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Companies That Offer Awesome Travel Gear Warranties

best travel gear warranties

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You research a travel product online (like on this site!) before buying. You shop around to make sure you get the best price. And you take it on your big trip.

But it gets damaged in transit or from the wear and tear of travel.

So what do you do now?

Many travel products, especially luggage, come with warranties, but this isn’t always something we as consumers consider when choosing the right backpack or suitcase. It might have a warranty, but many exceptions on their rules might still leave you paying for repairs.

Thankfully, there are some brands that go above and beyond for their customers to replace or repair their items. Be sure to read the fine print. There are plenty of brands that have great warranties and return policies, but here are just a few that you should consider.

Luggage Companies

You don’t want to replace your luggage every few years and instead want something that will last. Some companies cover only their own errors, while others cover everything from airline damage to minor wear and tear.

Briggs and Riley

travel gear warranties
Briggs and Riley is a great example of a product that’s worth the price tag, especially because of their warranty.

In a further argument for “you get what you pay for,” the luxury luggage brand Briggs and Riley offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products.

This means that anything that happens to your Briggs and Riley luggage can be repaired at one of their authorized service centers around the world or replaced if too much damage has been done.

It covers functional damage, not cosmetic damage, but all you need to pay for is the cost to send it to them.

Eagle Creek

Before you even purchase an item from Eagle Creek (like Brooke’s favorite compressible packing cubes), you can be sure that it’s been fully tested before even being placed on the shelves.

They claim that their return rate is 1 percent. But in the off chance you do need to return your bag or other item, whether it’s due to preferences or damage, they take it back “No Matter What.”

They also have their own certified repair centers to make sure your bag is back at its peak performance before setting off on the road.


Caroline packing light with a carry-on bag.
Caroline downsized to the Osprey Sirrus 36, and one of the reasons she loves this company is because of their warranty.

Backpack manufacturer Osprey, my chosen brand, has what they call the “All Mighty Guarantee.”

They replace any defect or damage, no matter how long you’ve had your bag. This policy is what creates customers for life. You can also get them to send you small parts to replace yourself.

The only cost to you for bag repairs is shipping it to them. Just be sure to clean it before you send it, as overly smelly or dirty bags can’t be repaired by them by law.

They don’t, however, cover incorrect size or fit, preferences, or cosmetic damage.


jansport backpack
Jansport Agave Backpack

If you’ve ever carried a Jansport bag for school, you can attest to just how much wear and tear they can handle, including massive textbooks!

I carried the same backpack for all four years of high school and for another two years afterward before the zippers finally gave out.

I could have easily gotten it replaced through the company’s Lifetime Warranty, but donated it instead.

Outdoor Gear and Accessories

Some of the same rules apply to outdoor gear and other travel gear beyond luggage. Warranties may be covered by the brands you purchase from or even the store!


travel gear warranties
One of the reasons Ali keeps going back to REI is their wonderful warranty and return policy.

This American outdoors store has what I consider to be the best warranty or return policy around.

If you read the book Wild or saw the movie, you might remember how Cheryl Strayed walked most of the trail in ill-fitting shoes, but was able to replace them and have them shipped to one of her refueling stops.

Anything you purchase here, whether REI brand or not, can be returned for any reason at all within one year. It might be that the fit of your shoes isn’t the same as it was in the store or you don’t like the sleeping bag you purchased.

Best of all, they have massive sales every year for those returned items that they couldn’t resell at full value! Fear not, Canadians, as MEC has the same policy!

L.L. Bean

ll bean adventure duffle
The L.L. Bean Adventure Duffle

According to their policy, it’s not a complete sale unless the customer is satisfied. L.L. Bean will work with you whether you have a receipt or not and will do as much as they can to repair damaged products before replacing them in order to reduce waste.

This is especially in the case of shoes, which can be resoled at their facility. Otherwise, they’ll replace your L.L. Bean item within reason.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer daisy travel wrap
Eddie Bauer daisy travel wrap

Another brand that isn’t happy until you’re satisfied is Eddie Bauer. If your item did not live up to their product guarantee, you can return it for a full refund. 

They cover shipping for exchanges and refund your purchase using the same payment method you used. Without a receipt, you will get store credit for 50% of the value of the original sale price.


travelon case in use
Waterproof Travelon Pouch

Unlike many reviewers here, I had trouble with my Travelon products, as did my sister, but the company contacted me through Her Packing List to inform me of the warranty. 

Neither of us had the products anymore, mostly to lighten our load while traveling, but it was good to know that we could have sent them back to be replaced. Their warranty lasts two years and extends to replacement or repair.


Platypus soft bottles
Platypus soft bottles

Made by Cascade Designs, the Platypus bottle is a favorite of travelers and hikers because of its ability to collapse and be used as a bladder for a hydration system. 

But sometimes things happen, so they’ll repair your bottle when possible. Their warranty, however, does not cover normal wear or misuse.


So what about clothing? Is your new waterproof jacket covered by warranty when you find yourself soaked nonetheless? Find out which brands do.

The North Face

Lauren Descher North Face Terra 40L
Lauren Descher and her North Face Terra 40L

Another great warranty is by The North Face, which covers manufacturing defects for the life of the product. 

This includes their clothing, which they may decide to repair or replace at no additional cost to the consumer. 

You’re just responsible for shipping the product to their repair center.


Gore-Tex takes its products seriously! If you’re not satisfied with the Gore-Tex waterproof, windproof, and breathable qualities, no matter who makes the product with their technology, they will replace, repair, or refund. 

They don’t cover repairs of zippers, pulls, and other issues, only the integrity of the material.

Shoes and Footwear

Keep those feet feeling good, no matter how long you’ve been wearing them. While it’s up to you as the consumer to make sure you test them out before taking on the road, these companies will help you out in case of damage.

Darn Tough Socks

darn tough socks
Darn Tough Socks

I hadn’t heard of this company until researching this article, but now I need a pair! In case the name doesn’t tell you enough, Darn Tough socks are built to last. 

The unconditional lifetime guarantee states that if they’re uncomfortable, not durable, or don’t fit, you can return them and get your money back with no strings or conditions. This applies to the life of the product.

Don’t you wish all companies were this straightforward?


keen rose sandals
Keen Rose Sandals

Keen also stands behind their products for one year, but be sure to save proof of purchase before seeking a refund. Their shoes and sandals can’t be repaired by them, so you’ll need to first seek the refund through the authorized retailer.

If your claim is approved, they’ll send you either a replacement pair or a voucher for another pair of your choice.


chacos sandals black

Chacos is another brand that stands by their product. They are “warranted free of defects in material or workmanship.” 

If your Chacos sandals fail you due to the material used or their workmanship, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

You would need to send your footwear over to them so they can assess the damage. If it’s found that it’s not covered by their warranty, they will repair it for a fee.

Have you ever had to file a claim against your gear’s warranty?

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Written by Caroline

Caroline Eubanks is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, but has also called Charleston, South Carolina and Sydney, Australia home. After college graduation and a series of useless part-time jobs, she went to Australia for a working holiday. In that time, she worked as a bartender, bungee jumped, scuba dived, pet kangaroos, held koalas and drank hundreds of cups of tea. You can find Caroline at Caroline in the City.

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    Humangear has the best and friendliest lifetime warranty on all their products! I’ve made two claims with them (not because their products fail, but because I use so many of their products ALL THE TIME and wore them out!) and they are awesome at replacing the items (and often giving a bonus gift too)!

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