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The BauBax Travel Jacket Review

BauBax travel jacket review - features

Here at Her Packing List, we love to travel light. Items that serve multiple purposes or make it so our stuff takes up less space can be super helpful. These days many airlines are getting stricter about carry-ons, leaving many of us looking for new ways to pack carry-on only. So when some members of the #HPLWorld Facebook group started talking about the BauBax travel jacket, we wanted to learn more.

BauBax travel jacket review - features
The BauBax travel jacket has many features

Features of the BauBax travel jacket

BauBax makes four different travel jackets: a bomber, a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, and a blazer. They come with many features meant to make travel easier, like a built-in inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask, and many pockets specifically designed for things like your phone, tablet, passport, and more. It even has a drink holder pocket. The jackets come in male and female versions.

BauBax Travel Jacket Features:

But we wanted to hear from people who have actually used a BauBax jacket. Here’s what a couple of our readers had to say.

The BauBax Sweatshirt Jacket

Aggie owns the sweatshirt and told me what she likes and doesn’t like about it.

BauBax travel sweatshirt review
Aggie loves the pockets on her BauBax travel sweatshirt

What do you like about the Baubax sweatshirt?

I love that it has so many pockets to store things and I don’t always have to carry a purse/shoulder bag around. Because I’m a travel blogger and daily sketcher, I carry a travel sized sketch kit which includes a pocket sized sketchbook, water colour paint palette and a pen and water brush. The jacket has plenty of storage space to hold those things without it being and looking too bulky.

I also love the large inside pocket, the eyeglass cleaner that’s attached to the inside pocket, and the attached pen.

What don’t you like about the sweatshirt?

The pockets which you can slip your hands in to keep warm don’t zip up. I have a tendency to put my purse in those pockets in any jacket so to know that anything that I put in the pocket could be zipped up safely would be great. Also those hand warming pockets (as I call them) are not very deep so putting anything in there without the zip can easily fall out.

I also don’t like how heavy the jacket is. I’d much prefer a lighter jacket. In winter it’s a great jacket to keep me warm and toasty, but I feel that I heat up too quickly wearing this jacket.

Has the BauBax sweatshirt made it easier for you to travel with carry-on only?

Not overly easier. Although it does have a lot of pockets, because I consider this particular model that I have too heavy, I tend not to travel with it much. It’s convenient to have but I guess the bulkiness and the fact that I over heat in it makes it less likely for me to want to travel with it. Maybe I should have purchased the one of the others.

However both my husband and teenage son love their BauBax jackets and wear them in just daily life and especially for travel.

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Would you recommend this jacket to other female travelers?

Probably not the particular model I have for travel, because as I mentioned before it’s too heavy and bulky for my liking (I’m only 4′ 11′). I don’t use the blow up neck pillow at all and have never traveled with it (again it’s too heavy, my family feel the same about the neck pillow). If they made a lighter version like ScottEVest do, with zip up hand pockets I would buy one but I only ever wear mine when it’s cold at home and around but not for travel.

BauBax Bomber and Sweatshirt

Natalie owns both the bomber and the sweatshirt, so she answered my questions with both items in mind.

BauBax travel bomber jacket review
In addition to the sweatshirt, Natalie also owns a BauBax bomber jacket

What do you like about the BauBax bomber and sweatshirt?

I love all the pockets in these jackets. I also really love the built-in eye mask on the first edition jackets. My bomber was ordered through the Kickstarter so it has the original eye mask, and it is fabulous for sleeping on flights. The pillow is super cozy as well.

The bomber is very warm, I was able to wear it as my primary coat in Iceland on a snowy December day. The bomber also seems to be water resistant in the torso area, but not on the arms. I love the stretch and flexibility of the sweatshirt. I wear it all the time, even when I’m not traveling.

What don’t you like about the bomber and sweatshirt?

The bomber jacket is very stiff, so I can see how it’d be uncomfortable for some to wear on a long flight or trip. I ordered the sweatshirt through BauBax after the Kickstarter ended so it may be a second or third edition of the jacket. It doesn’t have the same eye mask as my bomber jacket and I actually really hate it. The mask isn’t fully connected to the hood of the jacket like in the first edition jackets so it’s really just like a random small flap. It barely covers the eyes all the way and lets in a bunch of light.

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I like the pen/stylus, but I am super paranoid about losing it, so I detach it from the zipper and just leave it in whatever purse I’m traveling with at the time.

Have the Baubax jackets made it easier for you to travel with carry-on only?

Yes, it has made it easier to travel carry on only. In addition to doing carry on only, I also only travel with a small cross body bag, so I have even less room for in-flight essentials. I’ve never had to worry about being able to access all my essentials while traveling with this jacket. I also never feel bogged down when I’m using this jacket.

Some of the features like the can holder pocket I don’t use in that particular way mostly because I think it’s a bit silly to walk/sit around with an open can in your breast pocket. Maybe that’s just me.

Would you recommend BauBax to other female travelers?

I would recommend this jacket to other female travelers. It’s a sturdy, well made jacket, and even if you don’t use all the features, it’s nice looking and comfortable. My bomber jacket worked as a coat in Iceland and London in December weather and was nice enough for me to wear to the theater in London in multiple occasions.

Do you own a BauBax travel jacket? What do you think about it?

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baubax travel jacket review
BauBax travel jacket

Written by Ali

Ali Garland is a freelance writer, blogger, and travel addict who made it to all 7 continents before her 30th birthday. She enjoys travel planning, encouraging others to see the world, and packing carry-on only. She and her husband are expats living in Berlin. You can find Ali at Ali's Adventures and Travel Made Simple.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Andria says

    Interesting… I had the Baubax Bomber from the Kickstarter campaign, and I ended up selling it on Ebay. I agree with the assessment that it was stiff and I was also terrified I’d lose the stylus, but I didn’t think it was warm at all! I wore it in March in Rhode Island, which is a similar climate to London, and I was miserable. It didn’t keep out the damp at all. Because it was so stiff, and ran so small, I barely used any of the lovely pockets.
    Overall, I was super disappointed, and don’t miss it.

  2. Marieke says

    I would not recommend thebomber nor the sweatshirt. I have both in a size S (even though I usually wear size XS) and yes, I love the amount of pockets, but both are heavy and do not live up to the promised expectations. the most dissapointing things:
    The pocket for an ipad is just big enough for an ipad mini, the pocket for eyeglasses aren’t big enough to hold even tiny eyeglasses, the drinkpocket doesn’t even hold a miniature drink and if you wear the jacket closed, you sure take out the blanket to make it possible. I removed the neck pillow cause it irritated my neck during wear as well. So…. it doesn’t live up to the promised expectations. It’s just a stiff heavy coat with many pockets.

  3. Juliette says

    I purchased the Baubax Sweatshirt last year and I absolutely love it! It’s really comfortable and I wear it every time I take a flight.

    I looked at all the reviews before I purchased and I’m glad I did. I bought a size up and turned out to fit me perfectly and still had space for my passport, wallet, phone, earphones, wireless charger, etc.

    I love it because I don’t have to worry about opening my bag each time I need something. So, instead of having a carry-on and my handbag, I now have one carry-on 🙂

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