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The One Little Thing: Waterproof Travelon Pouch

travelon waterproof pouch

This is a post in an ongoing feature on Her Packing List called “The One Little Thing“. Each week or two, I’ll be interviewing a traveling lady to find out the one little thing she just can’t travel without. This one comes to you from Cailee Maestro.

I have always been an avid photographer, using all different types of cameras. Whether I was processing my own film in high school or today digitally using a variety of camera apps on my iPhone, I love making memories by taking photographs of my surroundings. While traveling I always find myself questioning whether or not I take my DSLR Canon t2i camera with me that takes beautiful pictures but is a security issue, or my trusty iPhone. I alway think, why not bring the DSLR camera with you? You’ll miss it if you don’t have it, but the iPhone is so convenient and takes just as beautiful photos and can’t be instantly uploaded.

Well it wasn’t until I found the Travelon Clear View Waterproof Pouch that made the decision of bringing my iPhone as my camera along my travels certain.

What’s the one little thing you can’t travel without?

The Travelon Clear View Waterproof Pouch is a simple self seal plastic case that allows your cell phone, money or valuables to be submerged under water about 65 feet.

This pouch has:

  • Foam insert allows pouch to float on waters surface
  • Touch screen and controls are fully functional through pouch
  • Takes photos through transparent window on back
  • Waterproof capabilities up to 65 feet

Why has this one item been so important to you?

This item is so important to me because it allows me to take photos underwater! I do a lot of traveling and find myself always wanting to be able to take pictures under water or even have a small waterproof carrying case that can double as a cool gadget! With this waterproof pouch I am able to keep my iPhone, money, passport and any valuables waterproof whether or not they get soaked from a rain shower through the Amazon or surf waves from taking cool photos of the ocean.

How packable is it? Does it take up much room? Is it heavy?

This item is the perfect size for a standard sized iPhone and does not take up much room. It would take up just as much room as a wallet, but its a bag for your gear so it will protect everything from all conditions. It is super light weight and is meant to float on the waters surface. This waterproof case is available in all different sizes too.

travelon case in use
Travelon Case in Use

Would you recommend this to your travel friends?

Whether or not you plan to take pictures under water or simply want to keep your things dry, this is the perfect travel accessory that anyone exploring any surrounding should purchase!

Can you name on situation where you were so happy to have this item with you?

I have jumped in the ocean with this waterproof Travelon pouch and have taken some really great under water ocean photos! I have also gotten stuck in a sun shower in Martha’s Vineyard and was able to still take pictures of my surroundings with no worries to the rain!

How did you hear about this item?

I found this item at AAA when purchasing a variety of travel books. I also know they offer this product at any outdoor sports store.

>> Check out the Travelon Waterproof Pouch on Amazon.

What sort of traveler is this item perfect for?

This item is perfect for the business man going to a meeting, a backpacker with a one way ticket, a skier out for the day exploring a mountain or even a post man working in the rain. It helps keep your valuables dry while giving you the option to still use items while tucked inside.

Cailee MaestroAbout the Author: Cailee wants to taste the breeze of every great city. After graduating college in 2011 she has taken on the world by living on the Atlantic Ocean in Martha’s Vineyard, the mountains of Vail, Colorado and the urban life of New York. With a great urge to travel, Cailee finds herself whisked away by any and all adventures and continues her passion to explore by managing her boyfriends band, Feed the Habit

Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm planning adventures or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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    I was thinking of getting one of these for my South American trip that includes the rain forest, cloud forest and a island trip. Upon checking the reviews on their webpage (there was only 1) it would be foolish to purchase and trust this item.

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