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Gear Review: Women’s Mountain Hardwear Stretch Typhoon Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Stretch Typhoon Jacket

The following is a guest gear review by Lauren Miller.

I currently live in Taiwan, a little island off the coast of China that knows how to rain, a lot. I’ve always been a big fan of rain, that is until I began riding a scooter to school and work everyday.

Riding a scooter in the rain sucks; it’s not a fun experience, especially without the proper rain coat. Most people around here wear the kind you can buy for a couple bucks at 7-11, it’s plastic, it’s bright yellow, and it’s one size “fits” all. I was tired of looking like a big yellow taxi and stumbled across the Typhoon Jacket (a fitting name for wearing in a place that gets “typhoon days” rather than “snow days” off school) on a site called Steep and Cheap.

It normally runs at about $200, so when I saw that it was on the site for $90, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

The jacket is fully waterproof, light-weight (only 11.3oz/319g), and made of a breathable stretch material (Ark™ 30D Stretch). It’s a bit tapered at the waist, for the female figure, cuts off at the hip in front and is longer at the back to cover your bum. It’s great for layering in colder climates, but cool enough for spring and summer rain storms. I wear it every time it rains and haven’t felt a drop of water on me, no matter how wet it is outside.

Features of the Typhoon Jacket
Features of the Typhoon Jacket, read below.

Features Include:

1. Double zipper pit-zips for quick and easy ventilation. Double zippers mean that the size of the opening is adjustable, and waterproof zippers mean that you’ll stay dry when the zippers are closed.

2. Adjustable Elastic Hem Band and Velcro Cuff Tabs for a snug, rain tight fit.

3. Adjustable Duck Bill Hood for extra protection against rain, especially for us glasses wearers. I don’t think it’s actually called a duck bill, but it’s reinforced to keep its shape and keep rain off your face, and to me, looks like a duck bill.

4. Waterproof Zippers to make sure everything in your pockets stays dry. I carry my cell phone in the outside pocket and have never had to worry about it getting wet or damaged.

5. Taped Seams for added protection against the elements. All seams on this jacket are taped, seriously, there’s no water getting in.

6. Hidden Inside Pocket for personal items like keys and money. Keep important items safe, like a passport or money, with the ventilated inner pocket.

Lauren in her Mountain Hardwear Typhoon Jacket.
Lauren in her Mountain Hardwear Typhoon Jacket.

I also like that it has a soft cover for the zipper at the chin, to avoid chaffing. Overall it’s a really great jacket, especially if you’re going to be seeing a lot of rain and want something light weight and easy to pack. It comes in a couple of colours including pink, blue, and the black one that I have.

My only complaint is that I probably would have gotten the XS. This one is S and is a little on the big side. I bought the larger size because I was worried about sleeve length (I have long arms), but the sleeves are plenty long and so is the body. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a durable and packable, versatile and decently good-looking rain jacket.

>> Check out the prices for this jacket on Amazon.

About the author: My name is Lauren. I’m a Canadian at heart, but currently call Taiwan home. My husband and I are English teachers, business students, and sometimes even models. I blog about our expat life in Taiwan as well as our travels together at millermemoires (Facebook, Instagram). I’ve been a traveler at heart ever since I can remember and get a little itchy without a travel plan in the works. Our next stop is the Philippines for a week in January.

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  1. Bailey says

    I have a McKinley Aquamax jacket that looks almost identical! It’s also an awesome jacket and I got it on sale for $50 – it kept me completely dry in central american rainy season!!

    • C Giles Lawson says

      In the same vein, the Marmot Precip has just about identical features (love the pit zips) and packs into it’s own pocket. Comes in a rainbow of colors too.


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