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Lush Solid Shampoo Review: Godiva 2-in-1

hair in web

godiva solid shampooYou may be well acquainted with LUSH, a popular bath, shower, and skincare company, but I only first learned of LUSH in 2007 when a friend from London gave me several of their products as a gift. It didn’t take long (just a use or two of a gentle exfoliating bar, followed the next day by a great smelling bath bar that left me feeling silky smooth) to convert me to a LUSH fan.

LUSH prides itself on using only vegetarian ingredients, essential oils, and “safe synthetics”. All items are made by hand and never tested on animals. Very few items include packaging or preservatives.

Of the many products LUSH has to offer, I’ve always been interested in trying their solid shampoos. Two weeks ago, I finally ordered the popular Godiva Shampoo Bar out of curiosity and am eager to share my thoughts.

>> You might be interested in Lush’s other liquid alternative products, or how about some solid perfumes to complete your solid toiletry collection?

Why did I want to try the Godiva bar?

How to use:

LUSH suggests wetting both your hair and the bar before sliding the bar three times down the right, middle, and left of your head. The directions also recommend following up with your favorite LUSH conditioner. I opted to skip conditioner altogether on my first use as the Godiva is supposed to be a 2-in-1 product.

What I loved:

  • I was skeptical that a few slides of the bar from root to tip would provide enough lather to clean my hair, but the solid shampoo produced more lather than I usually have from my regular liquid shampoo! It was easy to cover my scalp and hair, and I felt I was washing my hair thoroughly.
  • The suds rinsed out easily.
  • Packability – no liquid AND it’s small and lightweight.
  • Better for me and the environment – no preservatives and no packaging.

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hair in web

What I didn’t like:

  • According to LUSH’s website, I am in the minority, but I intensely dislike the smell. When it’s dry, it smells floral – the kind of strong floral smell that some older women use as perfume. When it’s wet, the smell is only more intense.
  • A few suds made their way into my eye and it stung badly for a solid 30 minutes after the shower, even though I rinsed my eye with water. I was surprised due the lack of preservatives and chemicals found in many shampoos.
  • Later in the day my hair did not feel like it typically does after I shampoo and condition it. It was not soft and I could not easily run my fingers through it.

The next time I used the shampoo I followed up with my favorite conditioner (not a LUSH product). As I hoped, my hair smelled like the conditioner for the rest of the day and felt super soft. Unfortunately, that kind of defeats the purpose of having and using the solid shampoo and conditioner 2-in-1 product.

Would I buy it again?

I think I will use the Godiva bar until it runs out – after all, it does lather well – but I will not buy it again. If I find myself at a store in the future, I will smell their other solid shampoos to see there is a scent that works for me.

Has a solid shampoo worked for you? Have you used it on the road? Any travel friendly hair care products you swear by? I’m on a mission to test a few things out and welcome your suggestions.

Photo credit: woman in web.

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Written by Heather

Heather Rudd Palmer is a 30-something with a love for travel, food, and healthy living. After short trips to Europe in her 20s, Heather left her job at 30 to live, work, and travel in Australia for a year. She visited every state and territory, embarked on two road trips, worked at an organic food store, and ate her way through Sydney. She's now a career counselor for university students. You can find Heather at There's No Place Like Oz and Healthy Life Heather.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Katie says

    Ah, such timely posts on this site lately! I just ditched my Lush shampoo bar in favor of going back to my regular Pantene shampoo & conditioner. Here’s why:

    1. I never felt like my hair was really clean. It lathered up really well, but my hair just didn’t feel clean.

    2. It didn’t last nearly as long as I was told it should. The girl in the store told me it should last 90 shampoos. I don’t think mine even made it 30 before it completely fell apart. I think this is due to the fact that I rarely could leave it out to fully dry before I had to store it.

    3. Considering the price, I think I actually get more for my money and my Pantene bottles last longer than the Lush bar.

  2. Heather says

    Katie, I’ve also found that several of their products don’t last as long as I’d like, but they smell so nice and feel great…alas! Thanks for the extra info you shared here!

  3. Nethwen says

    I discovered Lush in 2004 in Belfast. Even though I don’t normally like bar soap, one smelled so good, I had to try it. I became hooked on Lush soap, but unfortunately, can’t afford their products.

    Thanks for the review. Your description of the scent is especially helpful; it’s exactly the scent I can’t stand, so now I know what to avoid whenever I can treat myself next. 🙂

    How long is your hair? I’m curious because I’ve read that women with hair above the shoulders have better success with bar shampoo.

  4. Jessalyn says

    Thanks for the review, Heather! I first heard about LUSH in 2005, from a friend in my study abroad program who was completely addicted to their products. The first store I went to gave me a sample of the Godiva bar but I never used it because, like you, I didn’t like the smell. I bought two other shampoo bars (I can’t remember now what they were called – one was white-ish and sparkly, the other pink, and both had light fragrances that weren’t overpowering), which I used on and off for the next couple of years – they did last longer than 90 shampoos, so I wonder if that varies from bar to bar. I felt like they cleaned my hair really well but they did make my hair kind of stiff – I couldn’t run my fingers through it like I usually do without a lot of effort – and I still took my usual shampoo/conditioner with me, just a bit less, because the LUSH bar left my hair feeling dried out without a normal shampoo/condition every few days. I haven’t used LUSH shampoo in a couple of years, but I do love their soap, lip balm, bath balls and massage bars!

  5. Melissa says

    I took the green Lush shampoo bar as well as a chunk of the solid conditioner with me last year during my 4month stint in Australia and at first I loved it… but like you I didnt like the way my hair felt after washing. The conditioner was the first to leave my ‘beauty regimen’ when I felt that it left my hair looking and feeling very greasy. The conditioner from then on out was only used for leg shaving purposes. I liked the shampoo enough at first, but still had to use normal liquid conditioner because I didnt like the feel of my hair – it really seemed to dry it out without conditioner. Eventually I ran out and just couldnt be arsed to hunt down a new Lush store…

  6. kaitlyn says

    hey i just wanted to ask has any one found a shampoo bar and conditioner bar they liked? And what is it called and where did you get it? I have been looking online like googleing things to try and find one and I have found many different kinds and now I dont know what ones I should buy? Also these posts about Luch are old and I went on there web site and they have many new bars. has any one used then and liked them? Thanks for all your help breat blog!

    • Heather says

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      I’ve looked at Lush’s bars but have only had an opportunity to try the Godiva bar — and it’s he only solid bar I’ve tried so far! If I try another one, I’ll be sure to write about it! Let us know if you decide to try another of the Lush bars!


    • sarah says

      I know I’m many months late in seeing this, but I’ve tried shampoo bars from They’re awesome about using natural ingredients and have a bunch of bars to choose from. Their coconut milk bar made my hair the softest out of the ones I tried. They definitely don’t lather much, but they still clean.

  7. katie says

    Hey sorry but I’m going to ask my question here because I didn’t know where to put it because there no section on her packing list about this kind of thing. I just wanted to ask about what do you ladies do on the road with hair removal? I’m talking about your legs and bikini line. I have being thinking about getting a women’s electric shaver. But have no idea what kind or model to get? There are very many different kinds and the price can go from under $20 to over $200! So does anyone have any ideas to what kinds are best to get? Thanks for your help!

  8. Dina says

    hi heather! did you try the conditioner as well? 3 years ago, i think the name is Karma, and it’s green. Smell so good, but it takes so much of it to actually condition my hair (well, not really still). Taking so much that it made really expensive to shampoo. Too bad, I love the smell.
    I try the shampoo as well, not remember which scent tho. really drying my hair, and the container ended up messy because when keep moving, i can’t dry them properly.

    Still, I’m attracted with the smell.

  9. Heather says

    Dina, I’ve only tried this 2-in-1 when it comes to haircare products (I’ve used 5-6 of their soaps, however). The smell on most of their products is nice, but if the shampoo dries it out and the conditioner doesn’t work well either, it sounds like we need another company’s products altogether! I’ve found a great combo for me and the shampoo and conditioner are completely different brands!

    • Lizzie says

      The reason why your hair doesn’t feel the same is because it is a natural product and actually cleans your hair better. The smooth feeling is caused by chemicals coating the hairs. Some people cannot get used to their particular hair feel without the coating and others feel like their hair isn’t clean. It is clean it just may not feel the same as it used to. I tend to not use lush bars much when travelling because I dont have time to dry them and they get stuck in the tins. But they are awesome at home!

  10. Sarah says

    I only use LUSH shampoo bars at home. I used to only use organic shampoos but I have a lot of thick hair and no matter how much I used it could never get my hair fully clean. The trick, I find, with the LUSH shampoo bars is to not wash your hair everyday. They keep my hair clean for at least two days, sometimes three, and I find my hair doesn’t dry out as long as I do that! I haven’t used them much for travel as you do need a drying rack or something of the sort to make sure they last.

  11. Hayley says

    I have known about lush for ages since its a company from western canada, where I’m from. I used the Godiva bar when i traveled to Ottawa last year as well as my 4 Month stint in New Zealand and Australia and I loved it. I love the smell of it and the lather. The only time i don’t really love it is when I have to shower in softened water, because it just makes it feel like you never really wash the soap out. As for the conditioner situation, I used one of Lushes solid conditioners with the godiva bar and For me it worked awesome. It didn’t provide the same softness as my liquid conditioner (moroccanoil) but I was kind of expecting that in the first place. I would recommend trying the solid shampoos with the solid conditioners.

    • Kat says

      It’s actually a British company – from Dorset! I worked in a Lush store back in uni and the bars really vary on how long they last – the Godiva is the worst – very soft, “ultimate shine” the white one is super hard and lasts forever (literally I have lost it before using it up!) you can use it as soap as well, and to wash your undies!
      I would also recommend NOT using the tins – they are too small and the bar gets stuck in them, use a standard soap box instead. The best solid shampoo they do for me is Tricomania – it isn’t a round one but cut off a big block like the soaps (hence the soap box) – it is smells slightly coconutty and is so moisturizing that I don’t need conditioner (and I have fairly dry hair!)
      Personally when I’m travelling I put my hair in a ponytail a lot or back in a headband so I don’t really have to style it like at home!

      • Leigh says

        I also love Tricomania – I used it many years ago, decided it was too expensive, but just bought more for travel purposes. As Kat mentioned, it doesn’t come in a perfect little round square, so it doesn’t fit in the tin, but at the store they explained that it’s because it’s less concentrated. And they have a square tin I purchased instead 🙂


  12. Maddie says

    I find the lush shampoo bar that is white and slightly sparkly fantastic. Lasted forever and my hair was literally squeaky clean! You definitely need a conditioner though as my hair doesn’t feel soft at all. I agree about the scent of Godiva though, I don’t like it either but some of the others are much better. I am also a MASSIVE fan of their henna hair dye, which is fantastic and makes my hair gleam and feel so much healthier. A lot of their products are very pricy but I think the henna is quite good value. The block is enough for 2 to three uses and each of those last up to 6 weeks. Don’t give up on lush yet!

  13. Karen says

    I traveled around Armenia for three weeks with a solid shampoo bar (by Chagrin Valley…AWESOME shampoo bar options) and it was great. I have found though that after I rinse the main suds out, I rub the bar between my fingers again and get a little lather and work it back through my hair leaves my hair soft all day…kind of like a leave-in conditioner. Based on my experiences, I’ve given up commercial shampoo altogether and make my own solid shampoo bars now. Makes travel so much easier!

  14. Alexandra says

    My sister went on a kayaking trip for a week on Lake Superior before her freshman year of college and as they were bathing in the lake they had to use vegan products. I discovered Lush and bought her one of the solid shampoos and conditioners and she loved them. She came back after the week and the bars barely looked used even though she used them everyday. Her rating… a 11 out of 10. She now uses them all the time.

  15. steph says

    I’m not a fan. I’ve used the green one with the flower, I think the Karma Komba. The scent was overwhelming (I could smell it all through my small apartment, all the time, like overdoing the air freshener) and the shampoo was extremely drying, giving my hair that unpleasantly squeaky quality. Plus it’s ridiculously expensive for perfectly standard commercial shampoo ingredients (SLS, etc.).

  16. donnaoh says

    I find godiva runs out quicker than the other bars as it is a 2 in 1. I like the white one, ultimate shine. The harder they are, the longer they last, as long as you keep them dry. I put a piece of greaseproof paper in the tin and change it every so often when im travelling, i will even pop into lush if i pass one and ask for a little piece of greaseproof paper to line the tin. I don’t really like the solid conditioner as my hair is very fine and bone dry curly hair which tangles and breaks very easily so i stick to normal conditioner.

    I have seen similarly made bars of solid shampoo on etsy, you could try them to see if you can find some cheaper than Lush. I found a mint one i would love to try.

    If you are ever in the UK, there are loads of Lush shops (As it was started in Poole, Dorset) and i find the staff are really helpful in suggesting multitasking products suitible for use when travelling.

  17. Serena says

    My favourite bar-style shampoo is actually not specifically shampoo at all! It’s an extremely natural and basic soap bar from Alberta Natural Soaps ( They make the best soaps I have ever used, by far. If you aren’t in Alberta, you could also try the basic unscented soap from Rocky Mountain Soap

    I use this soap on my hair by building up a lather in my palms, then setting the bar aside and washing my hair with the suds in my hands. My hair feels and looks clean and soft! Benefit for travellers: you can use it to wash your entire body! Alberta Natural Soap is less than $2/bar here in Canada, and like Lush, they don’t use any packaging. You can buy it in bulk at most natural/whole food stores, like Community Natural Foods.

  18. Stephanie says

    I’m currently travelling in thailand for about 6-7 months, i’ve gone through my first 4 so far and my lush KARMA bar is still more than half intact. now it’s become a bit jello-ey and gooey but it’s still holding strong, smells delicious, and is perfect for my thin/oily hair!

  19. Rachel B says

    I’ve actually used a number of the solid shampoos and loved them. I first bought them when I moved to Africa a few years ago. I travelled frequently and they pack well. I’m back in the States now but still use a few different varieties of Lush’s solid shampoos regularly. I typically use their liquid conditioner but have never had an issue with my hair feeling unclean or greasy. I actually find that I only have to wash my hair every three to four days with their products. Most of my bars last several months, if you make sure they are completely dry before stowing they tend to last longer.

    Another great Lush product is their solid toothpaste which is great for travel as well. I’m not a big fan of all of the flavored but there are some decent options.

  20. Anna says

    I’ve used LUSH bar shampoo and really liked it for the body it gave my fine hair. I’ve never taken one on the road though because they have to dry out before packing, which is a hassle.

    For travel that doesn’t involve airports, I prefer 8.5 oz squeeze bottles (like Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths, photo here: They’re pretty compact and they’re easy to slide into packed bags.

  21. Kathleen says

    I’ve traveled with Lush shampoo bars for a few years now, and I love them. Since my hair is thick, however, I have to take the green conditioner bar as well; shampoo alone would kill my hair! I’ll admit that I don’t like either the shampoo or conditioner as well as my normal products, but the size and portability win out on the road. Lush also sells small traveling tins that you can put the bars in, so it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re dry when you need to leave.

    For my last trip I also traveled with Lush toothpaste tabs! They’re little tabs that look like a mint or something, and you crush it up with your teeth and it turns into this super lather-y toothpaste! Pretty amazing. The taste wasn’t as refreshing as normal toothpaste, but again, you can’t beat the portability. If packing light is your goal, I highly recommend them!

  22. Heike says

    Please don’t get me wrong – I love Lush – but I had a very bad experience with the solid toothpaste this summer. A friend gave it to me as a gift before I left and I didn’t bother to try the product at home. So when I used it at the hostel in Hamburg the first evening, I ended up having a horrible night. My skin started to itch and come morning I had one huge, embarassing rash all over my body. Being summer I hardly had a chance to hide it under my clothes, I felt so uncomfortable and had to go and see a doctor which kind of baffled my plans. Even though I used an ointment the following days, the rash took quite some time to disappear thoroughly. So keep in mind: Since Lush products are all natural and are not tested on animals they can trigger allergic reactions. I usually don’t get rashes and was not prepared for this. Please make sure you TRY THE PRODUCTS AT HOME!

  23. Shelby says

    I use lush, as I am head over heels for all of their products. I currently use a combination of both: Karma Komba Shampoo bar, and the Seanik shampoo bar.

    It leave my hair clean. Obviously I use a conditioner after, but I find that the combination of these two bars keeps the oily scalp away for longer than my regular pantene routine.

    As well, I love that it will never leave a film on your hair. Big high five to the LUSH team.

  24. Lisa Powell says

    If you are looking for chemical free hair care products that are “dry”, check out Salonsolids! My new go-to shampoo and conditioner that I use everyday and then easily slip tea bag like packets into my suitcase to travel with. The granules mix with hot water to make a shampoo and conditioner that is creamy and sudsy- no sulfates, parabens, chemicals! And the scent of Frankincense- Amazing! No mixed reviews on these products!

  25. Rachelle says

    I have not used this LUSH bar but I have used a solid shampoo and conditioner from BASIN. I love it!!! It lasts forever too. They have so many different kinds of the solid shampoo as well. They have a 2 in 1 but when I tried it I didn’t like it as much because my hair felt like sticky almost but I have really really curly hair that’s really picky about what shampoo it likes.My friend who also has really curly hair like me really likes it though so it may just be a hair thing because her hair is drier than mine. Their conditioner is really good too. I have also found that swishing the bar in your hands so it suds makes it easier to use, at least for me.

  26. Rachel Vagabong Baker says

    I’ve used Lush solid shampoo bars for years now, I rarely buy liquid {I do treat myself every now and again to Dead Sea Spa Shampoo}. I love Lush’s purple shampoo bar, great smell and leaves my hair super clean and lasts for ages. I store it upside-down after using it to let it dry. I do find it can turn jellyish {after many uses} if its very humid and I don’t let it dry out The Godiva bar, the shampoo and conditioner bar never lasts a long, I think the chunks of conditioner break it down to quickly.
    I don’t like the solid Jungle conditioner they do and I can’t afford the other one, which looks much better.
    For portability you can’t beat the solid shampoos and they are great for hand washing too.

  27. Lorraine says

    We spend our holidays on diving liveeaboards boats and I find the Lush karma shampoo and green conditioner bars fantastic

    I have long, fine hair, which is trashed by continual dunking in the sea, so I rinse it in clean water – when I come out of the sea, wash and condition it at night (using Lush) and let it dry naturally, and then braid it into 2 braids in the morning. I find the Lush products perfect, easier to use in the bathroom of a rocking boat and make my hair smell and feel nice 🙂

  28. Anna says

    I realize this was posted 2 years ago, but I figure that it is still an interesting topic and I would put my 2cents in.

    It seems that people’s experience with lush bars depends on what bar they bought, their type of hair, and potentially their type of water (hard or soft).

    I live in an area with soft water and my hair reacts to hard water in a bad way regardless of the type of shampoo or conditioner I use. LUSH used to have a solid shampoo bar called HARD specifically for hard water, so when I travelled around the UK a couple summers ago aI bought HARD and the solid conditioner called JUNGLE.

    I found that HARD didn’t quite do as promised, but was no worse than other shampoos I had tried. JUNGLE conditioner is not quite as conditioning as liquid, but the convenience factor far out ways this. Also, I was gone for 4 months and I think I went through half of each bar.

    For every day use at home I use the LUSH Trichomania with a liquid conditioner and I’m very happy with it. I have long, thick hair which I only wash every 3 days or so and my hair does not appear greasy and stays soft.

    I’m planning a trip to SE Asia soon and am planning to take the Trichomania and my leftover Jungle conditioner from my UK trip.

  29. Becca says

    Your experience with the bar depends entirely on what bar you use. I’ve been converted to Lush solid shampoos regardless of whether I’m traveling or not. I have very oily hair that used to need to be washed every day or it’d just look disgusting… but with Lush bars I only wash every 5 days and could probably go a 6th if I wanted to. I’ve used the Karma Komba bar and am currently using Juniper and I’ve totally loved both.

    Their solid conditioner though, Juniper, I was disappointed with. I use the Veganese conditioner and it is phenomenal.

  30. Harmony says

    I have been traveling with Lush solid shampoo bars for several years now and I have almost tried them all. The worse for me was Squeaky Green which left bits of twigs in my hair. Godiva smelled great but fell apart the fastest due to the chunks of conditioner. Karma Komba was okay but I wasn’t a huge fan of smelling like a hippy. The cinnamon one smells like cinnamon hearts but left my hair dry even after conditioning. seanik has been my favorite so far not only for the scent but also the shine (made from sea salt and seaweed). Trichomania ( the coconut scented one) left my hair the softest but didn’t lather as much as the others. I was addicted to the smell of the solid Jungle conditioner for awhile but it was hard not to use too much and it didn’t last as long as the shampoos. These are just my experiences on how these shampoos react on my stick straight Asian hair. Hope it helps.

  31. Temika says

    I’ve been using Godiva for 5 months and am still on the same bar, it has only halved in size so talk about value!
    I suffer from oily scalp and dry ends. I find that by using Godiva I can go an extra 2-3days than when using normal shampoo and conditioner, before I need to wash my hair again and I can comb my hair easily, the ends being nice and soft. My hairdresser has said that since I’ve been using it, my hair is the healthiest it has ever been, which I agree with.
    While ever Lush make Godiva, it is all I will use, for the health of my hair and the ease when traveling.

    • Judy says

      Just for the record, LUSH products are not “all natural” and I find them incredibly overly-scented (with a mix of essential oils and synthetic aromachemicals). That isn’t to say that they don’t work. But the main ingredient of their shampoo bars is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a synthetic detergent found in many liquid shampoos. They just use the solid form and press it into solid pucks.

      Lush conditioner bars work really well for shaving your legs, BTW.

      However, if you want a superior alternative (IMO) that won’t smell up the entire room, try the solid shampoos and conditioners sold by Get Lathered on etsy.

      Chagrin Valley soaps are traditional lye-based soaps which may not work for every hair type (unfortunately they didn’t work for me!) Lye-based soap is alkaline by nature, not pH balanced, and if you do use them in the long term, following up with some sort of acidic rinse will leave your hair in better condition. They also work better for short hair than long.

      Happy travels! Love this site.

  32. Lauren says

    Sounds like I’m in the minority, which is why I just had to leave a post.

    I LOVE this product. Totally obsessed. I absolutely love the scent – I love leaving it out to dry in my bathroom because I catch whiffs of it so often! The scent makes my cold bucket showers pleasant. To each their own, I guess!

    I also have been very impressed by how it has held up – I shampoo daily and use this product liberally. It looks barely used after 2 months and has not broken apart or anything like that.

    I do not use an additional conditioner.

    If you buy online, the shipping makes it pretty expensive – I purchased at a LUSH store.

    Plan on continuing to use it after my travels end, as well!

  33. Kate C. says

    I really miss the old green Neutrogena shampoo bar. I agree about over-scented Lush. Can’t have them in the house. Glad to learn about Dr. B’s solid, though, and look forward to trying it!
    (I love your site. So addictive. I can never just read one page!)

  34. Gaby says

    I’ve actually had really good luck with the solid shampoo bars and really like the fact that I don’t have to worry about bottles leaking. My first bar was the lavender scent and it lasted for months and never fell apart. The godiva bar did fall apart on my travels, but I think it just has to do with the fact that the bar isn’t solid shampoo- it has pockets of conditioner that are softer and make it mushy. My advice is to pack any of their other bars!

    I also recommend the lotion bars. I’ve been traveling for 2.5 months and one bar has served me well throughout the journey!

    • SAra says

      Was disappointed that Lush shampoo bars contain sulfates. Found great hair bars by Beauty and the Bees. Can get thru amazon too. They have an amazing beer shampoo bar all natural. After one wash my hair felt amazing and I’m 47 with hair that is starting to really change! They also have a bar conditioner that is awesome that goes with it.

  35. Laura says

    allways take lush shampoo bars & soap- so much smaller & lighter & no risk leak- do prefer squeaky green & Jupiter though, Godiva smells awfull!
    soap also great for washing cloths!
    found on latest trip the bar went very soggy in tin, as wasn’t in a place to dry out
    However it worked fine, just like putty shampoo!
    I’m not very good with hair, so can’t comment on softness, look ability
    I just wanted it clean and shoved in a bobble

  36. JSparrow says

    I use the karma shampoo bar and big solid conditioner and really like them. They last best if kept in the tins, not totally airtight tupperware because that way they can dry properly between uses. I also like the solid coal face cleanser.

    I found with these products I had to try a few to get the right one. LUSH has a great return policy so that you can make sure you get what works for you. I originally tried the seaweed bar and found it left my hair too squeaky clean so that I couldn’t really run my fingers through it.

    The woman at the store also told me that the godiva bar tends to fall apart more easily than the others.

    They are definitely a little on the pricy side, but for the convenience I would say totally worth it. At home I keep them in my gym bag and while travelling I expect to use them for carry on.

  37. Katherine says

    My Lush shampoo bar got confiscated at Singapore Changi airport from my carry-on bag.
    They said it was too wet so they had to treat it as liquid item.

    Anyway, that was 6 years ago. Maybe they are more lenient now, but I think better keep your Lush at home.

  38. Becky says

    I use Lush solid shampoo everyday. I am particularly fond of the seaweed one. I feel my hair gets super clean and feels fine. My main complaint about the solid shampoo bars is that I don’t find them to be good for travel as the solid shampoo tin Lush sells to go with the bars traps the moisture and melts the shampoo bar causing it to not only get used up faster but if the bar is newer that means it is bigger and actually pretty hard to get out of the tin. I usually opt to bring a small liquid shampoo with me when I travel. At home I keep my shampoo bar on one of those plastic soap dishes with drainage holes in the closet to keep it away from excess moisture.

  39. Cate says

    I love the Lush shampoo bars and always use them when travelling. I double them up as a bodywash too them I have two less bottles to carry. I’ve even used one to wash clothes. I do understand what other people have said about them not drying in the container and so I always leave the tin open when I can. I guess that you could get rid of the tin and just wrap it up in a small travelcloth instead? I always cut my hair reasonably short when I go away for simplicity and it’s a bit greasy too so maybe it just suits some of us more then others? 🙂

  40. Lucy says

    Hi, I know this post has not been commented on in a while. However, I would like to say that LUSH have since reformuated all of their products and no longer contain SLS.

    Also, they have brought out new shampoo bars, two of which are much more nourishing for your hair due to the oils they have formulated them with. Honey I washed my hair and Brazilliant.

    Brazilliant is the best I have ever used (and I have literally tried them all) and it left my hair the softest and easiest to manage. I do however have to use a normal liquid conditioner. My hair hates solid conditioners.

    Another perk of the smapoo bars is that they can be used to wash your clothes and as bodywash!

    I could not have been happier that i took shampoo bars travelling with me and I still use them now. Also if you have Lush products delivered in the UK, you can request shampoo bar samples, which will cut back on the cost of buying one full price and not liking it and you can get samples of three different shampoo bars 🙂

  41. MoxieAmy says

    Try Dr Bronner’s solid shampoos! I swear by them. They create a lot of lather and have nice light scents. They are also environmentally friendly, good for sensitive skin, and less expensive than Lush!

  42. Louise Drew says

    I use products from a Tasmanian company called Beauty and the Bees. I have extremely sensitive skin to anything that isn’t natural, and I haven’t had any problems with these products. They have Shampoo bars, Conditioner bars, Body bars, Cleansing bars, Moisturises, lip conditioners, etc. I also use products from another Australian company called Black Chicken. I absolutely love their deodorant. It is a paste and as it is all natural, it allows you to swear without the smell. Wonderful.

  43. blueopus says

    J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo, Original Formula — I use this all the time now. No plastic, no liquid, it makes my extra fine hair feel fuller, it has enough conditioning that a comb runs through wet hair nicely without tangling, and yet it isn’t greasy. In fact, it’s the one product I can use and get away without washing my hair every day and my hair doesn’t look or feel greasy.


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