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Hawaii Travel and Packing Guide Female Travel

Hawaii Prep, Pack & Plan Travel Guide

Waterfalls, volcanoes and beaches are just a few things that attract visitors to Hawaii. Our Hawaii travel and packing guide will help you prep, pack and plan for your upcoming trip.

The Perfect Paris Prep Guide by Her Packing List Female Travel

The Perfect Paris Preparation Guide

We’ve compiled this Paris travel and packing guide with everything you need to know for a visit, whether it’s which movies to watch in preparation or which outfits will make you blend in best.

Must Read Books for RTW Trip Prep Female Travel

Must-Read Books for Your RTW Trip Prep

While travel sites (like Her Packing List!) can be helpful for specific knowledge, there are some great books that focus on other parts of your travel experience not listed in your guidebook.

tips for renting apartments overseas Female Travel

Tips for Renting Apartments Overseas

Apartment rentals are a great way to have a local experience when you’re traveling. These tips for renting apartments overseas will help you find the right one, and stay safe in the process.