Tips for Storing Your Travel Gear at Home

After you come home from your trip, you’ll want to unpack fully, but what do you do with your backpack or suitcase? More importantly, what about the extra pieces of travel gear, the little things you don’t use in everyday life?

Living in a very small space? Try nesting your luggage and bags matryoshka-style to save on space. Try to avoid damp places, but if you do keep a bag in your basement, I recommend putting it in a trash bag to keep it clean and dry between uses.

How to Store Your Luggage

If you have clothes that you use specifically only for traveling, set these aside and store them in packing cubes. This way, you can just toss them in your luggage when you need to pack.

How to Store Travel Specific Clothes

If you have a gigantic suitcase that you’re not using often (but can’t toss it out), you might also want to consider putting that luggage to use and storing your bulky travel wear inside.

There are dozens of items I only use on trips, like tote bags, my luggage scale and packing cubes, so I’ve created a plastic Rubbermaid container just for these random items.

Storing Assorted, Small Travel Items

Items like your passport shouldn’t be stored just anywhere. Get a fireproof lockbox (like this one on Amazon) for your essential documents, receipts for insured electronics and any leftover foreign currency.

Storing Important Items & Documents

You can also separate your foreign currency into individual envelopes or zip lock bags. Reusable clear pouches (like these on Amazon) work perfectly for this task!

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