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ENO Hammock Review: Lightweight, Comfortable, Compact

eno hammock

The following ENO hammock review is brought to you by Chelsea Diamond. We originally listed the ENO hammock as something you probably never need to pack, but I now think they could be a great addition for those camping and spending time in the great outdoors. But don’t take my word for it!

Just the thought of camping and sleeping in a hammock is relaxing. But having the right hammock can make all the difference.

For my husband and I’s anniversary each year, we try to find a mutual gift, something that we can both enjoy. After trying out a friend’s ENO hammock on a camping trip together, there was no doubt in our mind what we would get on our upcoming anniversary.

The Good:

It’s Compact – We purchased the ENO double nest hammock in orange and grey along with slap straps. I was instantly impressed with how compact it is. When we travel we try to only pack in backpacks but even with the small amount of room in our packs, our ENO always makes the cut. It’s not hard to carry it along when it takes up such a small amount of space and weighs close to nothing.

It’s Lightweight – The single nest weighs one pound two ounces and the double nest is just one pound six ounces.

compact eno hammock
The compact ENO hammock.

Easy Setup – Hanging it up is also a cinch. The adjustable slap straps make set up and tear down quick and easy. I like how there’s no tying involved and how it can fit around any size post or tree. Also, a huge plus is the fact that there are holes at varying lengths along the slap strap to attach the carabiner and hammock to, which makes for adjusting the length extremely simple.

Comfort Level – We all know that’s the most important part, right? The ENO hammocks form well to your body making sitting or laying it in extremely comfortable and without back pain like other hammocks can cause. The double nest comfortably fits the both of us, although it’s a tight fit (nice and cozy eh?). It works best if we are both sitting in it or lying in opposite directions. We have tried to lie down facing the same way but end up feeling a bit ‘squished’ and uncomfortable. So if that’s what you’re looking for, I would keep searching for a larger hammock.

Add-ons Available – Another reason why I love the ENO is the fact that they have so many add-ons available such as a sleeping pad, rain tarp, and the guardian bug net. Our next purchase is definitely going to be the bug net so we can take our hammocks instead of our tent when we go camping this summer.

Durability – Made from nylon, this hammock is about as durable as they get. The nylon provides stretch and elasticity, resistance to tears and abrasions and my favorite, resistance to molds and mildew. We still hang ours up to dry if we’ve left it up over night but at least we know we won’t have a problem with it smelling like mildew.

The Bad:

Price – I’m not going to beat around the bush; ENOs are expensive. The single nest starts at $59.95 and that doesn’t include the needed slap straps, which start at $24.95.

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All Sold Separately – I would love to see an ENO starter set for one nice low price (wouldn’t we all?) The major disappointment with this is that every single item is sold separately, even the slap straps, which are necessary to hang it up.

Large gaps between holes on slap straps – I wish there were more varying lengths for the slap straps. The perfect length seems to be between the last two holes where there isn’t a possibility to hook the carabiner.

Reading a book in the eno hammock.
Now that’s peaceful. Reading a book in the ENO hammock.

The Consensus:

The ENO, while expensive, is the perfect hammock to go camping in or just hang up in your backyard for a relaxing afternoon.

About the Author: Chelsea and Jeremy met, fell in love, got hitched and decided to spend the rest of their lives traveling the world. Their current spot is as ESL teachers in South Korea. She blogs at Lost in Travels ( about daily life as an expat along with travel tips and documenting their world adventures. Follow along on their travels at Lost in Travels and on Twitter @lost_in_travels.

*All images by Chelsea Diamond and should not be used without permission.

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