Knick-knack Containers and Other Storage Hacks

I hope you enjoyed last month’s packing hack on different ways to travel with toothpaste. This time we’re talking about unusual storage methods you may not have thought of before. They keep those small items and assorted knick-knacks from getting lost in the bottom of your bag. Most of these can be found around your home or purchased from the dollar store right before your trip, saving you time, money and frustration.

sunglasses case cord storage

Use an old sunglasses case to store loose cords.

Looking for a solution to store your electronics cords? While we’re partial to the Grid-It, which bundles them up in elastic bands, you can also try a pencil or old glasses case. It will protect them from getting crushed and tangled. Plus, you’ll always know where to find them. Glasses cases can also become a DIY manicure set, where you store your nail clippers, scissors and polish.

contact lens jewelry holder

Use a contact lens container for small sets of earrings and rings.

For petite pairs of earrings like studs, store them in contacts cases or daily pill cases to ensure they don’t get lost. Alternatively, you can store pills in old contacts cases if you don’t need the entire “day of the week” container. Tupperware containers also serve this purpose, as do mint tins from Altoids.

tea containers make great organization units

Use old tea and mint containers for loose items.

Metal tea tins are great for storing items you don’t want to get crushed, like makeup. I like to use my old tea tins to store assorted bags of tea and other snacks to bring with me on my trip.

easter egg container

Store hair ties in a plastic easter egg.

Plastic easter eggs also work great for snacks, hair ties and other small items. Tic Tac containers store Bobby pins and clips perfectly. And in terms of protecting your valuables, you can use an empty sunscreen bottle to store other items like your money and credit cards while at the beach.

qtips work great in old pill containers

Use old pill containers for items like Qtips.

Old pill bottles are the perfect size for Q-Tips. Water bottles have hundreds of uses, including protection of breakable items. You can also store your toothbrush in it to keep it from getting dirty.

Do you have any other storage packing hacks to share? Leave them in the comments below!


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    Great post, I was just looking at an old prescription bottle and was trying to figure out a cool way to re-use it – can’t believe I didn’t think about q-tips!!

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    I always bring compeed with me in case I get blisters and use the packages to also hold other medicine, mostly pills. I do the same with my ear plugs boxes:)

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    I use a seven-day pill sorter to store earrings, necklaces and a couple weeks worth of medications. I take multiple allergy meds and occasionally a few supplements — I assign each med their own cube and fill it up rather than putting one of each in the assigned “day.” I actually use this on my nightstand at home and it is incredibly easy to just grab and pack, knowing the essentials including a few pieces of cheap jewelry are right there.


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