The World’s Great Train Journeys

To experience the adventure of train travel, try one of the world’s greatest train journeys. Since some of the fancier ones tend to be just as fancy in price, we’re listing out a few of the more accessible ones for our readers.

The Trans Siberian Railway is an epic journey through Russia. There are actually three routes that are often referred to as the Trans Siberian, though they each have their own name.

Trans Siberian Railway

The Blue Train was originally meant to connect Cairo to Cape Town. Though that dream never became a reality, the train does travel through South Africa between Cape Town and Pretoria and offers a spectacular view of the country.

The Blue Train

Canada’s VIARail has routes throughout the country, but a journey from one side of the country to the other is more of an experience than simple transportation.

The Canadian

Australia is a big country, so most people fly to save time. But for those looking for a slower adventure, seeing the country by train will give you a different perspective.

Great Southern Rail

New Zealand’s railway consists of three major scenic trains, one on the north island and two on the south island. A train journey here is the perfect way to get from one part of the country to another while enjoying spectacular views.

Kiwi Rail

The Orient Express was made famous by Agatha Christie in her novel Murder on the Orient Express. The official route has been retired, but today you can choose one of several different routes on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express to cities such as Budapest, Bucharest, Vienna, Venice, Paris, and London.

The Orient Express

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