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What’s the Best 22 Inch Rolling Bag?

best 22 inch rolling bag

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Carry on bag dimensions vary from airline to airline and country to country, but most agree that 22 inches (55 centimeters) is the ideal size. It allows you to streamline your packing process, leaving behind the things you don’t need, even if you aren’t flying carry on only. These are the size bags that airline employees and business travelers swear by, breezing through airport security.

One of our readers asked on #HPLWorld what is the best 22 inch rolling bag, so we’re breaking down some of our favorites we’ve reviewed on Her Packing List and a few others to consider.

Why 22 Inches is Best

So why do you want a 22 inch bag in the first place? Like I said earlier, most major airlines require that bags be no larger than 22 inches in length to carry on. We’ve talked many times about why it’s a good idea to carry on your luggage, mostly to save you money and time. This doesn’t necessarily apply to short haul, regional flights that use small planes or budget carriers, so double check before you bring this size bag on your next trip. They’re also good because they’re a set size and will fit into overhead bins more efficiently than other bags.

Why a Rolling Bag

Rolling bags aren’t for everyone. Some prefer backpacks and other duffels, but I think most of us can agree that rolling bags, whether duffels or suitcases, are useful for many trips. They’re easy to get through the airport with, especially spinner wheels, because they don’t require much energy and aren’t bad for your back. You can throw your personal item or jacket on top and leave it sitting in the bathroom stall instead of pulling off your backpack and setting it down.

And apart from cobblestones and buildings without elevators, you’ll usually be glad to have a rolling bag.

Best 22″ Rolling Bags

So what are the best types of 22 inch rolling bags? There are hundreds on the market in every price range, including ones from budget stores like Costco and Ikea, but here are a few that we recommend.

Briggs and Riley Transcend 22

best 22 inch rolling bag Briggs & Riley
While on the higher price end, at over $200, Briggs and Riley suitcases are built to stand the test of time through their warranty. The sleek suitcase has an external pocket for your travel documents, a sturdy handle and is expandable when necessary. It’s a roller, rather than a spinner, and has a wet pocket for dirty clothes or swimsuits.

Osprey Ozone

best 22 inch rolling bag Osprey
The perfect mix between a duffel and a rolling suitcase, the Osprey Ozone gives you the best of both worlds. Grab it by the side handles when you have to run to catch a train or roll it through the airport with ease. It’s a roller with rear panel access, clamshell design and compression straps to fit more items. The handle fits your fingers ergonomically and the fabric makes it easier to fit into overhead bins. The lightweight aluminum frame is as sturdy as a suitcase, but without the additional weight.

Samsonite DURANXT Lite

best 22 inch rolling bag Samsonite
Perhaps the most well known brand of luggage, Samsonite makes great travel products at an affordable price. The suitcase is a spinner model, featuring external pockets for essentials and lockable TSA-approved zippers. It’s expandable, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit too much.

Travelpro Luggage Crew 10

best 22 inch rolling bag Travel Pro
Named one of the best pieces of carry on luggage by The Wirecutter, Travelpro is the chosen brand of flight attendants and airline employees. The rollaboard bag has external pockets, a sturdy handle and nylon fabric. A zippered panel can store your nice clothing and compression straps inside keep your items from falling out as soon as you open it. It also doesn’t have the “wobble” factor that many rolling suitcases have.

Do you have a favorite 22 inch rolling bag for travel? Please share it in the comments, along with why you love it!

What's the best 22 inch rolling bag?

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  1. Jennifer Ott says

    Just my two cents, but we love our eBags rolling bags. I use the Jr version of their backpack when it’s just the hubby and myself, and he uses an Osprey duffel/backpack, but when we travel internationally with 4 kids, the rolling bags are excellent, and we found 6 different colors so we each have one. Keeps us organized and happy!

  2. Jen says

    My cheap american tourister rolling hard side suitcase! it was $20 on black Friday and only 21 inches. Wheels are great, Ive dragged this thing on may trips (including a few off road trips) and it survived. Mines a plain jane grey but I used sharpie painters to color it and make it mine. This also makes it SOOOO easy to spot at the airport

  3. Emily says

    The Briggs & Riley is a great one! I bought it a year or so ago still going strong. Perfect for weekends away. Surprisingly durable too!

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