Why You Should Pack Dry Shampoo While Traveling

As I mentioned in the Low Key Traveler’s Beauty Kit, packing dry shampoo is pretty much the best thing you can do while traveling. It’s right up there with your passport in terms of importance, transforming your look in a matter of seconds. Why is dry shampoo so great? I’m glad you asked.

Dry shampoo comes in many sizes, so you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space in your luggage. You only need a sprinkling of it to do the job.

Easy to pack

Since it’s not a liquid, you can pack as much of it as you want. You’ve got to love the TSA loopholes. While you may still want to bring wet shampoo and conditioner for a deeper cleanse, the dry shampoo won’t factor into your allotted ounces of liquid.

Not subject to TSA restrictions

It soaks up the oils in your hair and leaves it smelling like you just washed it, rather than the aroma of stale cigarette smoke and falafel grease from the night before.

Keeps you from looking like a dirty backpacker

I recently learned that all those glamorous models in fashion magazines have dirty hair covered up by dry shampoo and hair spray.

If it’s good enough for models

While Oscar Blandi is my preferred brand, you can easily substitute baby powder or even find a knockoff brand at your local discount store for around $5. But you get what you pay for, whether it’s $2 or $24.

It’s affordable

Length, texture and thickness makes no difference because dry shampoo will work on any style.

Works for many hairstyles

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