – For packable lip color that’s in between a lip balm and a lipstick.

22. Nalgene Travel Kit – $17.95 (Amazon) – I swear by these toiletry bottles for leak-free travel!

23. Just Go World Map T-Shirt – $18.99 (Amazon) – Maps, everywhere.

24. Momentum Jewelry Motivation Wrap – $18.99 (Momentum Jewelry) – Cute and motivational jewelry made for active lifestyles. Some of the quotes are very relatable to travel!

25. World Map Wall decals – $19.95 (Amazon) – To bring the travel spirit into your daily life.

26. Coccoon Grid-It $19.99 (Amazon) – Year after year, this is a popular product for people traveling with lots of digital gear. But it can be used to organize just about anything.

27. Travel Jewelry Roll – $20.00 (Uncommon Goods) – A safe roll for storing your jewelry on the road.

28. Sarong – $10-20 (Amazon) – Because sarongs have so many uses!

29. $20 Gift Card – $20 ( – Give the gift that sends someone packing.

$20.01 to $30

exofficio travel underwear
Exofficio Travel Underwear

$20 on Amazon

travel turkish towel
Turkish Towel

$21.90 on Amazon

sugarsky map headband
Sugarsky Map Headband

$22 on Sugarsky

flanabags tsa friendly toiletry bag
AirQuart TSA Compliant 3-1-1 Bag

$22.99 on Flanabags

mountain bar necklace
Mountain Bar Necklace

$23.45 on Etsy

old fashioned carryon cocktail kit
Old Fashioned Carry-on Cocktail Kit

$24 on UncommonGoods

gin and tonic carry-on cocktail kit
Gin and Tonic Carry-on Cocktail Kit

$24 on UncommonGoods

LuminAid solar lantern
LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern

$24.95 on Amazon

airbnb gift card
$25 Airbnb Gift Card

$25 on Amazon

travelon luggage scale
Travelon Luggage Scale

$25 on Amazon

tom bihn money belt
Tom Bihn Money Belt

$25 on Tom Bihn

starbucks gift card
$25 Starbucks Gift Card

$25 on Amazon

Uber gift card
$25 Uber Gift Card

$25 on Amazon

flight 001 seatpak
Seat-Pak by Flight001

$28 on Amazon

buff merino wool lightweight
Buff Lightweight Merino Wool

$29 on Amazon


$29.99 on Amazon

make love locks
Engraved Love Lock

$29.99 on Etsy

pacsafe slashproof camera strap
Pacsafe Slashproof Camera Strap

$30 on Amazon

exofficio bugsaway scarf
Exofficio Bugsaway Scarf

$30 on Exofficio

engineer prints parabo press
Engineer Prints

$30 on Parabo Press

30. Exofficio Travel Underwear – $20.00 (Amazon) – Quick-drying underwear helps you pack fewer pairs.

31. Turkish towel – $21.90 (Amazon) – If you’re in Australia, you can also get them here.

32. SugarSky World Map Headband $22.00 (Sugarsky Shop) – A headband is a travel necessity, so why not have it in map print?

33. AirQuart TSA Compliant 3-1-1 Bag – $22.99 (Flanabags) – A cute and durable alternative to a ziploc.

34. Mountain Bar Necklace – $23.45 (Etsy) – For the outdoorsy, mountain-loving types!

35. Old Fashioned Carry-on Cocktail Kit – $24.00 (Uncommon Goods) – Everything you need to upgrade your experience on a flight.

36. Gin & Tonic Carry-on Cocktail Kit – $24.00 (Uncommon Goods) – Again, everything you need to upgrade your drink experience on a flight.

37. LuminAid Packlight Inflatable Solar Lantern $24.95 (Amazon) – This lantern is seriously cool! Worth having around the house.

38. $25 Airbnb gift card – $25 (Amazon) – Help your friends find the perfect place to stay on their trip using Airbnb.

39. Travelon Luggage Scale – $25 (Amazon) – A tiny item that can help you travel confidently, knowing you’re within weight restrictions. Read about the best luggage scales.

40. Travel Money Belt by Tom Bihn – $25.00 (Tom Bihn) – It looks like a normal belt but has a space for hiding money.

41. $25 Starbucks Gift Card – $25 (Amazon) – Help a loved one save money for travel by shouting them their coffees.

42. $25 Uber Gift Card – $25 (Amazon) – Help a loved one get around on their next trip by shouting them an Uber gift card.

43. Seat Pak by Flight001 – $28.00 (Amazon) – It hangs on the back of your seat in-flight and can organize your in-flight necessities.

44. Buff Merino Wool – Lightweight – $29.00 (Amazon) – If they’re good enough for Survivor, why shouldn’t you have one?

45. Vinnibag – $29.99 (Amazon) – For hauling back new wine finds from your trip, and keeping them from breaking and spilling everywhere.

45. Engraved Love Lock – $29.99 (Etsy) – A great gift for love birds traveling to destinations with famous love lock bridges.

46. Pacsafe Slashproof Camera Strap – $30 (Amazon) – It could be the only thing between a loved one and their very expensive camera, so help keep it safe!

47. Exofficio Bugsaway Scarf – $30 (Exofficio) – With built-in bug deterrent, it can be used as a wrap to cover arms and exposed skin in the evenings.

48. Engineer Prints – $30 (Parabo Press) – Blow up a favorite travel photo into a massive print.

$30.01 to $40

pilotandcaptain Rome shirt
Pilot&Captain Airport Code Shirt

$32 on Pilot&Captain

tom bihn 3d organizer cube
Tom Bihn 3D Organizer Cube

$32 on Tom Bihn

vimandvigr compression socks
Vim&Vigr Compression Socks

$32.95 on Amazon

sea to summit traveling light hanging toiletry bag
Sea to Summit Traveling Light Toiletry Bag

$34 on Amazon

hidden pocket underwear
Clever Travel Companion Hidden Pocket Underwear

$34.90 on Amazon

sea to summit compression sack
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sack

$34.95 on Amazon

beer cap map
Beer Cap Map

$34.95 on Etsy

crocs kadee flats
Crocs Kadee Flats

$34.99 on Crocs

sakura watercolor field kit
Sakura Watercolor Field Kit

$35 on Amazon

watercolor scratch off world map
Watercolor Scratch Off World Map

$36 on Amazon

leather world map travel wallet
Leather World Map Travel Wallet

$38 on Etsy

tortuga packable daypack
Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack

$39 on Tortuga

eagle creek pack-it specter cubes
Eagle Creek Compressible Packing Cubes

$39.95 on Amazon

monopoly national parks edition
Monopoly – National Parks Edition

$39.95 on REI

gobi gear segsac
Gobi Gear SegSac

$39.99 on Amazon

apple gift cards
$40 Apple Gift Cards

$40 on Amazon

amtrak gift cards
$40 Amtrak Gift Card

$40 on Amtrak

zappos gift cards
$40 Zappos Gift Card

$40 on Zappos

49. Pilot&Captain Airport Code T-Shirt – $32.00 (Pilot&Captain) – So many cool options here.

50. Tom Bihn 3D Organizer Cube – $32.00 (Tom Bihn) – An alternative option to ziploc bags when traveling with liquids in a carry-on.

51. Vim & Vigr Compression Socks – $32.95 (Amazon) – Compression socks can keep your body healthy when flying or sitting for several hours a day. How about a pair that look awesome, too?!

52. Sea to Summit Traveling Light Hanging Toiletry Bag – $34.00 (Amazon) – Toiletry bags are often too bulky and heavy.

53. Clever Travel Companion Hidden Pocket Underwear – $34.90 (Amazon) – Yet another place to stash some cash and your passport!

54. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Sack – $34.95 (Amazon) – If you want to make your pack seem more compact, then compression sacks are for you.

55. Beer Cap Map of USA – $34.95 (Etsy) – For the beer lover in your life.

56. Crocs Kadee Flats – $34.99 (Crocs) – Cute, simple, versatile travel shoes that a lot of girls are raving about!

57. Sakura Watercolor Field Set – $35.00 (Amazon) – For the creative type.

58. Scratch Off Map World – $36.00 (Amazon) – How much of the world have you seen?

59. Leather World Map travel wallet – $38.00 (Etsy) – Because it’s really cute!

60. Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack – $39.00 (Tortuga) – An extra daypack that you can store away when not in use.

61. Packing Cubes: Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Set – $39.95 (Amazon) – Ultra lightweight packing cube options.

62. National Parks Edition Monopoly – $39.95 (REI) – Outdoor lovers will enjoy this version of monopoly with tents and campsites as a part of the game.

63. Gobi Gear SegSac – $39.99 (Amazon) – A compartmentalized compression sack.

64. $40 Apple Gift Card – $40.00 (Amazon) – To use on apps, games, movies, music, iCloud and more of the things a traveler would appreciate.

65. $40 Amtrak Gift Card – $40.00 (Amtrak) – If you’ve never taken an Amtrak journey, I highly recommend doing so! Great alternative to taking a plane or driving.

66. $40 Zappos Gift Card – $40.00 (Zappos) – Help a friend out with a new pair of travel shoes, or a new luggage set.

$40.01 to $50

world map globe nightlight
World Globe Light

$44 on Amazon

clever travel companion hidden pocket tank
Clever Travel Companion Hidden Pocket Tank

$44.90 on Amazon

nat geo customized map puzzle
Nat Geo "My Town" Custom USGS Map Puzzle

$44.95 on Nat Geo

travel anti-theft slim pouch
Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch

$45 on Amazon

wood burned framed map
Wood Burned and Framed US Map

$45 on Etsy

travel jewelry case with earring holder
Travel Jewelry Case with Earring Holder

$48 on Etsy

nemo fillo pillow
Nemo Fillo Pillow

$49.95 on Amazon

speakeasy hidden pocket travel scarf
Speakeasy Travel Scarf

$49.99 on Speakeasy Travel Supply

exofficio bugsaway packable hat
Exofficio BugsAway Packable Hat

$50 on Amazon

target gift card
$50 Target Gift Card

$50 on Target

lyft gift card
$50 Lyft Gift Card

$50 on Lyft

parabo press gift card
$50 Parabo Press Gift Card

$50 on Parabo Press

etsy gift card
$50 Etsy Gift Card

$50 on Etsy

67.  Illuminated Globe – $44.00 (Amazon) – The best kind of nightlight.

68. Clever Travel Companion Hidden Pocket Tank – $44.90 (Amazon) – Another way to cleverly hide extra money, cards, and passports. We’ve review it here.

69. “My Town” Custom USGS Map Puzzle – $44.95 (Nat Geo) – A cool personalized gift option.

70. Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch – $45 (Amazon) – Built with extra features to keep your belongings safe.

71. Wood Burned and Framed US Map – $45.00 (Etsy) – It’s a classy map gift.

72. Travel Jewelry Case – $48.00 (Etsy) – A safe way to organize your jewelry in your suitcase.

73. Nemo Fillo Backpacking and Camping Pillow – $49.95 (Amazon) – Compact and comfortable, as mentioned in this review.

74. Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarf – $49.99 (Speakeasy Supply Co.) – You know we love these scarves! Great for stashing secret money when you travel.

75. Exofficio Bugsaway Packable Hat – $50 (Amazon) – Hats are very underrated. Get a packable one and stay sun safe.

76. $50 Target US Gift Card – $50.00 (Target) – Target has a pretty substantial travel accessories section.

77. $50 Lyft Gift Card – $50.00 (Lyft) – Help your loved one get around using rideshare apps on their next trip.

78. $50 Parabo Press Gift Card – $50.00 (Parabo Press) – To bring travel memories to life with various photo printing services.

79. $50 Etsy Gift Card – $50.00 (Etsy) – The ultimate place to search for unique, handmade travel accessories. Give someone a gift card and send them on their merry shopping way!

$50.01 to $70

eno travel hammock
ENO Lightweight Hammock

$59.95 on Amazon

tieks gift card
$60 Tieks Gift Card

$60 on Tieks

scrubba wash bag
Scrubba Wash Bag

$64.95 AUD on Scrubba

dollar flight club premium membership
Dollar Flight Club Premium Membership

$69 on Dollar Flight Club

REI Gift Card
$70 REI Gift Card

$70 on REI

80. Eagle Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock – $59.95 (Amazon) – For relaxing in the great outdoors. See this review for more info.

81. Tieks Gift Card – $60 (Tieks) – A little help towards getting the ballet flats of her dreams. They fold up and are extremely packable.

82. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag – $64.95 AUD (Scrubba) – A bag that helps you do your laundry on the go!

83. Dollar Flight Club Premium Membership – $69.00 (Dollar Flight Club) – A membership that brings all the best flight deals straight to your inbox.

84. $70 REI Gift Card – $70 (REI) – REI has just about anything you might need for your travels in one store.

$70.01 to $99

decoupage world map shoes
Decoupage World Map Shoes

$75 on Etsy

amazon gift card
$75 Amazon Gift Card

$75 on Amazon

encircled gift card
$75 Encircled Gift Card

$75 on Encircled

the north face gift card
$75 The North Face Gift Card

$75 on The North Face

everlane renew transit backpack
Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack

$78 on Everlane

hand-painted globe
Custom Hand-Painted Globe

$78 on Etsy

icebreaker cool-lite solace shirt
Icebreaker Cool-Lite Solace Shirt

$80 on Icebreaker

paris map necklace
Paris Map Necklace

$89 on Etsy

joby gorillapod
Joby Gorillapod

$89.95 on Amazon

kindle e-reader

$89.99 on Amazon

keen rose sandals
Keen Rose Sandals

$90 on Keen

world map painted toms shoes
Hand-painted World Map Toms

$95 on Etsy

renew shawl by encircled
The Renew Shawl

$98 on Encircled

dollar flight club premium plus
Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ Membership

$99 on Dollar Flight Club

pacsafe citysafe cs200 anti-theft handbag
Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Anti-Theft Handbag

$99.95 on Amazon

85. Decoupage world map shoes – $75.00 (Etsy) – Adorable and chic.

86. $75 Amazon Gift Card – $75.00 (Amazon) – And if REI doesn’t have it, Amazon is the place to shop.

87. $75 Encircled Gift Card – $75.00 (Encircled) – Encircled make sustainable and versatile clothing perfect for travel.

88. $75 The North Face Gift Card – $75.00 (The North Face) – High quality, trusted travel gear and clothing.

89. Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack – $78.00 (Everlane) – A trendy little backpack, great for weekend trips and getaways. Made from 100% recycled polyester.

90. Custom Hand-painted Globe – $78 (Etsy) – Perfect home decor for the world traveler.

91. Icebreaker Cool-Lite Solace Shirt – $80.00 (Icebreaker) – Icebreaker does merino wool clothing for outdoor lovers.

92. Paris Map Necklace (Gold or Silver) – $89.00 (Etsy) – Paris is always a good idea.

93. Joby Gorillapod – $89.95 (Amazon) – For selfies and long exposures.

94. Kindle – $89.99 (Amazon) – Ditch the books.

95. Keen Rose Sandals – $90.00 (Keen) – Super comfortable. Enough said. Brooke has a pair and swears by them.

96. Hand painted world map TOMS – $95.00 (Etsy) – Because some would say TOMS make the perfect travel shoe.

97. The Renew Shawl – $98 (Encircled) – It’s a shawl, scarf, and wrap in one, made in a sustainable fashion.

98. Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ Membership – $99.00 (Dollar Flight Club) – This takes your Dollar Flight Club membership further by offering amazing business and first class flight deals sent straight to your inbox. Save an average of $3000 on each flight.

99. Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 Handbag – $99.95 (Amazon) – It’s spacious and full of safety features. See our review of a similar bag.

Which of these items are you adding to YOUR holiday wishlist?!

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Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm planning adventures or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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