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10 of the Best Power Banks for Women Travelers

best travel power banks

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Nowadays, it seems impossible to go anywhere without our phones, as well as other devices like iPads and tablets. And once you close the door behind you for a road trip or an international flight, your mobile’s battery charge is already dwindling!

I’m sure that we’ve all experienced the horrors of having a dead device: not being able to entertain a cranky toddler on a plane, contact the person you’re going to meet up with, or search for help when lost on your adventures.

That’s why power banks are lifesavers whenever we travel.

So, if you’re looking to replace your current battery pack or you’re searching for your very first portable charger, one of these products will be a must-have on your packing list.

What should you look for when buying a power bank?

Power banks are a life saver when you travel.
Power banks are a life saver when you travel.

Ask yourself questions and consider the features of a good portable charger. What would benefit you whenever you travel? Would you be away from a wall socket the entire day? Would you be using your phone a lot or do you just need a backup charge?

This tiny investment will be with you on every trip that you take, and we all want a product that will last for years.

Here are some product qualities you must keep in mind to ensure that you’re picking the right power bank and travel companion.

Size: Is the power bank lightweight or bulky?

One of the most important factors when traveling is portability. You can find portable chargers in different sizes, but remember, the smaller it is, the lower the charging power they can generally offer

Most of the time, you’ll find a power bank that’s the same size as a mobile phone. Those models can be kept inside your bag, purse, or pocket. If you go for the slim version, you can hold it together with your cell.

Some even come in a small tube size, just like an emergency lipstick!

Milliamp (mAh): How much power capacity is enough for you?

The amount of battery charge in a power bank tells you how much juice or charging you can expect from it. Initially, portable chargers had a capacity of 2,000 mAh, but today, you can find ones that offer up to 40,000 mAh.

This table will give you an idea of how much mAh can affect how often and what you can charge:

DeviceHow oftenPower Capacity
iPhone 76 times20,000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S84.5 times20,000 mAh
iPad mini4 times20,000 mAh

With this information, you also have to consider the type of devices you’re going to charge using the power bank.

As a general rule of thumb, a battery pack that has 5,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh is probably enough for a weekend getaway outside the city.

For those who are flying, we recommend that you contact the airline about their maximum capacity for portable chargers or do it while booking your flight. Most airlines have a cap of 20,000 mAh.

travel battery packs and reviews

Inputs: Does the power bank recharge in a fair amount of time?

The purpose of having a power bank is so you don’t get stuck in your hotel room waiting for your phone to charge. You want a battery pack that recharges quickly.

It’s important to have a portable charger that you can recharge overnight or while taking a siesta so you can use it again once you’re ready to head out.

But this will all depend on the cable that comes with the power bank, as well as the wall charger type.

Standard wall chargers have a 2A output that can recharge your power bank twice as fast compared to those with a 1A output. If this sounds like a vital feature for you, then you should opt for a model that offers a 2A input.

There are a lot of new portable chargers that can be recharged faster with the help of a 2.4A input option.

This part may seem a bit too technical, but to explain it simply, input means charging the power bank itself, and output refers to charging an external device using the power bank.

Our Top 10 Power Bank Brands for Travel

Now, let’s discuss products! These models are some of the best in the market – both online and in stores. They all differ in size, power capacity, and other features, but each has something to bring to the table.

Some brands are quite popular with fellow gal travelers, but it’s best if we break down what’s actually good about ‘em.

Anker PowerCore 13000 Ultra-Portable Charger

  • HPL Premium Pick
Anker PowerCore 13000 Ultra Portable

Offering a juice of 13,000 mAh capacity, this Anker Ultra Portable Charger is sturdy enough to accompany you on your travels. As one of the best-selling power banks in the market, it also has a PowerCore to recharge itself in a span of 4 to 10 hours.

Compared to an average-sized battery pack, this is 30% lighter. So if you’re often away from an outlet, this is a very reliable option.

Whether you’re going on tours, activities, or planning to do video blogs, share the culture, exotic foods, and experiences online, this Anker power bank will help you push through with your plans.

RAVPower 16750 External Battery Pack

  • Best value
RAVPower 16750 Power Bank

One of the high-rated power banks is RAVPower’s portable charger that has 16,750 mAh capacity.

A common term that is used by hundreds of reviewers is “long-lasting.” And even if we do enjoy the mesmerizing change of scenery whenever we wander, we all prefer to stick with a product that will give us our money’s worth.

You’ll be able to charge two phones or devices at once with this compact power bank’s dual output.

This RAVPower charger also has a nifty built-in flashlight. Believe it or not, it’s clever to have this feature. You can use it while searching for things in your bag or the trunk of your car. If you’re traveling with your hubby and you don’t want to wake him up whenever you need to get up at night, just turn on the torch.

But it’s especially handy during emergencies, such as power outages or when you have to walk through areas that are not well-lit.

Once you’ve drained the power bank, charge it before heading to bed and it will be topped up in 9 to 10 hours. Just in time when you’ve had your beauty rest and a much-needed cup of joe.

Anker PowerCore II Slim 6700 Compact Portable Charger

  • For the ultralight traveler
Anker PowerCore II 6700

Anker’s PowerCore II 6700 will have you saying “adieu” to clunky chargers. This power bank provides a great balance of power and size. It can fit in pockets like a pair of glasses, so you won’t even notice you’re carrying it.

Wondering how light it is? It only weighs 4.6 ounces (130 g). It’s like carrying a roll of 50 pennies in weight!

Not only does the sleek design match any outfit you have during your trip, from casual wear to power suits, it can also quickly charge your phone thanks to the brand’s PowerIQ technology. It recognizes your specific device’s needs and adjusts the output power to lessen the frequency of charging.

Plug it in and it recharges in as little as 3 hours, so you can use it after your hotel breakfast and a relaxing morning dip in the pool.

Anker PowerCore 10,000 Power Bank

  • Best for solo travelers
Anker PowerCore 10000

Join other wanderers who have this remarkably compact charger as a firm favorite. If you’re looking for more juice, this comes with 10,000 mAh. It can top up an iPhone 8 three and a half charges, and a Samsung Galaxy S8 about two and a half charges.

It’s no surprise that the HPL community and other travelers have recommended this brand over and over again. They have reliable chargers, top-notch customer service, and of course, availability.

Reviews would often mention how it gives them peace of mind whenever they head out, how effective this model is, and that it’s worth every penny.

Along with the battery pack is a travel pouch, helping you to pack and travel more organized. 

You may be traveling alone, but this will help you stay connected with friends and loved ones with its high-speed charging.

Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Portable Charger

  • For couple travelers
Jackery Bolt 6000

Also ideal for travelers is the very compact and lightning-fast power bank from Jackery.

Like its name, the Bolt can give about two charges with its built-in lightning cable, micro USB, and USB output. Don’t underestimate its size and the 6,000 mAh capacity because it’s a charger that packs a punch! It can fill up the battery of iPhones twice as fast.

With its dual charging option, you’d be saving yourself the hassle of carrying multiple chargers around. You can even share it with your hubby, so both of you can post your romantic pics during your getaway.

If he forgot to bring his charger during your trip, share the love with this power bank!

Qi 10000 Solar Power Bank

  • Best for hikers and trekkers
Qi Solar Portable Charger

For our sun-loving globetrotters, you’ll love this power bank that offers a 10,000 mAh capacity. It’s solar-powered and also comes with a built-in torch and complimentary compass!

Since it’s IPX4 splashproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it’s the perfect battery pack for those off-the-grid escapades such as camping, hiking, and trekking.

This model can efficiently fill up the battery of iPhones, Samsung, and other Qi-enabled devices about twice in one use. Running out of juice? Plug it in and it’s fully charged again in 6 hours.

Fair advice though, even though it’s solar-powered, this function is recommended to serve as a backup. Before you head off to a new adventure, it’s best to make sure that the power bank is topped up.

Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350

  • For the fashionista traveler
Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350

Not only is it smart to have an extra portable charger, this PowerCore+ Mini from Anker is also light and will let you charge your phone in style.

Weighing only 2.72 ounces, this pint-sized power bank can be easily placed in your pocket, wallet, purse, or clutch. It has that chic look that will show your glow while taking selfies in your bathing suit or gala dress. No more delayed posts when sharing to your followers and the rest of the world!

This lipstick-type charger is a prime example of squeezing good features into small packages.

It packs enough juice to charge any smartphone from empty to 80%. People love this product so much that there’s a similar tube power bank with a higher capacity called PowerCore 5000.

As with other Anker power banks, the Mini also has PowerIQ technology to make charging more efficient. Another plus is it can be fully charged in as little as three to four hours.

RAVPower Portable 22000 mAh Battery Pack

  • Best for family travel
RAVPower 22000 Portable Battery Pack

During family trips, we want everyone to be comfortable while being practical. RAVPower offers a portable charger that’s efficient and affordable. No one needs to throw a tantrum with its triple-device sharing.

You can choose from four different colors that your kids will love. It also has a carry pouch so it’s easier to pack and pass on to the next device in need of charging.

With a capacity of 22,000 mAh, this RAVPower external battery pack offers more charges during your road trip with the fam bam, but it’s understandable that it needs about 12 hours to recharge.

Anker PowerCore 20100

  • HPLWorld Recommended
Anker PowerCore 20100

Our HPL gal pals made sure that they get the word out on which specific Anker product they love.

This power bank offers superior portability and high-speed charging. It has the ability to charge a Samsung Galaxy S6 five times and an iPhone 7 about seven times! Unlike other battery packs, this one has an enormous 4.8A output that charges two devices at full speed.

There is also a happy review that said: “This takes heavy-duty to a new level”. Who wouldn’t want that?!

If you’re not a fan of power banks that are shiny, this PowerCore has a matte finish that enhances the grip. Plus, no icky fingerprints and smudges visible.

Have this power bank fully-charged at the start of your day, and you won’t think of using an outlet until you’re back in your hotel room.

Anker PowerCore Slim 5000

  • HPLWorld Recommended
Anker PowerCore Slim 5000

If you want an Anker power bank and 5,000 mAh is enough for daily use during your trip, then this might be the product for you.

It’s also really light, so you can simply hold it together with your phone while you’re using Google Maps, sending a text, making a call, or even take selfies while charging!

Weighing about 5 ounces (141 g), carrying this power bank feels as heavy as five AA batteries, but it’s basically like holding a candy bar with its shape.

But just because it’s lighter than most portable chargers doesn’t mean this model lacks our favorite features. It still has the same technology that Anker power banks have such as high-speed charging. It’s sturdy without being heavy.

Choosing the best power bank for your travels

The number of reasons why all kinds of travelers should invest in a portable charger is as many as the variations of power packs that you can choose from. What’s important is that you look for an efficient model. One that doesn’t take more than a day to charge and is suited for your device and your travel use.

You’ll have that power bank with you from the beginning until the end of every trip and getaway.

An efficient battery pack will transform your day-to-day life and the way you enjoy your vacation leave or free time.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have a favorite? Help fellow travelers pick out a great power bank that they can bring with them by commenting below!

Anker PowerCore 13000 Ultra
Anker PowerCore 13000 Ultra Portable
HPL Premium Pick
– 13,000 mAh capacity
– One of best-selling on the market
– 30% lighter than most power banks of similar size
RAVPower 16750
RAVPower 16750 Power Bank
Best Value
– 16,750 mAh capacity
– Dual outputs
– Built-in flashlight
Anker PowerCore II Slim 6700
Anker PowerCore II 6700
For the Ultralight Traveler
– 6700 mAh capacity
– Weighs only 4.6 ounces
– Recharges in 3 hours
Anker PowerCore 10,000
Anker PowerCore 10000
Best for Solo Travelers
– 10,000 mAh capacity
– Provides 3.5 recharges to an iPhone 8
– Single output
Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh
Jackery Bolt 6000
Best for Couple Travelers
– 6000 mAh capacity
– Dual output
– Built-in lightning and micro USB cable
Qi 10000 Solar Power Bank
Qi Solar Portable Charger
Best for Hikers & Trekkers
– 10,000 mAh capacity
– Solar-powered and wall-powered
– Built-in flashlight and complimentary compass
Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350
Anker PowerCore+ Mini 3350
Best for the Fashionista Traveler
– 3350 mAh capacity
– Weighs 2.7 ounces and size of lipstick tube
– Charges smartphone from 0 to 80%
RAVPower Portable 22000 mAh
RAVPower 22000 Portable Battery Pack
Best for Family Travel
– 22,000 mAh capacity
– Triple device sharing
– Comes in 4 colors plus a carry pouch
Anker PowerCore 20100
Anker PowerCore 20100
HPLWorld Recommended
– 20,100 mAh capacity
– Recharges an iPhone 7 about 7 times
– 4.8A output charges 2 devices simultaneously at full speed
Anker PowerCore Slim 5000
Anker PowerCore Slim 5000
HPLWorld Recommended
– 5000 mAh capacity
– Weighs 5 ounces
– Sturdy without being heavy

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