Our Top Toilet Tips for Female Travelers

If you’re about to head off on an adventure, keeping these top toilet tips for female travelers in mind can help alleviate stress when you definitely don’t need it!

Get in the habit of pocketing tissues and napkins at every opportunity (in cafes, restaurants, and other bathrooms). To be caught out without extra “toilet paper” is never fun, so making it a point of always having a backup is key to avoiding this drama.

Pocket tissues.

Apps like Toilet Finder can help guide the way! This crowdsourced toilet map gives you access to over 70,000 toilets, and it will even tell you how far it is to the nearest one.

Download toilet finding apps.

Before you even set off on your travels, building up leg muscles can help you deal with the dreaded squat toilet. I find it especially helpful for hovering over normal toilets of questionable nature.

Build up those leg muscles.

A Shewee is a reusable urine funnel that makes it so you can actually pee standing up! Hallelujah!

Invest in a Shewee.

In Europe and Southeast Asia, many public toilets require payment to enter. And if they aren’t automated, there might be a toilet minder person that you need to tip (or pay to get toilet paper).

Hoard spare change.

Sometimes you will encounter toilet situations where there is no toilet at all, and in cases like this, a scarf or a sarong can be used as a privacy shield. You can also substitute a Turkish towel for this purpose.

Pack a scarf.

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