Brilliant Hacks to Pack Less Mess & Fewer Items

These tactics include multipurpose items and just plain ways to get around packing your entire beauty kit for a trip where you may only need to use it once or twice.

We’re not shy to the concept of using BB cream around these parts, and we’ve talked about it many times before. BB cream is the ultimate beauty item as it takes the place of a base, moisturizer and basic sunblock in one.


Instead of a separate eyeshadow, blush, and lip tint, why not bring one color of powder that can be dusted on all three for extra glow? When it comes to lip tint, simply mix a bit of powder with a bit of your normal balm, and apply.

Eyelash tinting is my new best friend and my new favorite thing. The color tends to last several weeks, which is not bad for a 15 minute investment, so if I do this before leaving on my trip I can easily forgo packing mascara altogether.


We highly recommend packing solid perfume. We’ve talked about several brands on our blog thus far, but we are biased towards Aroamas, of course.


Another solid that can save you hassle when packing is solid lotion, which can come in bar or stick form. Solid lotions tend to work better for trouble areas such as elbows and hands and feet.

Instead of lipstick, you could use blush and lip balm to make color. Or, you can use a solid lotion as a lip balm when the weather is really dry.


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