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The BEST Travel Hair Straighteners

best hair straighteners for travel

Whether you have hair like corkscrews, a natural wave, a slight kink or just a bit of frizz, hair straighteners are the go-to gadget to sort out a bad hair day. It was the ‘Rachel from Friends do’ that kicked it all off in the 90’s when everyone wanted that super straight look without a hair out of place.

The hair straightener has thankfully evolved from a bulky piece of smoking equipment that led to frazzled hair and burnt ears (or was that just me?) to a multipurpose tool that can curl, straighten and tame the frizz in seconds.

A lot of ladies opt for the natural look while they’re traveling but if your hair is anything like mine (an unruly mass of curls) you will need a little help to make your locks look luscious.

>>Check out more great travel size hair products that will help you save space.

Editor’s Note: Some items written about below are either predominantly found in the UK or the US markets. Where possible, we have provided links to similar products in the other market.


GHD Mini Hair Straightener

GHD Classic Travel Hair Straightener
The ever reliable GHD’s will always be at the top of the list. They aren’t cheap but they are brilliant at keeping your hair smooth and giving you the best possible chance of a Good Hair Day. They now come with a rounded edge which makes it easier to curl or wave your hair by simply twirling it through from root to tip. If you’ve got particularly long or thick hair I’d make space on your packing list for the slightly bigger, full-size model to make styling quick and easy.

>> Amazon UK: Buy the ghd Gold Series Mini Styler Hair Straightener
>> Amazon US: Buy the Ghd 00235 Classic Styler, 1 Inch


Babyliss Pro Cordless Straightener

Babyliss Pro Cordless Travel Hair Straightener
This cordless straightener is both budget friendly and travel friendly as it is powered by gas and is a great compact size. They heat up to 215 degrees Celsius (419 degrees Fahrenheit) and are perfect for when you don’t have power sockets or for hair touch-ups on the go. These are especially recommended for festivals and camping.

>> Amazon UK: Buy the BaByliss 2581BU Pro Cordless Straightener and the Gas Refill Cartridges
>> Amazon US: Try the dual-voltage, corded BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium – Blue – 1/2″ plate Mini & Travel Straightening Iron instead


Remmington Mini Handbag Straightener

Remington mini handbag travel straightener
These tiny straighteners are an absolute bargain and they’re perfect for anyone with short or fine hair. If you’re looking for a tiny package then these are a great option but don’t expect perfect results for thick or curly hair. I travelled for over a year with these and used them to keep my fringe and the front of my hair in check.

>> Amazon UK: Buy the Remington S2880ZBA My Mini Handbag Hair Straightener (As of last check, it may or may not be available.)
>> Amazon US: Try the 6-inch Remington S2900 Ceramic Pearl Mini Hair Straightener instead


Andrew Collinge Cordless Salon Shine Straightener

Andrew Collinge travel hair straightener
These rechargeable straighteners may be a little chunkier than the other cordless options but they are well worth it for the extra heat and shiny results. They heat up to 230 degrees Celsius (446 degrees Fahrenheit) in 30 seconds and cleverly switch themselves off so there’s no chance you will accidentally pack them while they’re still on. The higher temperature means they are ideal for thicker hair and will definitely tame the humidity fizz.

>> Amazon UK: Buy the Andrew Collinge 230 Cordless Salon Shine Straightener (As of last check, it may or may not be available.)


Revlon Perfect Heat Travel-Pro Mini Straightener

Revlon perfect heat travel pro straightener
Coming in at about 1/3 the size of a normal hair straightener, this tiny device is perfect for travelers looking to save space and weight (our motto around here). The only unfortunate part is that this little straightener is best used for touch-ups, ends, and bits and pieces. If you have an entire head of thick, curly hair — you’ll be there for ages!

>> Amazon US: Buy the Revlon Perfect Heat Travel-Pro Mini Straightener (As of last check, it may or may not be available. You may also have a look at this one since it comes with a mini travel version as a bonus.)


Turboion Baby Croc Mini Travel Flat Iron

turboion baby croc professional mini travel straightener
Featuring a 5/8 inch flat iron surface, the Turboion Baby Croc is small enough for travel, but strong (and hot) enough for styling hair. Not only is this device dual-voltage, it also comes with a heat proof carrying case to ensure bad things don’t happen inside your backpack when you’re running straight out the door.

>> Amazon US: Buy the Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat Iron, 5/8 Inch


Tips for Travel with Straighteners

Not everyone needs a straightener, but if a straightener is your luxury item of choice, and one that helps you keep your travel style and to feel girly again, then you should definitely invest in something that suits your personal needs. Girls with extremely frizzy and/or curly hair may not benefit enough from the tiny flat irons. Girls that just need some smoothing out will love the half-size models that take up virtually no space in a backpack or suitcase.

>>Looking for more hair travel tips? Check out our packing essentials for short hair and oily hair.

Always carry a heat-proof pouch for your hair straighteners and curling irons when you travel just to be sure no residual heat does damage to your nearby clothes and packed accessories.

The best travel hair straighteners

Written by Monica

Monica is a London based travel addict who loves nothing more than exploring new places and meeting new people. Her first big trip lasted almost two years as she backpacked through SE Asia and drove all the way around Australia in a campervan. She recently qualified as a multimedia journalist and is spending as much time as possible exploring Europe. You can find Monica at The Travel Hack.

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  1. Ange says

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve got hair that explodes into frizz at the slightest suggestion of humidity, and was dreading going off on my travels without my trusty GHDs – but I think I can justify taking some if they barely take up any room!

  2. Cassi says

    I’d suggest looking into what type of outlets the different countries have before making the full decision. Try the Carioliss. It has an outlet option for the US ORRRRR the UK!

  3. athena says

    do not purchase a phi portable cordless rechargable hair straightner. plugged it in for the first time and before i even got a chance to use it once, the battery exploded inbto a bunch of lil pieces everywhere and melted and gamadef the floor recklessly
    floor is pretty damaged


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