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Meet Michelle and Her Osprey Ozone 35L Backpack Review

Osprey Ozone 35L backpack review

The following Osprey Ozone 35L backpack review was submitted by Michelle Li. Read more reviews of female travel backpacks here.

I’m Michelle, a former accountant and an aspiring web programmer currently on a 14-month RTW honeymoon. I’ve traveled mostly around Asia so far, although soon heading to Europe, and have been enjoying every moment of my one-bag travels! I use the Osprey Ozone 35L daypack.

What’s your backpack brand and model? How much does this backpack typically cost?

The Osprey Ozone 35L is the middle sized pack of their Ozone series (they also have 46L and 24L). I went with the 35L because I wanted to challenge myself to pack less. This pack retails for $130 and I purchased mine at REI.

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osprey ozone 35l backpack review
Osprey Ozone 35L backpack from the front and side/back

How long have you had your backpack and where have you traveled with it?

I purchased this pack in February 2016, right before I left for my trip. Since then, I’ve traveled to Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, and Japan with the pack.

What factors were most important to you in choosing a backpack?

I was previously using the Osprey Kyte 46L, which I absolutely love. However, for such a long trip, security was very important to me, and the Kyte lacked a locking mechanism to keep my digital gear safe. The Ozone has lockable zippers for the main compartment, and it’s gone a long way for that peace of mind when leaving my valuables in my accommodations.

What do you like most about your backpack? Any down sides?

I like the size of the pack and the lockable zippers the most. At 35L, it’s just enough to hold all of my essentials without running the risk of over-packing. Additionally, the weight of the pack itself is 1.8lbs, instead of 3.5lbs, resulting in 1.7lbs weight savings from just the weight of the backpack.

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The one down side I have with the bag is its hip belt – it’s not very robust compared to the hip belt on the Kyte, so when the pack is heavier, the weight is not as well distributed as a traditional hiking backpack.

Tell us about the fit and comfort level of your backpack.

I am 5’4”, and the pack sits centered on my back. I wish the hip belt was a bit stronger, but otherwise the backpack is decently comfortable with a weight around 7kg. It is also pretty slim when the compression straps are pulled tight.

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If you want to take your backpack as carry-on luggage, can you?

Yes! Love that this backpack is carry-on size. I’ve had it weighed once by a LCC airline (Scoot).

Have you found the size to be too small, just right, or too large?

I left home with extra capacity (probably around 25L full) that I’ve since filled up with things I’ve picked up along the way. The size is just right to keep me from over-packing and I always love it when I can zip through the airport while everyone else tries to handle their 50-lb suitcases.

Overall, would you recommend your backpack?

Yes, I would highly recommend my backpack for long term travel!

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About the author: Michelle Li is currently wandering the world with her husband and eating through one country at a time. Her travels are documented at Adventurer Experience and on Instagram.

osprey ozone 35L backpack review

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