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Gear Review: CupCase, the Bra Protector

Step 4 Fold over

This CupCase review is brought to you by Jess Graff.

Step 1 Pick your bras!
Step 1 Pick your bras!

While there are those adventures where you can just pack a couple of sports bras and go hiking, more often than not I find that my travels are varied, with many different types of adventures in one trip. In those scenarios a sports bra doesn’t always cut it, however, traveling with nicer bras and a backpack or carry-on only luggage can be a bit tricky. Bras get smashed, wrinkled, and don’t always hold their shape very well when they are packed and on the road for weeks at a time. I have finally found my solution!

As a somewhat nonstandard bra size (28D to 32C depending on the brand) it is important for me to not mangle my harder to find undergarments, so I recently purchased a CupCase. This nifty travel gadget acts like a mini suitcase within your bag or pack, protecting your bras from all the dents, dings, wrinkles, and squishing that come with living out of a suit case. I had heard of them but had never seen one in action or known anyone who owned one but decided to take the leap anyway. I am so glad I did.

Step 2 Put your bras in the case
Step 2 Put your bras in the case
Step 3 Put all the straps and stringy thingies inside the case
Step 3 Put all the straps and stringy thingies inside the case
Step 4 Fold over
Step 4 Fold over

Ok so the deal with these CupCase things is that they look like a little rounded pod. You zip it open at the middle so that it looks like two bowls side by side, pop your cute bras in it (about 2 or 3), zip it back up, and shove it in your bag to be jostled, squished, and keep those bras looking great! The website also says that you can put jewelry or other accessories in the middle of your pod as well, thereby utilizing the ball shaped space left on the inside of your bras.

At about 7.5inches (19.05cm) in diameter and about 6inches (15.24cm) in height, I was, at first, concerned that maybe it would take up too much space in my bag, but for me it is so worth it to take up a little extra space and be able to be confident that my bras will survive my travels and that I won’t have those awkward wrinkles that appear in bras showing through my shirts or dresses. (Also, it keeps me from packing unnecessary things by taking up that little extra space.) You can find them on online for about $25 to $30. They currently come only in A/B and C/D sizes, so those of you with larger cup sizes should hurry up and write to the company telling them to make larger sizes too. I got the C/D size and am finding that to work quite well for me.

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Step 5 Zip and go!
Step 5 Zip and go!

While traveling with it I have had other women comment on it and what an awesome thing it is, saying that they would finally be able to travel with that favorite bra without worrying that it would get ruined in transit. For me it is one of those things that I am packing from now on.

About the Author: Hi, I’m Jess Graff. I am an artist, art teacher, and adventurer. Corvallis, Oregon is where I call home. It’s beautiful here: green, lush, with friendly people, and somewhat soggy weather. I like to say I live in the shire because that really is what western Oregon looks like to me, with its rolling hills, meadows, and forests. Yet, all this beauty can’t keep me here all the time. Like a wayward hobbit (and believe me, I eat like one too) I must go forth into the world and explore. I must break, somewhat, with tradition and go where no hobbit has been before, which is to say most of this big beautiful world we live in. Sometimes those adventures get a little messy but I have a couple tricks that help make everything go a little smoother. Visit my website or my blog to see what I’m up to these days!

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Reader Interactions


  1. b0hemian says

    The CupCase is the best investment I made for my molded cup bras. It accommodates my larger sized bras from last year and now my smaller sized bras this year. The one luxury for which I would set aside all minimalism rules in packing would be the CupCase. The construction is sturdy so I’m expecting years of use from it.

  2. Diane Hall says

    I have used my mesh laundry bra zipper bag for traveling for a long time now. It is much less bulky than one of these molded cup bra holders. Here’s how it works. There are two zippered sides and I place two bras on each side. I then place a pair or two of my rolled socks inside the cups and zip up the bag. My bras always arrive in perfect shape. I purchased mine at The Container Store.

  3. Sonya says

    I use a rectangular packing cube. put my bras in it one on top of the other and then fill the cups with knickers or socks. Works a treat and takes up minimal room. Have nerver had a problem with wrinkled bras, etc.

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