Tips on How to Stay Hydrated When Flying

It’s important to stay hydrated, so bring with you a bottle of water. Here are a few more ways to avoid dehydration when flying!

While it can be annoying to have to toss your water bottle through security, it’s easier to bring a refillable one and fill it once you get to your gate. Many gates are now equipped with stations to fill your own bottle in order to save the plastic from going to landfills.

BYO Water Bottle

Before you leave home, drink beverages that are high in electrolytes, typically those used by athletes. These include Gatorade, Powerade and Lucozade.

Hydrating Drinks and Mixes

When it comes to drinking beverages in flight, remember that your senses are deadened while flying. You might want something with extra flavor like tomato juice or club soda.

Be sure to make room in your TSA friendly toiletry bag for some lotion. You’ll want to replenish your hands and even your face a few times during your flight. Nivea Creme* is a must-have for long flights.

Moisturising Lotion

Other items you might want to have on your flight are moisturising spray from Evian* or The Body Shop, lip balm and an overnight face mask.

Other In Flight Essentials

You may even bring cucumber eye pads to put underneath your eye mask to keep your eyes feeling fresh even when you’re sleeping.

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