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Prague Travel and Packing Guide

Prague travel guide and packing tips

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Images of walking across the romantic Charles Bridge at dusk are what might be conjured upon considering a trip to Prague. The history and culture are just a few of the features that bring in visitors every year. The capital of the Czech Republic isn’t quite the “off the beaten path” destination it once was, but it’s still a great destination to add to your European itinerary.

Prague Travel Expenses Tips

Traveling in the Czech Republic is not as cheap as it was even a few years ago, thanks in part to a steady influx of visitors to eastern Europe. But there are a handful of ways to keep your budget under control when visiting Prague.

Take advantage of the free stuff
A number of the attractions won’t cost you a dime, which is lucky as the exchange rate can fluctuate. Favorites like the Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle are all free to visit, as well as the Jewish Quarter and the John Lennon Wall. There’s also a free walking tour run by Sandeman’s New Europe.

Go beyond the Old Town
While most of the standard tourist attractions are located in the Old Town, get outside of it for more local experiences and reasonably priced meals. When it comes to tourist areas, expect to pay more for cabs, food and souvenirs.

Use public transportation
Using Prague’s public transportation system, which includes trains, trams and buses, is a cheap and easy way to get around. Tickets cost around $1 USD for around 30 minutes ride.

Make time for day trips
While there is so much to offer in Prague itself, it’s also a base for other regional trips. Take advantage of the train network to see Kutna Hora, the famous church made of bones, Terezin Concentration Camp, the Pilsner Urquell Brewery and the quaint town of Cesky Krumlov.

Prague's Old Town Square
Prague’s Old Town Square

Essential Gear to Bring to Prague

Check out our Prague winter getaway packing list for a more detailed run-down.

Light jacket– Temperatures can get a bit breezy, especially during the fall. Bring a light jacket that can be layered to keep you warm at night or in the winter. (There we go with those layers again!)

Boots or comfortable walking shoes– A structured pair of boots will both look stylish and hold up while walking around to see the sights. Just make sure they’re broken in before your trip! A pair of nice looking walking shoes will also do.

Crossbody bag or purse– Keep your essentials on hand with a nice crossbody bag that will deter pickpockets.

Smartphone– Download a few apps onto your phone with maps, language lessons and music to keep you entertained.

Books to Read Before Visiting Prague

Prague and the Bohemia region has long been an inspiration for writers in fiction as well as storytellers interested in portraying the World War I history.

    • Me, Myself and Prague: An Unreliable Guide to Bohemia by Rachael Weiss– A woman leaves her home and family to go to Prague to trace her roots and write the “great Australian novel.” She finds herself unprepared for the realities of learning the language and making friends as an expat. Grab on Amazon.
    • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera– In the author’s most well known work, a woman is in love with an unfaithful man who is also with a woman who is with a faithful man. All of this takes place during the Soviet invasion. Grab on Amazon.
    • The Good Soldier Svejk by Jaroslav Hasek– In this work of satire that inspired the film Forrest Gump, a bumbling Czech soldier works for the Austrian army during the outbreak of World War I. Grab on Amazon.
    • The Castle by Franz Kafka– Kafka’s novel, published posthumously, The Castle follows Amerika and The Trial. In it a young surveyor arrives in a quiet village with an imposing castle that he seeks to gain entrance to. Grab on Amazon.
  • Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light by Ivan Klima– In this New York Times Notable Book of the Year, a middle aged filmmaker is forced to work for the state run television station until the communist regime collapses. Grab on Amazon.

Movies to Watch Before Visiting Prague

    • Amadeus– Filmed throughout the Czech Republic, Amadeus is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as told by his rival that is now in an insane asylum. Grab on Amazon.
    • Closely Watched Trains– Based on the book, a young man works for a train company during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia when he begins an affair. Grab on Amazon.
    • Mission Impossible– In the original film, an American spy, played by Tom Cruise, must find the mole within his organization when everything goes awry during a mission in Prague. Grab on Amazon.
    • The Illusionist– Prague stands in for turn-of-the-century Vienna as a magician pursues a woman in high society. Grab on Amazon.
  • Everything is Illuminated– In another film that uses the Czech Republic as a stand in for another place, this time Ukraine, a young Jewish man goes looking for the woman who saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Grab on Amazon.
Prague at Night
Beautiful Prague at Night

Top Things to Do in Prague

The majority of the top things to do in Prague relate to its history, which dates back to before 800 AD when the region was known as Bohemia. Today the city is full of heritage listed locations.

Prague Castle– This castle is one of the first landmarks you’ll notice upon arriving. It was founded in 880 and is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can learn about the city’s early fortifications and watch the changing of the guards.

Charles Bridge– The historic bridge was built in 1357 and named for King Charles IV. It holds a number of statues on each side and is popular with tourists stopping for photos and for vendors and buskers.

Jewish Quarter– This section is one of the oldest Jewish Quarters in Europe, as it was settled in the 10th century. It was also the site of the first pogroms. You can learn more about the ghetto’s history at the Jewish Museum.

John Lennon Wall– A popular stop with Instagram-loving travelers, this wall was first painted in 1988 as a reaction to the communist regime. Over the years, lyrics from Beatles songs covered the wall and also portraits of John Lennon.

Astronomical Clock– Located in the historic Town Square, this clock was installed in 1410 and has figurines that move around every hour. This brings in a number of tourists just to see it.

Free walking tour– As with other major European cities, there are free walking tours of Prague run by Sandeman’s New Europe tours that will provide you with the history of the famous city. They also run paid tours to Kutna Hora and Terezin Concentration Camp as well as the castle and pub crawl tours.

Traditional Czech food.
Traditional Czech food.

Food and Drink in Prague

Czech food is hearty and reminiscent of other types of European food. You’ll find much of the same meat and potatoes dishes but with a Bohemian twist. To learn more about the food in Prague, check out the Eating Prague tour.

Chlebicky– These open faced sandwiches are the ideal lunch or snack on the go, topped with cold cut meats and cheeses.

Svickova– This hearty dish is made up of sirloin and dumplings or potatoes with a cream sauce.

Kolache– The yeast pastries are often filled with sweet or savory items and are best as snacks.

Pivo– You can’t come to the Czech Republic without enjoying pivo, or beer. This is home to the original “Budweiser,” named Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell. The locals drink more beer per capita than anywhere else in the world!

Czech Language and Additional Prague Travel Help

The Czech language can be a difficult one to pick up, especially due to the accents, but if you learn a few key words, mostly about food, you should be fine. Download a language podcast onto your iPod or check out this YouTube series that teaches language to travelers.

If we’ve left anything out or you’d like to add to the conversation, please leave comments below!

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