Unpacking After a Trip in 5 Easy Steps

Unpacking doesn’t have to be a big drama. These five steps can help you clear out your luggage quickly after a trip.

Before you go hauling that luggage into the middle of your living room or bedroom, drop it off in a more “quarantined” area such as a balcony, garage or foyer.

Place Luggage in External Location

The best course of action is to just put all your clothes into a plastic bag and drop it in the laundry room or laundry basket immediately. You can wash them later, but at least for now they are unpacked.

Take ALL Clothes Directly to Laundry

I usually just place the toiletries bag on the side of the sink, and then when I take my next shower, I place my shampoo and conditioner bottles in there in order to use up the extra travel supply.

Drop Toiletries Bag in Bathroom

I’m referring to all the random items that have accumulated in your luggage, such as pamphlets, souvenirs and knick knacks.

Place Loose Items in Public Place

I like to place them on one side of my dining table so they are technically unpacked but in a location where I will eventually have to put them away properly later.

Now that you’ve emptied your luggage, you can start to investigate the seams and crevices for any signs of the dreaded bed bugs, or just some good old dirt and sand.

Investigate, Clean and Store Luggage

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