Keep It Old School: Travel Journals & Notebooks

I’d like to think that the art of keeping a paper journal in addition to the more electronic forms is beneficial. There’s bound to be some thoughts, observations, and notes worth writing out and keeping to yourself.

– You don’t have to censor yourself. Say what you feel. Get out any stress or emotions on paper. There shouldn’t be anyone else reading it.

Benefits of a Travel Journal or Notebook

– It helps you remember the small things. The name of the person you met on a bus, or the room number in your favorite hotel. Writing versus typing helps with memory recall.

Keeping a long-form travel diary makes the ultimate keepsake of an adventure. I don’t always keep one, but I will say that the ones I do have are inspiring to look back on.

Travel Diary/Journal

Use a simple pocket notebook to keep track of your expenses as you travel. It’s a great way to ensure you’re sticking to a travel budget.

Money Journal

Bring along some tape and a couple of colored pens, and a simple travel journal turns into a scrapbook. Ticket stubs, beer labels, receipts, photos, drawings, and so on transform a journal to a coffee table worthy souvenir.


It’s not a long-form diary, but more a series of tick-lists and goals – perfect for travel planning and presenting achievements in a visual manner.

Travel Bullet Journal

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