The Ultimate Bali Packing List for Females 

The last time I went to Bali, I went carry-on only and probably still over-packed. I learned the hard way what you really need to pack for Bali, but you don’t have to. Here is a list of everything we think you need, what to get there and a few handy tips to take the stress out of packing.

Casual/beach dresses x 2 Night dress x 1– a nicer dress      for dinners/drinks T-shirts/sleeved tops x 4 Tank tops/singlet tops x 2


Flip Flops/Thongs – Perfect for the beach Sandals/nice flats – these will be fine for dinner/drinks or short walks


Either pack travel size toiletries that you can dispose off before your flight home, or buy certain items once you get there.


Imodium or other diarrhoea treatment Electrolyte sachets Sea sickness tablets – if going on a boat Hand sanitizer


Camera (and memory card) – Bali has so many interesting and contrasting sights Tablet or laptop – Take your pick or choose neither. Now I take a laptop for work, but if you don’t need it, leave them at home.

Tech Gear:

Zip lock plastic bags – for toiletries, separating swimmers that aren’t dry, or to hold small items, somehow you can always use a zip lock bag Book – I love a real book in the flesh. It’s my one thing that I don’t mind if it takes up space.


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