Speakeasy Travel Scarf: Fashionable Scarf With A Secret Storage

Forget those sweaty money belts and awkward bra stashes. There’s a new hidden storage solution on the markets, and it’s something that looks so good, you won’t have to hide it!

Our friends over at Speakeasy Supply Co. (founded by fellow travel blogger Bethany Salvon of Beers and Beans), have designed a special infinity scarf- a one little thing you already don’t want to travel without.

It also has a hidden pocket so you can stash your extra cash, cards, chapstick, keys, passport or even an Aroamas solid perfume stick without anyone knowing it’s there!

I was originally gifted one of these awesome travel scarves back in the summer of 2014. I’ve worn this scarf heavily in many different situations (and it still looks great in 2018!) to see how it works for someone in both travel and normal life (and because I like it).

My Experience with a Speakeasy Travel Scarf

This Speakeasy travel scarf is lightweight, made of rayon, giving it a soft, cool feel- and making it wearable in the summer.

Most of my stashes included lip balm, an Aroamas perfume stick, cash, ID, house key and an extra hair tie, but it is very possible to stash larger items like a passport and phone.

The best part of the scarf, besides the convenience of hidden pockets, is that it just plain looks fashionable whether you need the extra functionality or not!

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