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What You Need To Know About the Anatomie Skyler Pants

best travel pants skyler anatomie

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Do you want a pair of travel pants that can easily take you from day to night, from city to hike? A pair that is both lightweight and quick drying, and one that actually looks good when you pull it on?

Me. Too.

I heard about Anatomie luxury travel clothes several years ago, but quickly shied away because of the price tag. Since then, I’ve grown in the way that I purchase the things in my life- and if something can offer me more purpose or value, then that’s worth the investment.

Recently, I became more and more intrigued with the Anatomie brand, especially with their pants that are often praised as the best travel pantsever. Specifically the Skyler pants, which are in fact Anatomie’s biggest seller.

So I bought a pair earlier this year to see once and for all if the Anatomie Skyler travel pants would work for me, if they are worth the price, and if they are the best travel pants on the market. Here’s what I’ve learned.

anatomie skyler travel pants review
The Skyler pants paired with a Bamboo Body top.

First Impressions

When my Skyler pants arrived, I immediately noticed how light my package was. They were not lying when they said these pants were lightweight- they literally weigh ounces!

When I tried them on, they were a bit snug, but not in a bad way since the fabric is so stretchy and forgiving. I could see why so many women swear by these pants, even if they weren’t designed specifically for a woman with a bit more curve in the hips like me (FYI – they are best worn by women with narrower hips, slimmer legs, and a waist that is smaller than the hips).

Still I gave them a go because I am smaller in the waist and was willing to let the stretchiness do its magic. They tend to fit me more like leggings. I could have sized up for more room in the hips, but the waist would then require a belt. It was a trade-off.

brooke in anatomie skyler travel pants
One of my favorite casual outfits featuring the Anatomie Skyler travel pants.

Taking the Skyler Pants Traveling

Since getting the Skyler pants, I’ve worn them a couple times a week in my home life, took them on a couple weekends away in Australia, and they became an integral part of my ultralight packing list when I was overseas for over 3 weeks. They’ve been worn in 30+ degrees Celsius weather, all the way down to 3 degrees Celsius weather.

I’ll be honest, there were a few times where I was wishing I wasn’t wearing something so form fitting – specifically in the heat – but surprisingly, the breathability of the fabric meant that the heat didn’t stay, and have I mentioned yet that they dry lightning fast? Because they do! I’ve spilled drinks on my pants, sweated in the heat, and washed them in the sink. Each time, they dried faster than just about everything else I own (except for my Exofficio underwear, which dry about the same).

The Skyler pants have accompanied me on long days of walking and sightseeing, excruciatingly long days of sitting in transit, and to the fun of dinner or drinks.

My main concern is that they are very form-fitting on my body type, which may not be great for certain cultures when traveling. I tend to wear these pants with longer tops for that reason, but I tend to wear longer tops or light wraps and cardigans most of the time anyway.

anatomie skyler pants cold weather

These pants are versatile!

There is no getting around that point. Their flexibility in both fabric and style makes them especially nice for business travelers who need to look smart, but also don’t want to pack different sets of clothing for work and pleasure.

When you factor in all the uses and situations these travel pants work in, the investment is totally worth it. In fact, I might actually agree that these are the best travel pants on the market- if you have the right body type.

For me, they are pretty good, although I do plan to try other styles of Anatomie pants in the future (perhaps the Kate?) because I think they may fit my curves better.

If you like the look and sound of the Skyler pants, check them out on the official site.

Your Questions Answered

As promised, I am taking the time to answer all the questions that were sent to me via email regarding the Skyler pants. I hope these are of help to you when making your travel clothing decisions!

The Basics

  • Do they have any cool features that most pants don’t?
    Anatomie is a luxury brand with well-designed products made in Europe. The fabric is high performing, quick drying, machine washable, and stretchy. Not only that, these pants are also super lightweight and wrinkle resistant. Anatomie is all about easy care for travelers with pants that can easily go from hiking to a night out (which the Skyler definitely do well).


  • What’s the inseam? Do they come in short or long length?
    The inseam varies by the size, so it depends the size you choose as to whether the inseam will be sufficient. Here are the measurements for the Skyler according to Anatomie (found in this document):


    XS (0-2), S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), XL (12-14)

    anatomie skyler travel pants measurements by size

  • I’m only 5’3″. Too short for regular pants but too tall for petites. How do these pants fit for length?
    I’m also about 5’3″ and even though the pants are technically too long, the tapered fit mean they don’t drag or get in the way. I also cuff them when necessary.
cuffed anatomie skyler pants
Skyler mediums on my 5’3″ body. Top left: uncuffed; Top right: folded once; Bottom left: folded twice; Bottom right: folded 3 times.


  • Are they comfortable?
    YES. Super comfortable.
  • On a scale from yoga pant to dad cargos, how baggy are they?
    Yoga pants on my body type. I’ve seen them quite baggy on other gals, but definitely not dad cargo baggy.
  • Do the pants fit true to the sizing chart?
    From what I can tell, yes. Plus, they are stretchy so it helps.
  • Are they skin tight like leggings?
    On me, yes. I could have sized up for more give in the body, but the waist would then be big. If you have skinny legs and narrower hips, then these will fit looser.
  • I worry about visible dimpling of such a thin material. Is that a problem?
    If you’re not the ideal body type for these pants and are wearing them close to your skin, then it could be a problem.
  • Can they be cropped?
    You can cuff them to a capri length if you desire.
  • Could these pass in a nice restaurant?
  • Are they really only for skinny girls? From one of the articles on their site, it indicates these pants are not for “women with curves”. Do you think this is true?
    While they are not designed for women with curves, they can work. If you’re comfortable wearing leggings or yoga pants in public, these may fit similarly. Athletic bodies will wear these well. However, there are other pants in the Anatomie line that are better for women with curves.
  • Do they work for women with midsection weight?
    The Skyler pants are high-waisted pants that are smaller around the midsection. Therefore, if you carry more weight in your belly, these will not work. It is best to check out some mid-rise pants from the Anatomie range that sit on the hips, specifically the Kate, Fiora, or Celine.

Plus Size

  • Do they come in plus sizes?
    The XL size is the equivalent of a 12-14 (US sizes) according to this doc.


  • Are the pockets deep enough (front and back) so that nothing pokes out (cash, cell phone, passport)? Will they fit an iPhone 6?
    While the pockets are standard pocket size, the close-fitting nature of the pants and the thin fabric mean they show everything. I can have a hair tie in my pocket and you will see it. That said, I’m wearing pants that were made for slimmer women, so if you are able to have a baggier fit, then this may not be a problem. I don’t have an iPhone 6 so I can’t help with that.
anatomie pants in canberra
Sightseeing in Canberra.


  • Will they shrink?
  • How well do they stay in shape after wearing them for a longer time and sitting on a flight?
  • Can they be worn several times without needing a run through the dryer to shrink them back into shape?
    They cannot be placed in the dryer, but you don’t need that anyway. They dry super quickly and keep their shape naturally.
  • I have to go out into the elements a lot for my travel. Would those pants hold up to a long day out in island heat?
    For me, the biggest issue was them being so close to the skin. I don’t like that when it’s really hot. That said, they dry lightning fast. If they were to get dirty or dusty, you could run a wet cloth over and it would freshen them up quickly!
  • Are they more suited for warm/autumn-like climate? How will they fare in the winter? Better as a layer?
    I think these pants work in all seasons, but winter cold is not the best. They are very, very thin, so it’s a good idea to either wear tunics, long coats, or boots with them to help cover the legs more. Or, you could wear a pair of tights underneath.
  • How fast do they dry if they get wet?
    SO FAST. Seriously, I have spilled things on myself while out and I was surprised at how quickly it all disappeared! On a warm or breezy day, these could dry in minutes. I found that they were the first of my clothing items that dried when I traveled and washed clothes in the sink. To test this out, I actually washed them the other day and left them in my living room to dry, on a damp rainy day. Things don’t dry well in my apartment (let alone on a rainy, cold day), and they got there within a few hours without extra air flow or heat.
  • As they are expensive, how do they hold up in the longer term? Wash well, pilling of the fabric, etc.
    I’ve had my pants for about 6 months now and there is no fading, pilling, or other issues. I can’t say about the long-term usage of these pants yet.
  • Do they have a lot of stretch and can you describe the weight and feel of the material (heavy, light, soft, stiff, etc.)?
    Yes, plenty of stretch. You could do yoga in them if you wanted! The material is extremely light, not stiff but not really soft either if that makes sense. They kind of have a little shine to them.
How much do the Skyler pants weigh?
The Skyler travel pants are super lightweight, coming in at just 167g / 5.9oz!


  • How heavy are they?
    My medium-sized Skyler pants weigh about 5.9oz (167g). I weighed a pair of jeans and they came in at 1.12 pounds (17.9oz / 508g). To put it in perspective, I could pack 3 pair of the Anatomie pants in place of 1 pair of jeans!
  • How small will they roll up to pack?
    Use this image as a reference against those same pair of jeans.
jeans vs anatomie skyler pants
Jeans vs Anatomie Skyler pants


  • How much do they cost?
    $225 USD
  • Would you spend that amount of money on these pants again?
    On pants from Anatomie- yes. On these specific pants- probably not; I think there are other models of their pants that will fit me better.
  • What did you like about the pants the most?
    The versatility is brilliant enough for travel on its own, but they are also feather light and quick drying.
Skyler pants all sides
The Skyler pants are extremely comfortable and flexible. But on a body type like mine, they tend to fit like leggings. I tend to wear longer tops with them to feel more modest.
  • Can you hike in them?
    Yep. This girl did it. This one, too. And her. However, they are very, very thin, which means they will not be as rugged and ready-for-anything as standard hiking pants.


  • Where can I find these pants?
    There are a number of stores and outlets across the US. Use their store locator to see where you can find Anatomie near you. For everyone else, it looks like online is the way to go.

I hope this review helps you make a decision on the Skyler pants!

If you like the look and sound of the Skyler pants, check them out on the official site.

Any additional questions? Leave a comment below!

anatomie skyler pants questions answered

Written by Brooke

I run the show at Her Packing List and love packing ultralight. In fact, I once traveled for 3 entire weeks with just the contents of a well-packed 12L handbag. When I'm not obsessing over luggage weight, I'm planning adventures or just snuggling with my pet rabbit, Sherlock Bunz.

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Reader Interactions


    • Brooke says

      Hi Margaret! I’m hoping to try the Celine, and maybe the Kate. The Kate seems to be quite similar to the Skyler but with a little more room in the hips. And mid-rise. This doc has some great sizing info for their top essentials.

  1. Lady Light Travel says

    Thank you for the excellent and very specific review. I have an hourglass figure and was thinking about trying the pants. I’ll look at other styles. BTW, I found that Royal Robbins pants fit me well, though I have to get those tailored too.
    I have one question – do the Anatomie pants snag easily? Could I wear them camping and not have to worry about thorns, twigs etc. messing them up?

    • Brooke says

      You’re welcome! Re: snagging – I think they do a pretty good job at not snagging, but… I’m not about to go out and stab them with a thorn or needle to test it out 😉 Maybe after I get more wear out of them I’ll walk next to a sticker bush, hehe.

    • Becky says

      I wore the Skylar pants on a walk through the woods on rough paths and they snagged quite a bit when the brambles got them. I would not use them for hiking or camping.

  2. Natalie says

    Hi! I have the Celine and the Paolo pants. They are tremendously versatile. I wore them through England last year…and yes I wore them with longer tops. 🙂

    • Brooke says

      Hi Natalie! Awesome to hear! Would love to see a pic of you wearing the Celine pants if you have any?? I know, weird request 🙂 My email is brooke (at)

  3. Rebekah says

    Would love for you to review the other styles of Anatomie pants — such as the Celine and the Paola and the Fiora!

  4. Rebekah says

    I bought a pair of the Kate pants (your review helped convince me!), and I love how they look and feel…BUT I can’t seem to find a pair of comfortable (non-thong) underwear that works under them without showing panty lines. I have the grey color so maybe that is the problem. Any suggestions?

    • Brooke says

      Hi Rebekah! Very cool – I love the look of the Kate 🙂 I like boy shorts underwear. The line is further down the hip/leg and tends to leave the rear looking smooth. Also I make sure the underwear isn’t too constrictive on the leg. I have a couple of pairs that have lace style seam that actually work pretty smoothly under most clothing (but then again, I’m not crazy concerned about underwear lines…). I have a few pairs of invisible lines underwear from Jockey, but the material isn’t great for travel, so boy shorts or underwear that fully covers the bum is my go-to. I’ve also found some super thin bamboo underwear that have worked well. I think the key is to make sure the underwear isn’t constrictive/tight at all, that the seam isn’t too bulky, and that where the line actually wraps around your body is less noticeable. And nude color all the way! 🙂

  5. Nancy says

    I just bought some fabric online at Mood Fabrics. I’m going to try to sew something similar for myself that will fit my body. The fabric is 89% polyamide 11% spandex, while the skyler pant is 92% polyamide/ 8% elastane. Wish me luck. lol

  6. Dana says

    Brooke – Thanks so much for all of the great information. It was the final push I needed to take a trip to Anatomie’s Miami location. I picked up several items and will take them on a trial run before a long trip at beginning of year. They are so light it almost feels like I’m wearing tissue. I’d love an update on the wear/wash/durability at this point on the pieces that you bought. I tried the Skylar pant on but for me the Kate was a much better fit. Thanks again and happy travels!

  7. Lori C says

    Great review! Thorough and sensitive of you to include best body type fit. I have worn Anatomies Sklyler pants, 5 of them, for the last 5 years. I bought my first pair in a Golf shop and fell in love with everything about them.

    They are so light, yet, so tough although they feel like they a just tissue.

    As a very slender hipped gal, the fit is remarkable for me. The inseam fits my body with no drag, the butt stretches a bit over time, yet the pants feel like they are hugging my muscles just perfectly.

    The price point is steep, but they are worth every penny. When traveling you can take them into a cool shower and wear them within a hour! That is terrific!

    Buy one pair and you will want more. Just be careful to treat them gently using cool water so as not to break the elastin integrity.

  8. Linda Lalaian says

    I bought two Anatomie pants (dont remember the name, maybe Marisa) and wor one on a 15 hour flight and a 4 hour connecting flight. I’m a curvy 5’2″ 155 Ib but OK in skinny pants. These pants stretched too much after a long wear and I had to use a belt to keep them up. I wish I had bought a medium instead of large.

  9. Chrissie says

    Hi Brooke, just wondering if you’ve tried the Kathmandu flight pants and how these compare? They have the same fabric composition… thanks!

    • Brooke says

      Ok so I bought a pair of the Kathmandu flight pants! There were half off and fit great, so I thought why not? They are slightly thicker than the Anatomie pants and have a little less stretch, like in the waist – but overall I really like them! I’m going to wear them all weekend to give them a proper trial run.

      • Chrissie says

        Haha i just bought 2 pairs of Kathmandu flight pants on sale (as they now offer ‘long length’ – I’m 6’1”). I have been eyeing off the skylers for ages and contacted them about making a ‘tall’ range – they now offer skylers in extra long – but i am still on the fence as to whether they are worth THAT much… so now i ‘know’ someone who’s tried both anatomie and skyler – would love to hear your thoughts. I read a lot about petite women’s trouble finding travel clothing but let me assure you the tall gals have it tough too! Haha my next mission is to try and find a long sleeve long length cardigan to wear over the flight pants,..

  10. Dawn says

    Plus Size
    Do they come in plus sizes?
    The XL size is the equivalent of a 12-14 (US sizes) according to this doc.
    Translation; NO. One more brand that completely ignores plus-sized women.

  11. N Speirs says

    I live in Japan and for other travellers who explore Asia, the clothing brand “Uniqlo” has started doing trousers (pants) which are very similar to these. They come in Navy, Grey and Black and are a fraction of the cost of these fancy pants!
    Possibly they aren’t as good in quality, but you could buy 10 pairs for the price of one Anatomie.

  12. Joan Bradley says

    I highly recommend CharlieB tech pants for travel. Super lightweight. No belt needed. Fit the body style you describe, bigger through the hips and butt. Have zippered pockets in front that fit a phone. They taper at the ankle. Dry quickly. Wore them for three weeks of travel.

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