Splice Reversible Travel Clothing

Splice Clothing Tunic

Whether you’re putting together your ultimate light and versatile travel wardrobe or simply looking to minimize your wardrobe at home, Splice Clothing can help.


splice clothing tunic shirt waving

Splice Clothing produces a line of reversible travel clothing. Each item splices together two or more looks into one meaning you can pack less but still have options.

We love how Splice Clothing helps us to produce more outfit options from fewer pieces! It’s the ultimate solution for packing efficiently and productively.

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We interviewed the founder of Splice Clothing!

Tried and Tested Splice Clothing

Jaisalmer Reversible 4-Way Tunic

splice tunic blue and green version
splice tunic bush and beach


  • Extremely lightweight for a tunic
  • Love the colors
  • Enjoy being able to have 2 necklines
  • Love the snaps on the sides to adjust for different outfits and styles
  • Quick-drying


  • Attracts pet hair
  • The green side has a blue seam, which for me is a fun look but others may not enjoy it

Dubai Reversible Snap-Up Shirt

dubai reversible snap up top from splice clothing review
The Dubai Reversible Snap-Up Top from Splice Clothing


  • Super lightweight
  • Fabric has a cooling feel
  • Made from 100% lyocell, which is a sustainable fabric made from Eucalyptus
  • Built with snaps instead of buttons so you never have to sew on a button while traveling


  • Tends to wrinkle, so pack accordingly
  • Has a boxy shape
  • Sleeves are quite long, but perfect if you plan to roll

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