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6 Reasons to Love the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch

Travelon's Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch

The following gear review has been submitted by Emily Lessnau.

When I decided to move to Japan, I knew I had to downsize and simplify my life. This included my handbag collection, which had grown quite impressive after working two years at a designer handbag shop. I wanted something small, versatile and stylish, but I wanted safety features for all my adventures throughout Asia. I happily found one bag replaced dozens (and sadly I do mean dozens).

Here are six reasons why I love Travelon’s Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch.

1. The safety features.

With anti-slash fabric and straps and locking zippers I feel safe and secure in any location. There are RFID safe pockets for your passport and three cards, as well as a locking carabiner for your strap so you can secure it to arm rests, bed posts, or anything nearby in order to avoid grab and runs.

travelon bag front

2. The pockets.

Google anti-theft bags and you’ll run across a collection of frumpy, boring bags that are SO safe that there are no exterior pockets for quick access to basic items. This bag has three. A slip-in pocket for your phone or shades, a latching pocket that I put my personal hygiene items in, and a zipper pocket on the back that’s perfect for maps, tickets or tissues!

3. The style.

Far from frumpy, this bag is slim and chic and totally cute. It’s got decorative stitching on the front pocket flap and comes in three neutral colors: black, eggplant and my choice- truffle, a warm-toned grey. It’s still discreet; you can’t tell it’s an anti-theft bag, which is a huge plus for me.

travelon contents
The contents of Emily’s bag.

4. The size.

Though it be but small, it is fierce. The locking zipper on the main compartment extends down to the bottom of the bag. A folio-style piece of fabric keeps your contents from falling out the side. That means easier storage. And with four extra pockets, plus a built in wallet, you can fit more than you can imagine inside!

5. It’s animal friendly.

No cows were harmed in the making of this bag. I was pretty depressed when I realized how many animal lives my leather bags had claimed. The Signature Slim Pouch is poly-twill, which means it’s water resistant so there’s no need to panic if you get stuck in a rain storm.

6. The price tag.

When you’re saving for a trip or move, you don’t want to spend tons of cash on extras. Luckily, this bag’s MSRP is only $40.00. I’ve seen it on numerous sites like eBags and Amazon for $33.00 with free shipping! So shop around. (Check the prices on Amazon here.)

You don’t have to compromise style for function with the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Pouch.

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emily lessnauAbout the author: Emily is preparing to move to Japan in May 2014 with her husband and cat. Finding several sources on traveling but few on moving abroad, Emily decided to launch her own website to help prospective expats get an inside look at the process of planning, moving and adjusting in your new country. You can find her at and follow Neko in Nippon on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Chelsea says

    THANK YOU thank you thank you for posting this today!!! This is exactly what I’ve had in mind for the perfect travel bag and today is the last day I can order things online to ensure they get to me before I leave for my RTW trip! Unfortunately, they are out of the truffle color (my favorite, too!) but I obviously can’t wait for them to restock it. Thank you again! Great review & very helpful, too!

  2. Kiley says

    Hi Emily, this looks like a great alternative! Can you tell us how you wear it? Like on the shoulder, or across the body?

    • Emil says

      I wear this crossbody! The strap is short enough you can wear it as a shoulder bag but I wouldn’t recommend it- that’s easier for a grab and go! Plus, when it’s crossbody everything is right on the front of your hip for easy access with two hands!

  3. Emily says

    Emily here!

    Chelsea- I’m glad you ordered it. I think you’ll love it!!

    Kiley- I wear this bag crossbody but the strap is adjustable so it can be a shoulder bag too. I tend to only use crossbody bags because I feel safer with them (harder for a grab and go) and everything is accessible on the front of my hip!

    • Kiley says

      Thanks Emily! I’m going to Tokyo in a few weeks, and will be with a normal shoulder/crossbody bag. But for my next trip to Indonesia I’m itching to get one. Only catch is to find the brand where I live or pay $$ to ship abroad 🙁

  4. Lexie says

    I second Chelsea’s comment… thanks for posting this! I’ve been looking for a new bag that I could take on my travels and this one has been at the top of my list. Love that it can be worn crossbody and built in wallet features.

  5. Cgileslawson says

    Travelon bags are great. I have the mini shoulder bag which has all the same anti-theft features as the bag described above. It’s not as mini as it sounds and has really helped pare down the amount of stuff I carry. I took it to NZ and AUS for a couple of weeks and it was perfect. I even use it as an everyday bag, cross body or shoulder!

  6. Stef_D says

    I have a very similar Travelon anti-theft bag to this. I bought it for a trip to Rome, as I’d read the city could be a popular place for pickpockets. Thankfully, I never had any trouble (and I’m quite conscientious about my belongings anyway), but the bag definitely made me more confident about the safety of my stuff. I’d recommend getting one just for peace of mind.
    Also, I got mine from eBay… Just a tip for my fellow budget-conscious travellers! 🙂

  7. Pamela says

    I am going to Costa Rica in 3 weeks and was looking for something to carry my camera and lens in when I zip line, hike, etc. Ususally I have a jacket with pockets. I do not want anything bulky(like my camera case) and this looks perfect. Looking at your items I am wondering if my camera and lens would fit? I never carry a backpack because of pickpockets. Loving this site.

    • Harmony says

      Travel on makes a backpack version of this bag with the lobster clasps. I myself travel with the older model.

  8. Celina says

    Hi, if you have such a secure pouch wich looks really awesome, do you need a money belt,too? I am in the process of finding how much security products a traveler really needs. So I would be thankful for any suggestions 🙂

    • Emily says

      I personally do not carry a money belt along with this bag unless I am staying in hostels or CouchSurfing (because then I keep my money and ID strapped to my body while I sleep!) If you carry both depeds on the level of security you feel comfortable with. Better to feel silly for being too safe than be devastated for not being safe enough!

  9. Susie says

    I recently purchased this same bag for a two week trip to Europe. It served my needs PERFECTLY!
    I carried my camera and Galaxy phone in the outside flap pocket for easy access to take photos (I solely used my phone’s camera but had my camera as a “just in case”- could have left it home!).
    In the outside slide in pocket I kept my city map along with my tram/train/museum ticket(s)- making it easy to grab as needed.
    Inside the bag I of course had my passport and 2 credit cards in the designated slots. I also carried a small bottle of hand sanitizer, dental floss, pill container, tums (in a small zip baggie-like you may get extra buttons in), a small notepad, 2 pens, and a small zipper pouch which contained my cash (I actually attached an extra ring to the pouch and then attached it to the zipper on the inside zipper pouch as an element for extra security.
    Highly recommend this bag!

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