Stylish Theft-Proof Travel Clothing for Women

As travelers, we can be easy targets for pickpocketing because we’re often distracted by maps and general sightseeing in new locations. Something you might not have considered is investing in clothing designed to protect your belongings. Here are some options for stylish theft-proof clothing.

The Speakeasy Travel Scarf is fashionable and functional. It has a hidden pocket where you can hide your passport, ID, cash, or other smaller items. With your essentials stashed away, you can go out without a purse and feel a little safer against pickpockets.

Speakeasy Travel Scarf

Clever Travel Companion is a company that developed a line of stylish yet functional travel clothing to help keep your valuables safe. The garments have hidden pockets that fit your passport, ID, and cash so you can feel more secure in crowds.

Clever Travel Companion Clothing

These skirts, shirts, dresses, and pants will have you looking stylish on the road while keeping your cash safe from thieves.

Clothing Arts

While not marketed as theft-proof clothing, this is certainly a travel-friendly skirt. It’s quick-dry and wrinkle-resistant, and it has a zippered pocket on the side where you can hide a few small items.

Royal Robbins Skirt

This brand is well-known for its clothing with multiple pockets, especially their vests. With SCOTTeVEST products, you can eliminate your purse entirely and store everything in the different pockets to free up some luggage space.

SCOTTeVEST Chloe Hoodie

Similar to the SCOTTeVEST line, Exofficio makes outerwear with lots of pockets where you can stash your passport, ID, keys, credit cards,

Exofficio Vest

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