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7 Ways the Crocs Kadee Flats Make Awesome Travel Shoes

travel shoes: crocs kadee flat reviews

The following Crocs Kadee flats review was submitted by Meghan Zichelli.

Choosing the correct type (and quantity) of footwear for traveling can be daunting. Shoes typically take up some of the most space in luggage, so I hate to pack a pair only to end up not using them.

When on the hunt for a day-to-day walking shoe that would get me through seven weeks in Asia, in addition to one pair each of running sneakers, flip flops, and sandals, I was especially looking for:

  • A lot of support (due to previous running injuries)
  • Comfort
  • Waterproof material (no fear of getting caught in the rain and waiting days for my shoes to dry)
  • Easy to slip on and off (it is custom to take off shoes before entering temples, homes, and even some businesses in Asia)
  • Breathable (we would be facing some hot temperatures) but offering more coverage than the sandals I packed (we would also be facing some cool temperatures)
  • Easy to clean (I was already familiar with the dust and dirt that would be hard to avoid on our trip)
  • Affordable
  • Packable
Crocs Kadee flats review
Meghan wearing her Crocs while traveling in India

On past trips I packed canvas slip-ons but they only fit a couple of the above requirements. When Crocs were recommended to me my mind immediately went to the cumbersome clogs they’re most well known for, but after browsing through Crocs’ website and discovering that they offer a ton of different styles and colors, Crocs were looking like a good option.

Eventually I purchased the Kadee Flats and am so glad I did. Since then I’ve noticed many other women wearing them, both when traveling and at home, usually in the black or grey color.

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Pros & Cons of the Crocs Kadee Flats for Travel

Let’s revisit my requirements and break them down into pros and cons after my seven-week trip:

Crocs Kadee flats review
Meghan in her Crocs Kadee flats in Vietnam

Pros of Crocs Kadee Flats: 7 Ways They Make Awesome Travel Shoes

  1. A lot of support: Thanks to the Croslite™ foam cushion and “circulation nubs” under your sole, these provided support for all day walking around.
  2. Comfort: These did take some breaking in (see “cons” below) but after that were very comfortable (see support, above).
  3. Waterproof material: These dry so quickly! Use a towel or allow them to air dry overnight.
  4. Easy to slip on and off: Yes! I was able to just slide my feet in and out without using my hands.
  5. Breathable but offering more coverage than the sandals I packed: These are breathable thanks to their “stylized holes” at your heel and near your toes. On really cold nights I wish I had more coverage on the tops of my feet, but those low temperatures weren’t the norm during my trip so for the most part I was thankful for that breathability.
  6. Affordable: I purchased these on sale through Amazon for $13.99, but they’re still affordable on the Crocs website at $31.99 with free shipping. Click here to see all the Crocs prices on Amazon.
  7. Packable: These shoes are not very big and you don’t have to worry about squishing them under your other belongings since they’re so durable. That being said, I tended to wear them during transportation to save room in my luggage as well as for comfort and easy slip on and off on trains, buses, and planes.
travel shoes crocs kadee flats review
Meghan with her fiancé Premshree traveling in India (and wearing her Kadee flats!)

Cons of the Crocs Kadee Flats

  • [Not So] Easy to clean: These were in fact not that easy to clean, and it may be because of the light color I purchased (raspberry). I washed them with soap and water often but they never cleaned completely. Luckily the dirt was mainly on the bottom of the shoe (to be expected) and on the sides near the sole, so, not very visible.
  • Break-In Period: These ended up being very comfortable but I did have to deal with a few blisters in the beginning, especially in very hot temperatures. This can vary for every person from shoe to shoe, but pack some bandaids just in case.
  • Color: On this trip the raspberry color went with almost everything I packed, but if I buy these again I’ll purchase black, which will easily match with everything and also not appear dirty so quickly. As of writing this, Amazon offers more color options than

Would I pack Crocs Kadee Flats again? Absolutely.

crocs travel shoes
Rocking the Crocs in Hoi An, Vietnam.

About the author: Meghan Zichelli is a marketing and communications professional living in Brooklyn, NY with her own travel and food blog, which she runs with her fiancé. When not traveling, eating, or cooking, Meghan loves to read and bike. You can find her at or on Instagram and Facebook.

NOTE: All photos credit to Premshree Pilliai

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crocs kadee flats travel shoes pin

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  1. Kate says

    I’ll admit, I was reluctant to buy my crocs due to the stigma, but they’ve turned out to be the best flats ever – comfortable, durable and easy to clean. I can’t imagine traveling in anything else.

  2. renate says

    Thanks for this – I never even thought to check out crocs for lightweight, supportive, water-proof travel flats!

  3. Anonymous says

    I have had a pair of black Kadees for years and love them. They are great for normal use, but my recent trip to Thailand was the first time I walked extensively in them in high heat and humidity, and the rubber really chafed my heels. Otherwise, they are light, cute, durable, waterproof, and easy to slip on/off, ergo awesome for most use cases. Side note – your feet get sun but your toes don’t. 🙂

  4. Abby h says

    I find the colors get dingy after a while but they perk up to nearly brand new if you use a magic eraser on them. I just clean them while I’m taking a shower lol

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