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Plus-Size Travel: Skorts

Skorts and the plus size traveler

For plus-size travelers, it’s a constant struggle to find good options for warm-weather travel clothes. Is it too short? Will everyone be able to see my butt? How badly will my thighs chafe in it?

In a previous post about preventing thigh-chafing, Erin (one of our lovely commenters) mentioned that skorts (a handy skirt-shorts hybrid) were her solution on an extended trip to Southeast Asia:

I just got back from 7 months in SE Asia and found skorts to be the answer to my chub rub. I found a cute knee-length one from athletica, but there are tons of options around including a million types of tennis skorts. Helpful for not only reducing the dreaded chub rub, but also great multifunction item for days that you need a skirt to visit temples but want to ride an elephant or hop the back of a moto without flashing everybody.

I was totally inspired! I wore skorts as a kid, but I hadn’t thought about them in years. After doing some research, I’ve found that skorts are making a comeback, and there are plenty of options available for plus-size travelers.

Here are a few of my favorites:

UK retailer New Look has more of a variety of cute skorts in plus sizes.

ASOS Curve will sometimes have skorts, like this patterned pair. Many times, these skorts will be from New Look. For US buyers, it’s often cheaper shipping-wise to order New Look items from ASOS.

Woman Within skorts.
Woman Within skorts.

Woman Within has a couple different types of skorts. There’s a tighter stretch cotton skort (Amazon link) and a looser, more flowy cotton skort (Amazon link). They have pockets, come in a bunch of colors, and are highly rated on Amazon. I love that the skirt part wraps fully around the back, which I prefer over just the skirt in the front with the shorts showing in the back. I’m definitely going to pick up one of these for my next warm-weather trip!

Left: faded glory skorts at Walmart; Right: Comfort Trail Skorts at LL Bean.

This skort from faded glory can be dressed up or dressed down, and its versatility can help save on packing space.

HPL commenter Karen found this great skort from LL Bean. It’s made of moisture-wicking, quick-drying nylon and has three zip pockets, making it an ideal travel garment. I could definitely see myself carrying one of these in my backpack!

Sporty skorts.
Sporty skorts. Left: Tek Gear Colorblock Performance skorts from Kohls; Right: Active skort at Lane Bryant.

Skorts are pretty common golf and tennis attire, so if you’re into a sportier look, there are an abundance of skorts to be found from sports sections or retailers. Kohls and Lane Bryant both offer pretty reasonably priced athletic skorts. Golf skorts are a little on the pricier side, but are often made of synthetic, moisture-wicking materials, and sometimes have very cute patterns! Lori’s Golf Shoppe has a pretty good selection of plus-size skorts.

Have you worn a skort on your travels? How did you like it? Know of any good places to buy plus-size travel skorts? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Katy

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Katy is a travel addict constantly seeking her next destination. Fresh off a two-month summer trip to Iceland and The Faroe Islands, she is now embarking on a year-long working holiday in Australia. Katy’s future dream destinations include Southeast Asia, India, Scandinavia, and Antarctica. When she isn’t writing about plus-size travel gear for Her Packing List, you can find Katy blogging about her travels at Six Bones. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Reader Interactions


  1. Vladyta says

    I have a skort from athleta which is made of super fast drying material. It is cute enough to wear around town and durable and comfortable enough for sport activities. I also chafe so skorts like that are a great solution for me.

  2. Mandy says

    USA Duluth Trading Company has a skort that I wore a few times on a summer trip to Central Europe. It is supposed to be quick drying. In fact, it’s marketed that way. But their obsession with rugged pockets probably cost it some of its quick-drying capability. It’s a pretty good skirt with hidden shorts combo anyway.

  3. Karina says

    In Aus TS14 sell the Easy Breezy Shorts.
    Fantastic for wearing under skirts and tunics to prevent thigh rub.
    Also double duty as PJ bottoms and in cold climates I have worn them under cargos for extra warmth.
    I have 6 pairs !!

  4. Patti Sills says

    I not plus size but my go to travel skort is the “Discovery” by Royal Robbins. I have it in tan and black. I hike in it by day but it’s also very plain and in a nice fabric so I throw on a nicer top for evening. Not dressy evening, mind you, but it can certainly do for many occasions. It has a nice length, not too short but not in the least dowdy long. I also have a nice skort by Lole. It has a jeans type front with zipper and button, so more casual but the stretch in it works a bit better for hiking.

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