The Moment That Inspired You to Pack Light

Here are some of the moments that inspired other Her Packing List readers to pack light:

It’s when my bag didn’t make the trip with me and decided to stay back and still not want to join me two days later. The airlines weren’t even apologetic. Having to carry a change of clothes in a grocery bag to my friend’s place was my tipping point.

My bag didn’t make the trip

I thought a wheeled suitcase was enough–but pulling a heavy suitcase in the rain, over cobblestones, and then hauling same suitcase up or down flights of stairs–I realized my 26″ suitcase was too much.

I had too many shoes

We rented a mid-sized SUV and could barely fit our stuff in the back. Not fun. We also ended up using about 1/3 of what we brought.

We might as well have taken the kitchen sink

We just got home from back-to-back 10 day Caribbean cruises. My husband’s main bag did not arrive until the second cruise.

My husband’s main bag did not arrive until the second cruise

Next time, I think I will throw a good number of my carry-on “essentials” into my checked bags, pack looser and lighter, and keep a second, smaller bag packed inside with items I need during the flight.

I kept a list during my trip of all the items I brought and didn’t use

Even trying to buy lunch was such a hassle because I had to tote around both suitcases AND try to carry my food. I needed more arms!

I was always worried about my items

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