Ultralight Uganda Packing List for Women

Our Ugandan activities included staying in Entebbe and Kampala, visiting relatives in small villages, going to two safari parks, and a bit of miscellaneous sightseeing that included touring fancy resorts and hotels.

I had read that the nights are chilly, so I packed a lightweight long-sleeved t-shirt and pair of pants that could double for day clothes. I was so hot!


I ended up sleeping without clothes, which was sticky and uncomfortable, especially because we stayed in a lot of places without air conditioning and the windows were closed at night to keep out the mosquitoes.

From my online research, I decided to bring a swimsuit that was the style of a t-shirt with skirted bike shorts.


My shirts were athletic material that was more like swimwear than cotton and were chilly to put on in the morning.

Fabric Choice

For my clothes, I opted to wear ¾-sleeve t-shirts because I wanted some sun and mosquito protection, but plenty of Ugandan women wore short sleeves and even tank tops (I didn’t see any bra straps).

Clothing Choices for Sun, Mosquitos, and Modesty

I didn’t see any Ugandan women in shorts, although they did wear knee-length skirts/dresses. I also saw women wearing black leggings with tunics. The younger women also wore jeans and trousers.

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