A Good Shoe Option for Female Backpackers?

We’ve talked a lot about different shoe options here on Her Packing List over the years. One that I keep coming back to over and over again is the ever so popular Tieks fold-up ballet flats.

Tieks ballet flats are constructed with durable, Italian leather (they have a vegan line, too) and designed to fold in half, making them a very packable addition to any female’s travel gear list.

Tieks: The Fold-up Ballet Flat

Not only do they come in dozens of fun colors, they also have a classy edge from that premium Italian leather. That means they can go from casual to dressy with the right ensemble.

Since getting my pair of matte black Tieks 7+ years ago, Tieks have become my go-to shoes when doing anything that involves leaving the house and being social.

Tieks are versatile.

I have horrible feet these days. Long story short, shoes are a touchy subject. However, when it comes to comfortable flats, Tieks are the best ones I’ve found regardless of the fact it lacks arch support.

Tieks look and feel great.

It helps they have a durable, non-skid rubber sole that provides a bit of space between the sole and the top leather portion of the shoe (unlike some other fold-up flats on the market).

Tieks are durable.

They are specifically designed to fold in half and fit in a tiny pouch! If you are after convenience, Tieks ballet flats could be your next pair of shoes.

Tieks are packable.

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