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Wrightsocks Review: Are These the Perfect Travel Socks?

Wrightsocks review

The following Wrightsocks review is brought to you by Alyssa Good.

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In December 2012, four friends and I traveled to Chilean Patagonia to hike Torres del Paine National Park’s W-Circuit, a five-day, four-night backpacking trip. Surrounded by mountain peaks and bright blue glaciers, I was blissfully happy.

My feet, however, were supremely unhappy.

Arriving in the campsite each night, I peeled off my socks to find giant blisters on my heels and toes. Despite my best efforts to wear good quality hiking and liner socks, I knew what I would find on my feet after walking all day.

Over the years, this scenario has repeated itself with various shoes in various locations around the world, and I resigned myself to the fact that I would constantly be tending to blisters while traveling.

I discovered a solution

I consider my feet to be one of my most important travel tools. They provide free transportation and carry me to new places, so it is essential that I take care of my feet throughout each trip. That’s why I was elated to discover Wrightsock products. These special socks ensure that my feet are blister-free at the end of every day so that I can fully enjoy the rest of my travels.

I first learned of Wrightsock products when I was looking for a way to prevent blisters during a half-marathon. An associate at a running store suggested them, so I decided to give Wrightsock a try. I was amazed at the results! My blisters completely disappeared during training runs and the half-marathon. So, when I returned home from a hike without these socks to find yet another blister on my toes, I thought, “I should find more pairs for hiking and traveling.” Thus, my collection began.

Wrightsocks review

Why do Wrightsocks work?

Their Wrightsock Double Layer construction is the key to keeping feet comfortable. Friction created by a shoe rubs onto another layer of sock rather than onto the skin beneath it. The Wrightsock company is so confident their socks will prevent blisters that they offer a “blister-free guarantee”.

I admit that I thought the “blister-free” promise sounded too good to be true. However, so far, my three pairs have gotten me through a half-marathon, to the top of mountains, and across cities…without a single blister!

Who are Wrightsocks right for?

Wrightsocks are the perfect sock for active travelers who will be on their feet for hours or days at a time. The company makes a wide variety of styles for wherever travels may take you.

  • Heading somewhere cold? Try the Cold Weather sock, featuring extra insulation.
  • Worried about sweaty feet? Pick up the Cool Mesh II, a breathable, lightweight, quick-drying sock (always great when doing laundry in hostel sinks).
  • Reluctant to give up your favorite merino wool socks? The Merino Stride has you covered with the benefits of wool on the outer layer and a blister-proof sock for the inner layer.

Since discovering Wrightsock products, I have used these socks exclusively for my active travel needs. I haven’t owned them long enough to see how they hold up over long-term use. Some online reviews suggested that they wear out more quickly than other travel or hiking socks.

Though this is a potential downside, the socks are fairly inexpensive through online retailers, so I’m not too worried about replacement costs if I wear them out. I ordered through Amazon, which cost me about $24 for two pair.

>> Grab a pair of Wrightsocks on Amazon. Please note that we are an Amazon affiliate and will receive a commission if you purchase, but at no extra cost to you.

Wrightsocks review

Greg Anderson, best-selling author, once said, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.”

It can be difficult to live by these inspiring words when each step of that journey aggravates your feet. Next summer, my husband and I will be walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. When walking every day for a month, I certainly don’t want angry blisters covering my feet, so I will have Wrightsock socks on my feet and in my pack.

I have confidence that they will keep my feet happy and my mind on my journey so that I can enjoy each step.

About Alyssa: Hey there! My name is Alyssa. I have ventured to Central America, South America, Europe, and around North America. I love experiencing natural beauty through hiking and camping. About three years ago, a friend introduced me to backpacking, and I fell in love with the idea of roaming the world with everything I need on my back. Most of the time, I live in Austin, Texas. Follow my travel adventures on my blog Restlyss Travels, Twitter, or Instagram.

wrightsocks travel socks

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  1. Nancy says

    Oh I used to use Wright socks and I forgot about them. I hiked a few hours every day on St John (USVI). I ended up washing out the same Smart Wool socks every day because I couldn’t bear to go without them. My goodness they wear out fast. I don’t remember Wrights wearing out that fast.

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