Tips for Traveling with Friends… and Still Remaining Friends

If your friends are willing to travel with you, there are a few things you should do before purchasing tickets and setting off on your great adventure to keep everything running smoothly.

Is one of you very type A and organized while the other prefers to “go with the flow?” Finding a middle ground is vital to the success of your travel partnership.

Plan ahead, taking your personalities into consideration

We understand that packing styles matter on group trips. If you spend weeks (or months, even) planning the perfect carry-on-only packing list, but your friend comes with oversized luggage… well…

Get on the same packing page

Money is a big source of conflict for travel buddies because it can make or break a trip depending on how much you have. You might even find yourself coming home early if you run out!

Set the budget

Set aside an hour or so every day for quiet alone time, whether it be spending time in a cafe or just sitting in the hostel common room reading a book and responding to emails.

Give each other alone time

If split up for some alone time, set a specific time and place to meet again and a contingency plan for if you don’t meet up within a certain time frame.

Have a system for meeting back up

Make yourself approachable to meeting new people, which is one of the best aspects of travel.

Open up your group

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