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Reebok Skyscape Runaround Shoes Review

Reebok Skyscrape Runaround shoes review

The following Reebok Skyscape Runaround shoes review was submitted by Amanda. *This post contains affiliate links, denoted by an asterisk.

When I was planning my first big trip (6 weeks backpacking Europe), I was able to turn to travel blogs for advice on everything except shoes. Most of them simply stated to “wear comfortable shoes”, but none of them said which ones. I stressed for quite a while as I kept my eyes peeled for shoes to pack that would be comfortable, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

As someone who always gets nasty blisters on her feet, I am proud to shout to the world that I FOUND THEM!

What I like

I bought Reebok Skyscape Runaround* with two weeks to spare before our trip, and luckily found that you do not need to break them in. The soft material does not rub against your foot like other shoes do, and the lightweight foam allows you to bend them in any direction with ease.

For the first time in my life, I found a pair of shoes that felt like I had already worn them before while trying them on for the first time.

I wore these for the full six weeks of our trip, and continued wearing them back home. I actually just ordered myself another two pairs for future travels because I loved them so much!

Reebok Skyscape Runaround shoes review

Reebok Skyscape Runaround comes in many colours to choose from, but I stuck with black to be able to pair them with any outfit. I wore these with day dresses, jeans, and tights, and was happy that I didn’t stick out like a sore thumb with actual running shoes on.

Reebok Skyscape Runaround are probably the lightest shoes you will ever own. Weighing in at a whopping 5 ounces, you won’t even notice these are packed in your bag (not that you would ever take them off).

With the rubber sole and perfect amount of traction, I was able to hike through the paths of Cinque Terre, and run after departing trains. I wore these through London rain, and Italian sunshine. My feet were always happy, and the shoes never showed their age.

I didn’t dread getting caught in the rain, because the material always dried overnight, and the soles never leaked no matter how many puddles I hopped over.

Reebok Skyscape Runaround shoes review

What I don’t like

The cons? I actually cannot think of many. They are a little pricey for walking shoes ($80 Canadian), but worth every penny when you aren’t worrying about keeping band aids in your purse at all times. I wouldn’t wear them to the gym, because there isn’t much side support, but for walking they are absolutely perfect.

My verdict: Buy them in every colour! You will be so happy that you did!

>> Grab a pair of Reebok Skyscape Runarounds on Amazon*.

About the author: Amanda typically hangs out at where she writes about travel mishaps, hotel and hostel reviews, and city itineraries. You can keep up with her travels on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Nicole says

    Thanks for your review 🙂
    These were just what I was looking for.
    I did a bit of research and off I went to buy a pair.
    They are super light weight, sporty but casual looking. I love that they don’t scream “I’m a tourist!”
    I haven’t gotten them wet yet but I can see the material will dry quickly. I’ll be on cobblestone streets and trekking up hills in these bad boys with comfy feet all day long.
    My only dislike is the lack of arch support, but hey that’s what insoles are for.
    9/10 Nice work Reebok

    • Amanda says

      I’m so glad you like them, too! I wore them again in Hawaii, and will be packing them (yet again!) for my SE Asia trip in May! Love, love, love!

  2. Irene says

    How would these sneakers do on hard streets like cobblestone? They don’t seem to be very cushiony or supportive for a long 6-8 hrs of walking on city streets.

    • Amanda says

      Cobblestone streets are exactly where I wore them! Your feet will be sore after 6-8 hours of walking in any shoe unfortunately, so I myself never blamed the shoes : )

    • Amanda says

      Sorry- I just saw this now! I don’t find them slippery! Some cobblestone streets are slippery when they are wet no matter what shoes you are wearing, but I have worn them many times in the rain and haven’t had an issue!

  3. Sarah says

    I love these shoes! They are so light, if you end up packing them in your suitcase, you will hardly notice. I love that they have rubber soles and dry quickly. Thank you for the recommendation!

  4. Natalie says

    Thank you for this article!! It’s a lifesaver as i need to pack lighter, wear nicer and more versatile shoes when travelling. Can you tell me what trousers you have on in the last photo? (where you’re doing a hopscotch) they look spit on on what I’m looking for!

  5. Tina says

    Thank you for your review. I really liked that you showed pictures of the shoes with a dress as well. I have a thing with dresses/skirts with shoes. The combination looks so weird to me unless I see it on someone else as well.

  6. Stacey says

    I can’t fin them in Canada… I am so darn sad! They are exactly what I have been looking for, after trying on too many to count VANS and KEDS sneaker, and putting them back because they weren’t confortable enough!

    Let me know if you know where to find these still today!!

    Thank you so much.

  7. Nee says

    My issue with them is they are totally non-slip, up to the side of the shoes. I tripped because the side of the shoes somehow, created a suction with the marble floor. Part of the fault is maybe on how I walk, but it’s too late to change how I walk now. Tips: walk by raising your feet higher than usual.

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