The Wool& Avery Tank Dress

The Wool& Avery Tank Dress Reviewed

If you’re thinking about ways to build a more minimal wardrobe, the Avery Tank Dress from Wool& provides both versatility and durability across the seasons. In a time where sustainability and waste is a hot topic, the ability to get more value and use from the items you own is of the utmost importance.

Avery Tank Dress Fast Facts

  • Can be worn 4 ways: V neck, crew neck, belted or unbelted.
  • Dries overnight.
  • Is composed of 49% ultrasoft merino wool, 33% Tencelâ„¢ lyocell, 18% nylon.
  • Feels nice in summer and layers well in winter.
  • Remains strong even after 100 wears!

Elizabeth wore her dress for 103 days in a row!

The avery tank dress layered up

“I had plenty of options for cold weather, but I’m so happy in the summer. It’s really, really comfortable.”

The 100-Day Challenge

Wear a Wool& dress for 100 days and get a $100 voucher for your next dress!

Various ways to style a single avery tank dress

“I definitely realized I don’t need as many things as I have or sometimes it feels like I need.”

The avery tank dress by wool& in warm weather
The avery tank dress by wool& in cool weather

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Start your own 100-day challenge, or simply build a more versatile and minimal (travel) wardrobe.

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