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Tangle Management: The Compact Brush That Tames Unruly Hair

tangle management hair brush for travel

This Tanglefix brush review has been submitted by Samantha Viarruel-Henry.

I have been planning my four month overland backpacking trip through South and East Africa for over a year. I have poured over (read: stressed over) every possible detail. The limited space in my pack and the multi-climate nature of the journey has meant cutting every possible corner in terms of space consumption, and thanks to HPL I have my pack under control!

However, one thing I have struggled to control whilst traveling, even under the most luxurious of travel conditions, is my hair. For one, I am lazy. For two, as a multiracial female, my long, curly hair is unpredictable. It has been known to rip brush bristles from their sockets on average days – let alone after the days worth of sand, salt water and bus sleeps I have up ahead. As such, I was unsure of what I should opt for brush-wise for the trip as my usual huge paddle brush is burdensome even on a two week venture.

I saw this Tanglefix in a store and thought I would try it out. There are similar products on TV and by other brands; the Tanglefix is by Goody.

The Tanglefix by Goody - great brush for tangle management on the road
The Tanglefix by Goody – great brush for tangle management on the road

>> Check for the Tanglefix on Amazon.


Effective – I gave the brush a whirl on a moderate tangle day and was impressed at how quickly and efficiently it got through my hair. As with any brush, it required some finesse, but ultimately brushed surprisingly well. (See video below)

Affordable – I purchased for $9.99 CAD (that’s Canadian dollars) in Target. There are similar products within the same price range and higher.

Gentle – The brush barely ripped out any of my hair. I usually have the equivalent of a wig on my lap after a good brushing.

Easy to clean – Self explanatory but a huge benefit for those of us who have spent forever cleaning our brushes.

Versatile – Gentle and effective on curly, multiracial hair – which some brushes can be very damaging to those of us with hair on the curly spectrum. Also great for those of us with treated hair (I asked around while singing the Tanglefix praises) as well as very fine hair which can tangle easily as well.

Compact – Only a few inches long and a couple across, packed very easily into my knapsack/carry-on and some versions even come with a little case.


Experience – The bristles are very short, and I do miss the catharsis of a deep brushing.

Durability – The jury is still out on this. I just got it, so we will see how it holds up.

Overall, the Tanglefix by Goody is a good call!

About the Author: Samantha Viarruel-Henry doesn’t know how to fill in a bio. However, she is passionate about: community service – volunteering in peer sexual health education for the last 3 years; traveling – actively in search of her soul city; education – little by little with a dusty diploma in Liberal Arts; self expression – making clothing, costumes and doing spoken word; self-awareness and fulfillment – hoping to get a little closer to her Personal Legend on her upcoming 4 month overland journey from South Africa to Ethiopia. Follow her on Tumblr and Instagram (@Rarebird_bitty).

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Reader Interactions


  1. Jessica says

    Thank you for your review! I went out and purchased this travel brush for the 10 day roadtrip I’m currently on as I write this. I have incredibly thick, naturally wavy/curly hair that gets difficult to manage, especially while camping. This brush has been awesome! Easy to pack, goes through my hair(wet or dry) with ease, and gives me a smooth finish. Thanks again!

  2. Sonya says

    I have long thick hair that tangles and knots just looking at it. The only brush I travel with is my detangler, similar to the one above, which is a godsend. It is my detangler after washing my hair as well as my usual brush. I travel with a 40L back pack which I manage to keep 1/2 – 2/3 empty, depending on the trip length (to fill with souvenirs). This website is wonderful. It provides so many ideas. Even to someone like me who has been travelling for the better part of 30 years. Keep up the good work.

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